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How to Dye a Wig at Home for Beginners in 2022?

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Want to know how to dye your wig without any damage? Because we want to save time and save your money, here's how to dye a wig at home for beginners in 2022.

Searching for the best way to dye a wig? We all want to try different colored wigs which can perfectly fit you. The best way to dye a wig without damaging it is to take it to a professional wig stylist, however, it’s possible to do Do-It-Yourself (DIY) at home by yourself, which can save a lot of money. Don’t worry, we will show you how to dye your wigs step-by-step. Keep reading.

Things you should consider before you dyeing a wig

How To Dye A Wig

If you want to dye a wig, dyeing the human hair wig at home may be the best choice for you. After all, human hair wigs can be dyed just like your natural hair. When it comes to coloring your wig at home, it is essential to have the right tools and techniques.

What You Will Need:

Wig to be dyed;


A Mannequin head;

Some T-pins;

A Wide-toothed comb;

Hair dye;

Styling gel;

A blowdryer;

Freeze spray;

disposable gloves;

A bowel;

Dye brush;


Faq of Dyeing a Wig

So, onto our steps about how to dye a human hair wig.

Step 1. Wash and dry your wig to remove any styling products. Do not hold too much force when shampooing and do not apply conditioner or styling product to the wig before coloring

Step 2. Secure the wig on a mannequin head with some T-pins and gently comb through the hair from the ends moving upward to remove all tangles for best results.

Step 3. Lay the clean and dry wig flat on a solid surface in order to distribute the coloring agents and product evenly.

Step 4. To protect the lace from the dye, spread styling gel on the lace until completely covered, and then use a cool setting to blow-dry the gel, or let it sit overnight. Don't forget to seal the dry gel with a freeze spray and dry.

Step 5. Don your disposable gloves to reduce the direct contact between the hair dye and the skin and mix the hair dye in the bowl according to package directions.

Step 6. Use the hair color brush to apply the hair dye to the human hair wig gently until all strands of hair are thoroughly covered. During the process, keep the dye away from the hair knots at the base of the wig as well as the wig's cap.

Step 7. Leave the dye on hair according to box instructions. Don't think that the longer the hair dye stays in the hair, the more color it will be! It is a wrong opinion. Remember, the hair dye can not be not more than 1 hour in the hair.

Step 8. Rinse in lukewarm water until the water runs clear and apply the after-color conditioner and leave it on the wig as instructed on the box.

Step 9. After rinsing out the conditioner thoroughly, towel dry hair so that it’s not dripping.

Step 10. Next, place it on a mannequin head and allow it to thoroughly dry or blow-dry to your liking.

This method should take 30 – 60 minutes depending upon whether you have done this process before or not. Remember, if you haven’t done this before, please practice on an old wig.

The Video Of Dyeing A Human Hair Blonde

If you are interested, here is a video of how to dye a human hair wig(Black to Ash Blonde Brown), SlayedBy Jordan shows you how to color a human hair wig step by step. You can use the technique she shows to dye the wig and know the regular routine about taking care of your wig.

Some Tips You Need To Notice On How To Dye Your Wig

Tip 1: Read The Dyeing Instructions Carefully

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before dyeing. Note that it is not appropriate to dye hair during certain periods, such as pregnancy and physiological periods. In addition, If you have redness, allergies, etc. appear after dyeing, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately.

Tip 2: Avoid Carpet, Walls, And Furniture

When you plan to dye a wig human hair, make sure you grab a couple of garbage bags to protect your floors and counters and avoid carpet, walls, and furniture. The best places to work are on a clean flat counter or a hard surface floor, like in the bathroom or kitchen.

Tip 3: Watch More YouTube Videos As Reference

When you are a beginner who hasn't tried to dye a wig with box dye, it is an excellent option for you to watch some YouTube videos on coloring techniques. But you must watch more videos of different stylists to be sure they consistently get their desired results.

Wig Dyeing Tips

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Tip 4: Do A Strand Test Before Dyeing

Don’t dye without doing a strand test first. That is because only virgin hair can be colored. And once you dye your wig, you can’t use a lighter shade to change the tone.

Therefore, firstly apply the mixture to a small section of hair and wait for 30-40 minutes. If the color is perfect, you can apply it all to the human hair wig. If not, try the other shade of hair color.

Tip 5: Dilute The Dye When Dyeing The Curly Wig

A curly human hair wig is easier to absorb hair dye than a straight human hair wig, and more easily damaged. So when you dye your curly wig, remember to reduce the dye component or dilute the dye. For example, replace the dye component with distilled water, mix it up and use it as usual.

Tip 6: Make Sufficient Reserves Before Dyeing

As you’re gathering and preparing to dye your wig, consider the density and length of your wig. Usually a can of hair dye, enough for the middle long hair wig to use once (that is, hair to the shoulder area). And the denser the wig, the more product you’ll need. If your wig is particularly long or particularly thick, make sure you have enough reserves before you dye your long human hair wig, or you'll be too embarrassed to get half your fuel. Furthermore, you’ll also need more time to prepare and dye the hair.


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So, now you know the easy way how to dye a lace front wig at home by yourself.

Now head on over to our store to pick out your next favorite wig to test out this method. Or you can directly buy a colored wig you want. There are 99j, burgundy color, FB30, TL412, honey blonde, and other highlight wigs to choose from.

FAQs Of Dyeing A Wig: 

1. Can I dye a synthetic wig?

If you've already got a synthetic wig and you want to change the color, you can technically dye your synthetic wigs. In fact, most experts don't recommend dyeing synthetic hair at all.

Because it's essentially plastic, you will experience the risk of ruining your synthetic wig. Unlike human hair, synthetic hair does not have natural pigments which makes it impenetrable to hair dye. Furthermore, hair dye can make synthetic hair frizzy and even destroy it as a result of the ingredients such as ammonia or bleach.

When you try to dye a synthetic wig, you can choose these options, such acrylic ink, Rit dye, sharpie ink, or fabric dye. But the results will be iffy at best.

2. Can you dye a wig with regular hair dye?

If you're working with a wig that's 100% virgin human hair, you can.

3. Can I make a wig lighter?

If by "lighter" you mean bleaching the hair, this is where I urge you to reconsider. Unless you're a pro or pretty experienced with coloring hair, you don't try bleaching your wig and risk ruining it.

4. How can I make a wig lighter?

If you followed the advice above and found a blonde human hair wig to start with, but you still feel like the shade is too yellow, please use hot water and purple shampoo to remove some of the yellowish tinges and follow the regular step to dye a human hair wig lighter.

5. Do you have to bleach a wig to dye it?

If you're looking to add highlights or dye your wig a vibrant color, you might have to bleach it first. And bleach is safe to use on human hair wigs.

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