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UNice Hair Review From Ashley Deshaun

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unice hair

Ashley Deshaun is one of my favorite influence and content creators on YouTube.This channel is comprised of a lot of adventure, she loves to mix it up so surprise her. On this channel, you will see Q&As, Challenges, Reaction Videos, Hair Reviews, Pranks, and more. 

She posts hair reviews, makeup tutorials, product reviews, vlogs, and challenges, and has a heart for inspiring and uplifting young women by promoting self-love and personal development. 

Recently, she made a 3 minutes YouTube video about UNice hair, If you'd ask about UNice Hair Extensions, of course, many would tell you how amazing of a quality product it is, and how they are going to transform you in minutes ...Let’s listing her hair reviews

UNice hair review

First, you can watch the video from her.

UNice Hair Brazilian body wave 26 26 26 26+20' frontal

In the video, she talks about Unice's hair, let’s listen how she said:

I'm gonna be reviewing the unice hair. I got this from UNice hair and I just want to go over a few things about this hair. First off this hair is 26 inches as you guys can tell, I got it in four bundles of the 26 inches and I also have it in a 20-inch frontal Closure, you can see it is body wave hair.

body wave hair

She reviews the UNice hair in some aspects:

About the shipping

  • About the shipping, it took like four days.so I guess it'll be one day for the shipping process and then it'll be like let me see like one day for the shipping process and in three days . The whole conglomerate of you knows the shipping process or whatever so yeah that was the shipping process it only took like four days.

About the quality

  • I was saying I haven't used any products on this hair yet so I don't know exactly how this hair will work. If I add you know any conditioners or any shampoos into it so I would know anything about that the smell it kind of smells like the sea. I actually just created this week not too long ago maybe like yesterday or Something. I've completed this wig and basically, I haven't washed it I haven't put any products on it so I really would know how it works the smell. 

curly hair

About the smell

  • I really honestly wouldn't know what you guys talk about me you gotta say as hair smells and stuff like that and I personally don't see anything wrong with this hair. I feel as though this hair works very well with you.

About the texture

  • I like how silky it is as you guys can see my hands or glide right through the hair and I'm not really receiving any shitting like that you guys are not seeing any of you know anything of that sort. 

In a word, I mean it's bouncy you know it doesn't smell it came very quick. 

    • What I'm saying like look at this hair is just so freaking beautiful like look at this it's so bouncy and some of these curls were already imprinted in this like this some of this is already like a body wave of what you know the hair came actually in like I probably only curl like the top pieces of hair so they can form to my head because it was a bit you know just like I said like all over the place. 

unice wavy hair


    • I really like it so much you know I'm gonna start to I'm gonna try to like do like curling or others. You know like different hairstyles with this hair butter than that like this is great so okay. 

Summary: UNice Virgin Hair Extensions Are Quality Hair For The Price.   

    • I need to let you guys know that you know although this is like my first day actually wearing these virgin hair extensions, this hair is performing right now, it's feeling good right now it's doing great but for you guys and for you guys this pockets I want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth. 

hair weave

  • So I'm gonna come back next week and I'm gonna give you guys another you know just week another update on like how's that how the hair is performing so I'm gonna wash it I'm gonna curl it. 

Never doubt this company.UNice Mall pursues the latest fashion and aims to create your beauty, to deliver beauty and glam to every woman. With UNice hair, Show you peerless beauty!!!

If you are interested in UNice hair, you can check more real customer reviews here.

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