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Unice Black Wig-the Most Popular Wigs Are Here

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Black hair must be a hair color that many people will like, if you were born with black hair, then you are lucky; but if you are not, and you are afraid that it is not good to dye your hair black, it does not matter, today we will recommend you UNice various styles of high-quality black wigs.

1. Body Wave Wig

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The body wave human hair is made of 100% virgin Remy human hair, which is cut directly from the same donor's head with the original cuticle, handled and collected by facing the hair in the same direction, the hair root is collected with the hair root, and the hair tip is collected with the hair tip, ensuring no tangles and no shedding after the body wave hair is sewn.

As a result, it's ideal for people who want to change up their appearance without investing too much time or effort. And human hair body wave hair is thought to be the best type for creating various styles and even changing the original hair colors. If you don't want to go for a more natural and diverse look, synthetic hair extensions will suffice.

2. V-part Wig

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V-Part wigs are full wigs that can be clipped onto your head, leaving a small v-shaped opening at the top to allow you to blend your hair with the wig. V-part wigs are ideal for those who want to extend their natural look while maintaining their natural hairline.

V-Part wigs are also suitable for those who enjoy wearing sew-ins and want to achieve a sew-in look without having to go through the installation process of braiding and sewing. V-Part wigs are a great alternative to sew-ins because sew-ins can tightly pull on your hair with the sewing thread, causing damage to the hair follicles if installed incorrectly.

V-part wigs are also easy to put on after your hair has been prepped, so you can look fabulous and be ready to go in minutes. There's no need to take time off work or miss out on fun events to visit your hairstylist/salon. V-Parts are great because they are glueless, simple to install and remove, and a quick way to try out a new wig style.

3. Kinky Curly Wig

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Kinky Curly wigs are ideal for new naturals or to give your natural hair a break from daily styling. They provide versatility as well as excellent protective hairstyles. Wigs allow you to avoid dying, cutting, or styling your natural hair. They also reduce damage while allowing you to care for and let your natural hair breathe.

Aside from being an excellent protective hairstyle, our natural, high-quality wigs are also an excellent way to boost your confidence if you are transitioning or have lost your hair due to medical reasons.

When you find the perfect wig, it brings out your inner Queen. When your beautiful wig becomes a tangled mess, your confidence can quickly turn to despair. To ensure your wig remains beautiful and wearable, we have compiled a list of wig care tips and tricks.

4. Curly Wig

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There's no denying that lace-front wigs are among the most popular wig styles available; lace-front curly wig hairstyles can rival any other style!

Curly hair never goes out of style, and a curly wig allows you to recreate this classic look on a regular basis. Although curly wigs require a little more upkeep, with proper curly wig care, it is simple to keep them in good condition over time. In this post, we will discuss how to care for curly wigs and how to effectively wash a curly wig.

A curly wig is a great everyday hairstyle alternative to other hairstyles. It makes you look younger and revitalizes your overall appearance.
You can confidently flaunt your favorite curls with so many colors, lengths, and curl sizes to choose from. Furthermore, caring for curly wigs is simpler than you think, so you can have your perfect curls without spending hours on them.

5. Lace Closure Wig

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A closure is an attachment that must be used with certain hair bundles. This is typically sewn in with hair bundles or handcrafted into a custom wig. Lace closures wigs are worn more naturally as if they were in your own hair, the hair really grows from the "scalp". Lace closures are commonly referred to as closure pieces because they can be sewn on top of your head to coordinate with hair bundles or caps, giving the appearance of a natural scalp area.

To summarize, many types of closures are desired by beauty enthusiasts because they provide a more natural appearance. By size, lace closure wigs are classified as 4*4 lace closure wigs, 5*5 lace closure wigs, 6*6 lace closure wigs, and 2*6 lace closure wigs, while by type, they are classified as Brazilian lace closure, Peruvian lace closure, Malaysian lace closure, and so on.

Depending on your style, you can select a curly lace closure, a straight lace closure, a body wave lace closure, a deep wave lace closure, or another texture lace closure.

6. Pre Plucked Black Wigs

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A hair wig with a pre-plucked hairline has a natural hairline where the baby hairs have already been plucked. We are all aware that the hair is hand-tied to the lace area, regardless of the type of human hair lace wigs. The most important consideration is how to make the hairline appear more natural. For example, most wigs have an obvious and straight hairline, making them appear to be fake wigs. However, pre-plucked hairline wigs answer this question.

When you get a plucked wig, you will notice that the density on top is much lower, and the hair length around the hairline is uneven, just like your own natural hairline. Plucking the wig will result in perfect baby hair and a natural hairline. If you have a common hair wig and want to pluck it, you can do so at home by yourself.

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