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The Fabulous Layered Hairstyles To Copy Right Now

Last updated Mar 29, 2024

Do you want to change your unchanging hairstyle? Do you want to change your hairstyle to something striking and easy to style? Then layered hairstyles are a great choice. Layered hairstyles are an especially popular hairstyle for all ages and face shapes. If you want to know more about great-looking layered hairstyles, then you've come to the right place. In today's article we will provide you with some fabulous and stylish layered hairstyles, so read carefully.

What Are Layered Hairstyles?

layered hairstyles

Layered hair is a manageable hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume, often using long hair to generate the illusion of length and short hair to generate volume. Hair is arranged in layers, with the top layers (those near the top of the head) cut shorter than the layers below, which allows the tips of the top layers to blend seamlessly with the layers below.

The Fabulous Layered Hairstyles For You

After understanding what layered hairstyles are, we will offer you some beautiful and trendy layered hairstyles, let's take a look!

1. Reddish Brown Style With Long V-Cut Layers

reddish brown style with long v cut ayers

Looking for a layered hairstyle for long hair? Then this reddish brown style with long v-cut layers is a great choice. First of all, the "V" cut is perfect for women with long hair, making your hair look more layered and adding some interest to your otherwise boring look. Secondly, this hairstyle can make you look more youthful and young, which is very fashionable and good-looking. Finally, if you like this hairstyle, you should definitely try it out.

If you are not sure if this layered hairstyle is for you, then you can try our layered wigs, which are made of 100% human hair, tangle-free, shedding-free, very soft, and can give you a special natural look.

2. Long Feathered Layers

long feathered layers

Have you been captivated at the first sight of this hairstyle? The feathered look on the long layered hair gives the impression that you are elegant and airy. This hairstyle has a heavy body at the top and thinning ends to be able to look like you have a lot of hair volume and make your hair look extra full. If you don't want people to see your thinning hair, then you can try this hairstyle and it will not disappoint you. In addition, if ash blonde is not your color, then go for caramel or champagne to complement your skin tone. Trust me, you will be the bright star in the crowd.

3. Blunt Bob With Messy Surface Layers

blunt bob with messy surface layers

Who says that only long hair can have layered hairstyles? Short hair can also have fun, sexy layered hairstyles. If you're looking for a layered hairstyle for short hair, you can't go wrong with this blunt bob with messy surface layers. The blunt end of this hairstyle pivots up the edges, and the messy layers give your hair a sense of volume and make it look extra full. Of course, if you want to make your hair a little more unique, then you can dye it your favorite hair color or add some accessories.

4. Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

heavily layered wolf cut

The wolf cut is a hybrid hairstyle with elements of coarse hair and mullet that has been particularly popular. This heavily layered wolf cut features thick layers that give volume at the crown and a bit more detail at the ends, creating a wavy, undulating texture that gives you an edgy, rebellious look that is also flattering. Besides, no matter what kind of hair texture and hair length you have, you can have this hairstyle if you like it.

5. Long Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs

long layered hair with curtain bangs

If you're looking for a layered hairstyle that flatters your face, then why not consider a layered hairstyle with curtain bangs? First of all, curtain bangs can perfectly flatter your face shape and can reveal your beautiful cheekbones, allowing you to focus on your features. What's more, it is very low maintenance. Secondly, layered hairstyles can give your hair layers and look great with volume and fullness, making you look extra classy and elegant. If this hairstyle has captivated you, then give it a try.

6. Face-Framing Layers

face framing layers long hair

Hair If you want to make your hairstyle a little more unique, then you should definitely consider the face frame layering hairstyle. Facial frame layers are shorter pieces of hair strategically placed around the face to help accentuate or soften your features. They are very flattering and the layering can even help to refine and contour your face. Facial framing layers can create dynamic movement and inject more life into your hair, making you look very cool as well as chic. If you want to make a difference, then you can dye your hair in a color that you like.

7. Long Layered Kinky Curls

long layered kinky curls

Are you looking for a curly-layered hairstyle? Then this layered kinky curly hair will definitely be your favorite. First of all, the kinky curly wig has a unique curl that adds volume to your hair and makes it look fuller. Secondly, this wig can make you look especially beautiful and elegant, and you will be able to attract the attention of everyone present as soon as you appear. Lastly, the kinky curls with the layering can make you look vibrant and very stylish as well as cool.

If you are afraid to try this hairstyle easily for fear that it won't suit you, then you can try our kinky curly wig first, which is made of 100% human hair, very soft, tangle-free, shedding-free, and can give you an exceptionally natural look. In addition, you can treat it as you would your own hair, such as bleaching, dyeing, restyling, etc.


After reading this article, have you picked out your favorite layered hairstyle? Can't wait to try it out? Then start your new hair journey now. In addition, if you have other layered hairstyles that look better, you are more than welcome to share them with us in the comments section.

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