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What to Know about Getting a Feathered Haircut

Last updated Jun 11, 2024

What's a thing that can make you look new? A new haircut, of course! A change in hair can significantly impact a person, whether you decide to chop it all off and give yourself bob hair, get a trend like curtain bangs, or go for a trim - how you style your hair is deeply representative of you personally.

For example, celebrities like Princess Diana and Farrah Fawcett both wore feathered hair, and it's easy to see that it's a style that works for all hair lengths. Therefore, we will share all we know about feathered hairstyles here. Like what it is, how to style it, what to ask your stylist the next time you go to the salon, and much more.

What is a feather cut?

What is a feather cut?

"Farah Fawcett" is just a hairstyle with many layers that are beautifully layered together, designed to add volume and bounce to one's hair, and is very similar to a voluminous cut but with more of a uniform finish. It's a vibe - the wind blows through your layers and weightless tresses, mimicking the hair in a bird's feather.

It is cut in a way that looks like a bird's feather, so it is called Feather Cut. This hair suit to any hairstyle such as layered or stepped. These hairstyles are cut at once to create a look that is suitable for the entire season. Try this short haircut in the summer for a nice look. Create a wavy, feathered look in winter and always stay on trend.

Are feathered hairstyles for everyone?

Are feathered hairstyles for everyone?

Yes, it is! Although this style was originally created for people with straight hair, feathered hairstyles work for all face shapes, hair types and hair lengths.

What should I ask my hairstylist for when getting a feathered haircut?

Ask them to make sure the layers are toward the ends to avoid removing too much volume and that they taper toward the ends to frame the face nicely," advises Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist and TRESemmé global stylist.

Also, let them know what kind of layers you want and whether you want a side or centre parting.

How to care for feathered hair?

We often feel that our hairstyle becomes unsightly when we leave the salon. This is because any haircut needs maintenance. While it adds volume and bounce to your hair, it still needs to be taken care of or the ends of your hair will split. It will make your hair curl and ruin the style. If you have a feathered hairstyle, there are a few things to keep in mind to maintain the look for a long time.

● Feathered hairstyles require a lot of care at the ends of your hair or you may end up with split ends.

● Use a proper shampoo, such as a dry shampoo, to avoid flattening your hair.

● Instead of using a wide comb, use a brush to maintain the look and reduce the number of times you comb your hair.

● Reduce the use of heated hair styling products. If you are going to use styling products, try styling gels, moisturizing oils, etc.

● Switch to using a roller brush to curl the ends of your hair.

● To maintain a cut, trim your hair every six to three weeks depending on the growth of your hair.

● Last but not least, you should not do buns or tie your hair; it changes the styling of the hair.

Feather hairstyles you can try

1) Feather Cut Layered Hair

Feather Cut Layered Hair

This hairstyle is primarily for girls with straight hair; it provides the stylish look that we all desire. Adding layers of feather cut creates an amazing statement and bouncy look that we adore. If you have thick hair, this hairstyle will look even better. It will enhance the beauty of your facial features while providing a simple yet elegant appearance.

2) Traditional feather cut hairstyle

Traditional feather cut hairstyle

This hairstyle is timeless and can be worn with a middle or side partition; it keeps our long hair from falling to the sides. The length of the hair is usually reduced in a feather cut, but in this style, the length remains constant. This hairstyle is popular and is often the preferred style. Although this hairstyle can be done with any hair type, it looks best with wavy hair.

3) Feathered wavy hairstyle

Feathered wavy hairstyle

If your hair is long and thick, inquire about this hairstyle the next time you visit the salon. This feathered hairstyle will give you a stylish and chic appearance. Add long bangs for the best appearance.

You will adore this feathered hairstyle if you have wavy, curly, or straight hair. It is also appropriate for a summer or beach look. If your hair isn't naturally wavy, you can add waves with a curling iron. As this hairstyle looks best with soft waves, leave it loose for any occasion.

4) Mess look feather Cut Hair

Mess look feather Cut Hair

Tired of the elegant and chic appearance? I'm looking for something unique and low-maintenance. Then go for this hairstyle, which will give you an edgy and distinct appearance. Another advantage of this feather cut haircut is its ease of maintenance. Complete the look with long or short bangs.

This fashionable feathered hairstyle can achieve any desired look. It is always a good idea to add bangs or bangs. To achieve the best results, always visit a salon rather than experimenting at home. We all have bangs cut at home in 2021, and we all know how that goes. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5) Haircut with Fringed Feather Bangs

Haircut with Fringed Feather Bangs

This is present in virtually all hair types. Simply add a French fringe and a feathery haircut to the bottom of your hair. It will undoubtedly make you appear younger and more modern. I have a long brow and it suits me. This style only alters the overall appearance.

6) Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangs

If you don't want a full feathered hairstyle or the typical Farrah Fawcett look, this is the haircut for you. With feathered hairstyles, you can enhance your facial features with only side bangs.

If you already have layered hair, it will draw attention to it. This looks great if you have wavy hair. Side bangs and wavy hair at the bottom are ideal for ruling the world. We firmly believe that hairstyles can alter personalities and boost confidence.

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