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Butterfly Cut Add Volume and Texture to Your Hair

Last updated Jun 14, 2024

If you want to update your hair for fall, you don't have to look long on Tiktok or Instagram to see that 2023 belongs to the butterfly hairstyle, combining the coarse hair of the 70s with the "Rachel" hairstyle of the 90s, a viral style that embodies in one chic look hair trend at its best.

The "Butterfly haircut" has racked up 4.6 billion views on Tiktok, which has also sparked IRL Butterfly fever. In the past year alone, searches for butterfly cuts have increased by nearly 1000%. Clearly, the butterfly-cut hairstyle is flying into people's minds.

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What is a butterfly haircut?

Hailee Steinfeld, Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Lopez, and a host of celebrities and social media sensations have this bouncy, layered haircut that has so much movement when styled, the butterfly haircut has your hair all fluttering like butterfly wings as your hair undergoes a swing.

Enough metaphors; everything you really need to know about this hairstyle is below, from how it looks to how to style it and if it's right for you. Will the butterfly hairstyle be part of your fall ensemble photos? Let's find out.

What is a butterfly haircut?

What makes the butterfly haircut so popular?

Created by Brook, the butterfly cut is a very layered, feathery hairstyle with the longest layers falling just below the shoulders. Shorter layers are cut around the top of the head to create the illusion of shorter hair.

While the term butterfly haircut may be new (sometimes referred to as a thousand layers or octopus haircut), the cut is definitely a variation on something the beauty industry has seen before the coarse hair, which has since quickly made a comeback in 2024.

The butterfly haircut evolved from the famous coarse haircut of the 1970s. Some people also compare the cut to the "Rachel" of Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" fame, the butterfly haircut may be far less drastic because it doesn't have to cut all your hair to chin length or shorter.

What makes the butterfly haircut so popular?

Who is the butterfly cut best for?

If you open your TikTok app and start swiping videos, you're bound to see a shot or two belonging to the butterfly hairstyle. The butterfly cut is becoming very popular for the summer of 2024.

"What makes it special is its versatility - it's like a butterfly," says Sexy Hair ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins. "When you wear your hair up, you get a lot of layers of hair in your face. It looks very straight, voluminous, and super bouncy."

The styling choices were all 90s-inspired, like Jennifer Anniston's signature layers and Pamela Anderson's tousled bun. Given that many of this year's beauty trends are rooted in nostalgia, it's only a matter of time before this look will make a comeback with the advent of money highlights and hair gems.

Who is the butterfly cut best for?

The butterfly cut can be adapted to almost any hair texture and is a style that almost anyone can try. The cut works on almost any medium to thick, wavy, curly or straight hair. But the butterfly is better suited to certain hairstyles. This is a must-have cut for people with straight to wavy hair, and for those who want to let their thicker hair growth.

Because this look has so many layers, those with thinner or finer textured hair may not be able to get the full butterfly effect with this cut. Of course, volumizers can also come in handy if you want to experiment with this style. As far as face shapes are concerned, any layered look adds definition to a more rounded face shape. The butterfly is no exception; it softens facial features and eliminates the fullness of the cheeks.

How do you style a butterfly haircut?

For straight and curly hair, use root-lifting products to add volume, which is key to enhancing the cut's layers. Add movement by enhancing the natural texture of your hair or adding a slight bend to your strands. Create a bend or wave in your hair, or use your own natural texture to make the most of this cut.

You might also consider treating your hair with an all-purpose heat protectant before you start styling. To create the look of a shorter cut, some bobby pins are needed to separate the hair at an angle from behind the ears until it passes over the round of the head (your top layer).

With the bottom secured underneath, it's helpful to tie this section into a loose ponytail or braid and then pin it up so it's hidden underneath the top layer. Flip the top layer to the side or tuck it behind one ear.

Finally, to make sure the style lasts, leaving the round brush in the hair and letting it cool will ensure style memory, or if you're better at using curling irons or blow-dry brushes, you can use those tools for your hair as well. Be sure to finish with a light hairspray for extra hold.

Next, check out the favorite TikTok-approved butterfly hairstyles

01 The Original Butterfly Cut

01 The Original Butterfly Cut

Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Matilda Djerf has become the unofficial spokesperson of the butterfly cut. Here, she pins her bouncy layers back with a butterfly clip. This style gives life to flat and amorphous hair and is actually less difficult to maintain than you might think.

02 Butterfly Cut Updo

02 Butterfly Cut Updo

Pamela Anderson's signature updo is a prime example of how to pin up a butterfly cut.

03 Butterfly Cut With Bangs

03 Butterfly Cut With Bangs

For straight hair, adding a set of wispy bangs can add further movement to a butterfly cut. Hairstylist Ester Vasquez shows us how it's done.

04 Long Flowy Layers

04 Long Flowy Layers

Not to be cliché, but Jennifer Lopez's flowing, face-framing layers are hair goals. The placement of the layers is ideal for creating updos and styles that fake a shorter length.

The butterfly hairstyle works better when the hair is above the shoulders, and it's perfect for those with naturally curly or coily hair. A little wave makes it look better and you can actually see where the layering is taking place.

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