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Jellyfish Haircut Is the Coolest Way to Wear It in Spring/Summer 2023

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Initially, jellyfish haircut appeared in the depths of TikTok and Instagram and seemed to be one of the latest niche trends. We started the 2023 hair trends with butterfly and octopus hairstyles, and now of course we have to add another name to the list: jellyfish haircut.

A variation on the princess cut, the jellyfish haircut is exploding rapidly on the Internet and it's set to become the sensation of 2023. Artistic and edgy, this hairstyle is often paired with funky colored shades and bright, bold makeup styles, but it can also be arranged in braids, foam ponytails and more. Long story short: what is a jellyfish hairstyle and how can you get it? Let's find out together.

What is the jellyfish haircut?

What is the jellyfish haircut?

The jellyfish hairstyle, as the name implies, is another take on the heavily layered bouffant hairstyle. Inspired by the traditional Japanese "princess cut," a half-short, half-long mullet hairstyle, the asymmetrical aesthetic of the jellyfish hairstyle makes it an amalgamation of two hairstyles: the blunt-headed bob and the mullet. The top part of the jellyfish hairstyle has very short layers and is evenly distributed around the head like a bowl cut. The bottom part, on the other hand, is long and textured.

If you like an eye-catching hairstyle, jellyfish hairstyles can be a great choice. Jellyfish hairstyles are an edgy, high fashion look designed to grab your attention and there are many ways to try this jellyfish hairstyle. Whether you go for a full jellyfish cut or mix the layers into a more mullet style, this look is a great option for anyone who wants to try a more fun, edgy cut.

Jellyfish haircut vs Octopus hairstyles

Octopus hairstyles

Aside from the ocean-inspired name, the two hairstyles have nothing in common if you consider the end result. The octopus hairstyle should be considered a combination between the classic tousled hairstyle and the 80's mullet hairstyle, both of which have re-swept the fashion scene in the last few years. The jellyfish hairstyle has neatly disconnected layers for a more futuristic end result, while the octopus hairstyle is inspired by hairstyles of the past.

Why are jellyfish haircut so popular?

Jellyfish haircut, like many others, has gained popularity on TikTok. Similar to the pixie and shullet before it, the jellyfish hairstyle allows you to flaunt both a short and a long haircut. It also helps you to experiment with textures, forms, and lengths to create your ideal hairdo. More people are seeing this edgy look after Nicole Kidman wore it on the cover of Perfect magazine.

Is the jellyfish haircut suitable for everyone?

Jellyfish Haircut

Make an appointment with a hairstylist who can tailor the jellyfish hairstyle to your hair type, hair density, and face shape. If you have a rounder facial shape, for example, you want the top layer to be directly above or directly below your chin. This will make the bob appear fuller and more defined. Those with a square facial shape, on the other hand, should consider maintaining the top layer slightly below or at the jawline to really highlight your features.

The bottom layer is determined by your hair type. You can wear your hair long or short, but movement is essential for the "touch" to flow smoothly. It's advisable to bring a few reference photos to properly get the top and bottom layers just perfect.

If you have fine hair, hair extensions might help you imitate it. You will, however, need to trim your natural hair into a bob, so plan accordingly. You can add an ombre effect, experiment with different tints, or get an even, matching style with hair extensions. Adding hair extensions to a jellyfish haircut can make the "tentacles" look thick and voluminous, while your original fine hair will look thin and messy; remove them at night and you're left with an attractive bob.

How to style jellyfish hair?

Just a heads-up, this sleek "haircut" is really little maintenance. You don't need to do much to make a statement after your hair is trimmed. If you want to add extra volume to your hair, use styling products to highlight the layers. For added shine and bounce, apply hair paste to the top (focusing on the mid-shaft and ends) and wax powder to the bottom.

You may also add volume and form to your jellyfish hairdo by using a heating equipment (such as a curling iron or blow dryer). Some designers braid larger lengths and use contrasting colors to really highlight a blended cut.

The jellyfish hairstyle is popular because it may be worn by anyone. This look is all about making it your own statement style, and having the right tools will help your jellyfish hairdo come to life. So, are you ready to make everyone jealous of your new hairstyle?

Jellyfish haircut in a bubble braid

Jellyfish haircut in a bubble braid

This charming haircut, often known as the bubble ponytail, is another Y2K fad that has lately resurfaced. You may reproduce the small bubble braids by adding clips to your "tentacles" for a youthful and whimsical look.

Hairstyles for jellyfish in pastel colors

Hairstyles for jellyfish in pastel colors

Another option is to experiment with different colored hair extensions to match your mood, such as dazzling reds, blues, silvers, or delicate pinks.

Jellyfish Hairstyle in Reverse

Jellyfish Hairstyle in Reverse

If you want to contrast a rich, thick mane with an edgy, layered jellyfish haircut, simply add an excess of hair extensions to cover the space between the bob and the long strands by merging the shortest section of your hairstyle into the lushness of the hair extensions. As a result, you can easily transition from an edgy experimental hairstyle to a classic longer haircut for any occasion.


The jellyfish haircut is young and modern, with a lot to offer those eager to experiment with its versatility and try out the various combinations it provides. We will most certainly see more of this hairstyle in the coming months, whether on the runway, in pictures, or in real life, as it is quickly garnering widespread popularity on the internet.

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