UNice Layered Wigs Collection

Why Choose UNice Layered Wigs?

UNice layered wigs are a versatile and stylish solution for individuals seeking a dynamic and natural-looking hairstyle. These wigs are expertly crafted to incorporate layers of varying lengths, adding dimension and movement to the overall appearance.

Layered wigs are a perfect solution for those who want to enhance their natural beauty or explore a new look, offering a fashion-forward and realistic hairstyle alternative.

The Benefits Of UNice Layered Wigs

◆ Volume and Body: The layers in a wig add volume and body to the hair, making it look fuller and more dynamic.

◆ Styling Options: Layered wigs offer diverse styling possibilities. The different lengths of layers allow for various styling options, such as curls, waves, or straight styles.

◆ Face Framing: Layer wigs can frame the face, enhancing facial features and creating a flattering silhouette. This face-framing effect adds a touch of elegance and complements different face shapes.

◆ Free Fast Shipping Service: UNice layered wigs will be delivered to your doorway in 48 hours delivery service!!! (Only For U.S Orders) Shipping time for International orders is 5-7 business days.

◆ Many payment methods are available at unice.com to enjoy your layered wigs for as low as 4 interest-free payments of USD 29.87. UNice online hair store accepts Afterpay, Paypal, Sezzle, Klarna, ZIP Quadpay, etc.