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How Much Is Mastercuts

Last updated Jun 5, 2024

Having difficulty locating current Mastercuts prices? Haircuts at Mastercuts start at $15.95. Our price list will assist you in determining the costs of all treatments provided by these salons, from haircuts to highlights.

Looking for Mastercuts Prices?


Mastercuts salons are known for being affordable locations where you can get a range of hair services. There are over 500 locations scattered across the United States, so odds are, there’s one near you.

But since Mastercuts prices aren’t listed on their website, it can be challenging to find out how much you’ll pay for different services at these salons.

Not to worry! We’ve collected average pricing information from several public sources to bring you a list of the high, low, and average prices for each service you can get at these salons.

Here’s a little info about Mastercuts first.

Mastercuts is a division of the global salon firm Regis and is part of the Signature Style Salons group. An adult haircut at Mastercuts costs about $16 on average.

Kids haircuts are a few dollars less expensive, costing roughly $13. Mastercuts charges $30 to $50 for hair color, highlights, and perms.

These salons are currently accepting day-of check-ins if you wish to book a service that day. You can simply stroll in without an appointment or make one ahead of time by phoning your nearest Mastercuts location.

Individual franchisees own and manage Mastercuts salons, and they set their own prices for services. As a result, Mastercuts pricing may differ slightly between locations.

However, we've seen that most services at these salons are priced within a dollar or two at different locations.

Mastercuts Price List

Prices for each service provided by Mastercuts are listed below. We present the highest price discovered, the lowest price discovered, and the average price discovered from all Mastercuts pricing data.

We make every effort to offer you with the most accurate and up-to-date Salon pricing information. Individual salons, on the other hand, can adjust their prices at any time.

As a result, we recommend that you phone your local salon before to your appointment to confirm the cost for the services you wish to receive. The prices listed here are an approximation of what you can expect to pay for hair services at Mastercuts.

Mastercuts' children's haircuts start at $12.95 (for children 12 and under at most locations). Adult haircuts start at $15.95 and shampoo haircuts start at $18.95.

Haircuts with shampoo and basic haircuts with a blow dryer start at $22.95. If you want a hot tool style (done with straighteners or curlers), prices start at $24.95.

The most expensive service at Mastercuts is the chemical service. This includes full body color, picks, perms and relaxers. These services start at $29.95 (1-5 foils).

If your hair is long or thick, the price may be extra if you are getting a special perm (such as a spiral perm), or choosing a pop of color technique such as balayage, gradient, dark or gray and silver tones.

Compared to other similarly franchised salons, we found Mastercuts' pricing to be on the low end of the average. In fact, their pricing is lower than most other franchise salon chains in the United States!

Mastercuts Services

Mastercuts Salon offers a range of hair and beauty services for women, men and children. They make it easy to customize your service by adding services based on the results you want or the time you spend at your appointment.

They offer haircuts, coloring, picking, styling and waxing services. Below are the Mastercuts services you can choose from when you visit the salon. We will also list what each service entails.

Haircut Services

Adult Haircuts

● Adult haircuts and shampoos

● Adult haircuts, shampoos and basic styling

● Adult haircuts, shampoos and overall styling

Children's Haircuts

● Children's haircuts and shampoos

● Children's haircuts, shampoos and basic styling

● Bangs or beard trimming

Color and Chemical Services

● Full body hair coloring

● Gray Blending

● Pop of Color Tip

● Mini Highlights

● Partial Highlights

● Overall highlights

● Cap Highlights

● Perm

● Relaxer

Styling Services

● Basic Style

● Formal Styles

● Blowout

Waxing Services

● Eyebrow waxing

● Facial waxing

Hair Treatments

● Basic Deep Conditioning

● Professional deep conditioning

● Malibu

Mastercuts Hours

Mastercuts hours of operation ensure that the salon is well-served for customers who are pressed for time or need to patronize outside of the busiest hours. They stay open late on weekdays to ensure clients have time to come in after work.

They are open 7 days a week to fit any schedule. Check out the average Mastercut hours below. Be sure to check your local salon's hours, as they may vary slightly from salon to salon.

Find a Mastercuts near you

Mastercuts' prices are lower than most salons, which is just one of the reasons it's been a customer favorite for decades. If you're ready to head there for an affordable haircut, pick, color, perm or wax, all you need to do is find the location nearest you.

With haircuts starting at $15.95 and the industry's lowest priced hair color and pick services, Mastercuts is a smart and affordable choice for your next hair service.

They can help you keep your favorite cut or color, or try something new and different. With options for women, men, and children, this is a full-service salon that the whole family can enjoy.

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