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How to Get Free Wigs at UNICE?

Last updated Jun 25, 2024

This blog post is going to tell you guys several ways to acquire free human hair wigs provided by UNICE, allowing you to indulge in creative hair transformations without breaking the bank. So, let's dive into how you can effortlessly obtain free wigs!!!

How to Get Free Wigs at UNICE?

Engage with UNICE on Social Media

There is a chance you can get a free wig by sharing your pics or videos on Facebook and Instagram!!! UNice will pick one of the participants to get a free wig.

Tips: Add #unicereview in your post can help UNICE find you on social media and increase the possibility of getting the free wig!

We will announce the list of the lucky ones who get the wigs or accessories every week. So keep updated by following @UNICE Facebook and @UNICE Instagram

Share Your Exclusive Referral Link to Your Friends

Share the link with your friends and invite them to register a UNICE account! Click UNICE Free Wig Program to get your referral link and start to share!!!


1. Each user can only select 1 free item within 24 hours (Only accept US shipping address)

2. Registrations from non-real users will be considered invalid

3. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our customer service for consultation and resolution

Become a UNICE Wig Influencer

The UNice Hair wig influencer program will offer you a free wig if you are qualified to be a UNice Hair ambassador! And UNice Hair will be glad to cooperate with you in the future if the result is promising.

You can contact UNice on its social media page or send the application to unicevirginhair@gmail.com.

More Info: How To Become A UNice Wig Influencer?

Post Your Content in the UNICE App Community

unice app free wig

UNICE now has a Cut to Free program. It is simple, you just need to select your favorite product on the Cut to Free Page and then ask for your friends to help it out.

1. One content published in the App gets over 50 likes, your content might be on UNice Social media recommendations to millions of followers.

2. One content published in the App gets over 100 likes, you will get one free wig and one chance for all Social media recommendations to UNice's millions of fans.

3. Users who post in the App and one content published gets over 100 likes, will also get the free wig sample. Besides, pay attention to the community's activities notice, and complete the product test according to our requirements, and you can continue to get the next Free Sample application opportunity!

4. The free sample for the event is limited if you are not selected for the first time. Please contact us and continue to pay attention to our activities. Our goal is to give everyone an equal chance!

FAQs about How to Get UNICE Free Wigs

What is the Cost?

Don't cost a coin to get UNICE free hair or wigs.

How Does Bargain to Get Free Hair Work?

Select the product and share it with your friends to bargain, when the price is cut to 0, you can get the wig for free.

Is the UNICE Free Wig Giveaway true?

Yes, it's 100% true.

Who can get UNICE Free Wigs?

Anyone can get a free wig as long as you follow the instructions.

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