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How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

Last updated Dec 6, 2023

The average cost for hair color and highlights is between $50 and $150, with most people spending around $80. For more complex Balayage, Babylights, or Ombre highlights, expect to spend $100 to $150 or more. But the exact price depends on the salon you choose, the length of your hair, and whether it is partially or fully picked.

The average cost of hair highlights

Reduced-cost salons can promote reduced prices for hair color and highlights by utilizing less expensive dyes and hair care products. Top salons provide more hair treatments, color options, and specialized hair care products, as well as greater advice on what works best for you. That is why it is slightly more pricey. The average highlight prices for standard mid-range salons are as follows:

Cost of different types of hair coloring

Cost of different types of hair coloring

You can get many types of highlights at the salon, and more techniques are being developed all the time. Below are the prices for the most popular types of hair highlights.

Short hair highlights vs. long hair highlights

Highlighting for short hair often costs $60 to $70 because it takes less time to style and requires fewer coloring products. Highlights on shoulder-length hair may cost $90 to $150 or more, especially if the package includes a haircut. Longer hair will cost more to highlight because it requires more coloring ingredients and time to achieve the desired result.

Cost of Partial Highlights

The cost of partial highlights ranges from $20 to $55. The cost depends on how many highlights are added. For four facial frame accent highlights on the front of the hair, the cost starts at about $20. For more extensive partial highlights (about 12 highlights), the cost is about $45 to $55.

Cost of Full Highlights

Full highlights placed around the entire head cost $75-$150. Full highlights will place more than 12 foils in the hair to create a fully highlighted look. Shorter hair will be closer to the $60 mark for full highlights. Longer hair may be closer to the $90-150 mark for full highlights.

Cost of Balayage Highlights

If a stylist uses the balayage highlighting technique, you may have to pay around $100 to $150. This method does not use foil, the stylist will apply the desired color directly to the hair to create a natural look.

Cost of Balayage and highlights prices

When comparing the typical cost of Balayage to highlights, you will notice that the average cost of Balayage is $100 to $150, which is around twice the price of a normal highlight. It is, however, not the most expensive highlighting style. Treatments like ombre or somber color, for example, start at $150 and can easily cost more.

Cost of Ombre Highlights

Ombre is technically not a highlighting technique, but a hair coloring technique. It is often confused with balayage. Ombre hair coloring requires more effort than balayage and often requires the use of additional dyes to obtain a dramatic two-tone look with dark roots that gradually lighten.

Many people must bleach the base of their hair first and then gradually add color to the ends to create a soft, natural transition. Color mixing techniques start at approximately $150 and up.

Cost of Babylights

Babylights are very fine highlights that mimic the way a child's hair brightens in the sun. They are usually applied around the face and hairline, partially and on top of the head.

They are a little more expensive than basic highlights because the hair must be separated into very fine strands, then coated with a whitening product and sealed with foil. Expect to pay $100-$120 for baby lights.

Cost of Pintura Highlights

Pintura highlights will cost $100 to $120+ and may not be available in all salons. These highlights are applied to the hair with bare hands (pintura means "painting" in Portuguese) to emphasize and highlight curly or wavy hair. They are added to specific strands of hair at the bend where the light would normally hit the waves of hair. The finished look is natural.

Pintura styles give more color to the tips than a Balayage effect would typically. They emphasize smaller portions of hair and target naturally curly areas of hair. They color your curls regardless of how much natural light is shining on your hair. Some colorists may use subtle hues to complement your natural color, while others may employ more aggressive colors, including hair pink or brilliant blonde.

Cost of Lowlights and other colors

For each additional color used in the highlighting, expect to pay $20-$40, for a total of approximately $75+. Other colors are used to add dimension to the hair.

For example, if you get blonde highlights and some lowlights in darker shadows, you will need to pay a little extra for the additional color or toner used in the lowlights.

How can I save money on highlights?

How can I save money on highlights?

Remember that you have more possibilities for getting highlights than you realize. When you color, cut, and deep condition your hair all at once, the total cost of your hair highlights is usually lower.

Before going to the salon, do the following at home: Washing your hair two to three days before dyeing allows your scalp to better tolerate the color. Hairdressers will only insist on washing your hair before coloring it if it is dirty or if there is a lot of hair product residue on it (for example, from hairspray, gel, or mousse). If you arrive with dry hair and no product buildup, you will not be charged for a hair wash because it is not required.

Book a junior stylist to save money: The most experienced stylists will always charge more for their expertise. However, by booking one of their in-store apprentices, you may typically pay less for hair highlights while still getting a terrific new haircut.

Control your desire to buy hair care products at the salon: To make a profit, salons must boost the price of hair care products. Instead of buying hair products there, go to your local beauty supply store or pharmacy and buy cheaper hair products with similar ingredients.


Now you have an idea of the price of a highlight, if you are afraid of spending money and not getting good results, you can try highlight wigs, you can find various styles of highlight wigs at UNice until you find the one you like.

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