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Hair Streaks Vs. Highlights, What Are The Differences?

Last updated Jun 26, 2024

Hair trends are constantly changing, so finding the ideal style may be both exciting and overwhelming. Hair streaks and highlights are popular options for those desiring to give their hair more depth and texture. They can improve your entire look and offer you a brand-new appearance. In this post, we will explain what hair streaks and highlights are, how they differ, and more to assist you in making the best decision possible based on your preferences and tastes.

What Are Hair Streaks?

hair streaks

Hairstreaks involve adding vibrant, bold sections of color to your hair. These streaks are strategically placed to create a dramatic contrast with your base hair color and are typically wider than standard highlights. Streaks can have a variety of colors, from soft pastels to vibrant neon colors, giving an aesthetic that is distinctive and captivating.

Pros of Hair Streaks

• Dramatic and attention-grabbing.

• Perfect for expressing individuality.

• Offers a wide range of color possibilities.

Cons of Hair Streaks

• Requires more maintenance.

• Can be damaging to hair if not done properly.

• Boldness might not suit all lifestyles.

What Are Hair Highlights?

hair highlights

Hair highlights are a type of hair coloring method used to give the hair dimension and visual interest. They entail dyeing selected hair strands that are one or two shades lighter than the original hair color. Highlights are intended to provide depth and contrast, giving the hair a multi-tonal and vivid appearance. These can be strategically positioned around the face, at the hair tips, or distributed throughout the entire hair to achieve a sun-kissed outcome.

Pros of Hair Highlights

• Adds dimension and depth to the hair.

• Creates a natural and subtle effect.

• Requires less maintenance.

Cons of Hair Highlights

• May not stand out as much as streaks.

• Limited to a more traditional look.

• Blending might be compromised if not done professionally.

What Are The Distinction Between Hair Streaks And Highlights?

After learning what hair streaks and highlights are, and their pros and cons, would you like to know the distinction between hair streaks and highlights? Next, we will tell you some of the differences between hair streaks and highlights.

1. Application Method

Hairstreaks involve coloring comparatively thicker portions of hair. These parts are typically bigger and stand out more against the foundation hair color. Streaks can have a more dramatic effect and are frequently more obvious.

However, highlights are produced by coloring thinner strands of hair. The strands are woven through small sections of hair, creating a more subtle and natural effect. The base color and highlights work together more harmoniously, giving the skin a sun-kissed effect.

2. Size and Thickness

beautiful hair streaks

As previously noted, streaks are larger, colored hair areas. The dyed streak and the natural hair color can contrast more noticeably because they can be several centimeters broad.

Highlights are finer and narrower sections of colored hair. Their smaller size enables a more delicate and smooth transition between the colored strands and the rest of the hair.

3. Maintenance

Hairstreaks are more noticeable, so they could need more frequent touch-ups to keep looking good while the natural hair grows.

Conversely, because they produce a softer contrast, highlights are typically more low-maintenance. The growing-out stage becomes less conspicuous as the roots become less visible as the hair grows.

4. Overall Look

stunning hair highlights

Hair streaks can produce a more daring and unique appearance. For individuals looking to make a bold shift, they are perfect because they tend to stick out and can significantly alter your whole image.

Highlights give skin a more youthful and natural appearance. They give a subtle adjustment that improves the texture and movement of your hair without significantly affecting how you seem.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hair Streaks Or Highlights

Next, let's look at the thing you need to know before selecting hair streaks or highlights.

Skin Tone

skin tone

It's important to think about how the colors will complement your skin tone while choosing between hair streaks and highlights. While highlights blend seamlessly with your base color to improve your complexion, streaks can provide a striking contrast.

Maintenance Requirements

Hair streaks often require more frequent touch-ups because of the vibrancy of the colors used. Highlights tend to grow out more naturally, allowing for longer intervals between appointments. Consider your lifestyle and willingness to maintain your chosen look.

Growing Out Regimen

Highlights might be a better choice if you're worried about the growing-out stage. The contrast between the highlighted areas and your natural color doesn't change much as your hair grows. In order to achieve a seamless transition, hair streaks could need greater attention during this stage.

Are Hair Streaks And Highlights Damaging To The Hair?

multi-color hair streaks

Yes, hair highlights and streaks have the potential to harm hair. To lift the natural color of the hair, bleach or other lightening agents are often used in the process. This can lead to moisture loss, weakened hair structure, and increased porosity. Use high-quality products, practice proper aftercare, and seek the advice of a qualified stylist to reduce potential damage.

Can I Color My Hair At Home For Streaks Or Highlights?


Yes, you can color your hair at home to create streaks or highlights. This process involves applying hair dye to specific sections of your hair to achieve a highlighted effect. However, to prevent harming your hair, it's crucial to carefully follow the directions and take precautions.


Your personal style, taste, and commitment level will ultimately determine whether you choose highlights or hair streaks. Both methods can improve your appearance in different ways and each has certain advantages. You may confidently choose which choice complements your personality and aesthetic by being aware of the distinctions and taking your hair type and color into account.

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