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Hair Streaks - The Fashion Trendsetter of 2023

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Hair streaks are a classic and popular hair trend that allows you to be more creative with your style and bring more fun into your life and hair. If you want to participate in this trend but aren't sure where to begin, our guide can help answer all of your questions. Let's get started with styles, inspiration, and ideas, as well as simple application tips to get you started on this hot new trend without stress!

What are hair streaks?

What are hair streaks?

Hair streaks are a hair coloring technique in which thicker sections of hair are lightened or colored using a foil technique. The technique is often used to create a bold look or to add vibrant color to your hairstyle.

Now very popular on social media adding light or brightly colored streaks to the front of your hair can add some highlights to your hair without going too crazy. They are a fun and affordable way to make your hair stand out.

Are there different types of hair streaks?

Hair streaks are usually applied in areas where you would have highlights. For example, if you dye your hair one color, you can place them in the areas of your hair most exposed to light - like around your face.

You can choose bold, vivid or subtle streaks that fade out the rest of your hair. You can even choose large and subtle colors to create a contrasting effect. You can choose a standout or several color blocks for a more streaky effect.

Coins and hair extensions are also great for adding color without dyeing your hair. The craze on TikTok right now is skunk striped hair, and you can try it too!

What hair color streaks should I try?

What hair color streaks should I try?

What color you want to try in your hair depends on the effect you want and the color of your hair right now.

You should choose a color that complements or contrasts with your base color, but not one that is too light or too dark because it will look fake.

Everyone's hair has different tones and textures; the shade that works best for you will also be determined by your skin tone.
For example, brunettes can wear any color, but blondes should avoid going too dark because it will look unnatural.

If you want to be subtle, choose a color that is lighter or darker than your natural undertones. Silver, fuchsia, and copper are excellent accent colors, particularly in brunettes and black hair.

Red streaks, as well as red and black or blonde shades that work well in light or dark hair, are always popular.

However, if you want to make a statement, try pink, blue, or even green! Styles can be represented by different colors. Whether you want to add vibrancy or subtle pastel shades to your hair, now is the time to experiment. If you're unsure, ask your hair stylist or colorist which colors look best on you.

Which is better, hair streaks or highlights?

Hair streaks and pick dye are ways to add something special to your hair, but they are different. The main difference between highlights and hair streaks is the amount of hair that is dyed. Highlights are usually applied to very thin sections of hair, while hair streaks are applied to thicker chunks of hair.

Highlights are meant for hair that looks more natural, blends better and enhances your natural hair color, while hair streaks are meant to create a bold look that stands out from your natural color and adds character to your style. What's better? It depends on what works best for your lifestyle!

Are hair streaks bad for your hair?

Hair coloring is always a huge trend, but what are the risks? This look can be created using bleach or other coloring products - from temporary pastel hair powders, to bright hair dyes and highlights for an eye-catching effect.

Using chemicals such as hair dye or bleach can damage your hair's health and lead to breakage if not handled properly.
However, hair streaking does have some advantages: it lasts longer and keeps bold colors brighter for longer.

Hair streaks inspiration

1. Blue Hair Streaks

Blue Hair Streaks

One of our favorite hair color trends is blue hair. If you don't want to dye your entire head of hair blue, hair color streaks can be a fun alternative. Just make sure to leave a day or two between washes. This additional time will ensure that your color remains vibrant and pigmented.

2. Thick strawberry blonde pick color

Thick strawberry blonde pick color

Try a thick strawberry blonde streak to add dimension to your light brown hair. We like this color because it isn't quite russet, rose gold, or ginger. Instead, this vibrant orange color adds warmth and dimension to your ensemble. When selecting this vibrant hue, make sure to consult with an experienced colorist to ensure you get the exact color you want.

3. Golden streaks

Golden streaks

Try a mix of highlights and lowlights for a more natural look. This will give you a multidimensional effect regardless of your color.

4. Two-tone stripes

Two-tone stripes

How cool is this two-toned look? This popular color-blocked look is accented with muted tones and is perfect for those willing to go the extra mile for something unique. For color, this leans toward the high-maintenance side of things, so make sure you use a moisturizing and color-protecting mask.

5. Peekaboo Blonde Highlights

 Peekaboo Blonde Highlights

If you only want a few highlights, we recommend peek-a-boo highlights! These hair streaks form a ring around your face, but they only appear when you comb your hair in a certain way. We think it's especially important, as with other subtle pick dye styles, to feather the top of your pick dye to frame your face.


Do you want to change your hair color this season? Have you been looking for a way to make a statement with your hair? There are many ways to get creative with your hair. Be brave and try it out with some bold hair streaks going all out. Now it's time to break out of your shell and have some fun!

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