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Why Light Chestnut Brown Hair Will Be The Popular Hair Color For Spring

Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Brown hair lovers believe that light brown hair is magic, no matter what texture of hair or any color of skin and eye color, light brown hair is perfect for you. When spring comes, we always think to make our hair color lighter and use it to reflect the warm color of spring. light chestnut brown hair will not only make you feel warm but also make you stand out from the dullness of autumn and winter. let's see what is so special about this hair color that will make it a popular hair color for the next spring.

Brown hair

1. Characteristics of light chestnut brown hair

All chestnut hair has rich reds and browns as the base color, but light chestnut brown hair is more of a light brown mixed with some golden color that shines in the natural sunlight. You can mix caramel, honey, and dark brown highlights on top of light chestnut brown hair to make the hair look more special. In addition to its bright and beautiful color, light chestnut brown hair has a low to medium maintenance level and does not require color conditioning shampoos and other methods of color treatment like colored hair, it looks very natural like your own native hair.

light chestnut brown hair

2. The reason why light chestnut brown hair is a popular spring hair color

2.1 Subtle and perfect gradient effect

Chestnut is already a gorgeous color that can impart a subtle feeling, and with the addition of light brown, it will impart an ombre effect. On top of these colors, you can create layers of the gradient to the hair color by adding darker or lighter highlights to the hair. This not only makes the hair look special but also adds thickness to the hair, at least visually it appears to have thicker hair volume; it also keeps the hair color warmer and better sets off the warmth of spring. Would you like to come out from the dull autumn and winter with such a warm color and go back to the warm and pleasant spring?

Subtle and perfect gradient effect

2.2 Suitable for the warm feeling of spring

After a whole winter of dullness, people need warm sunlight and a suitable temperature to recover, and so does their hair color. light chestnut brown hair color has a rich golden color as the base color can make your skin feel warm; it does not look as flashy as pink hair but a warm, simple color, with light chestnut color, can make you feel spring-like warmth. warmth. In addition, when you add highlights or ombre, your hair can appear more perfect in a gradient effect, so that the warm hair color is enough to make you catch the eye.

 Suitable for the warm feeling of spring

2.3 Adding texture to your hair

There is no one hair color that is suitable for all hair textures, just like cooler hair tends to be more suitable for straight hair (such as gray hair, silvery white hair, etc.), cooler hair tends to look more abrupt on curly hair. And warm light chestnut brown hair will reflect much better on curly hair, making it more vibrant and energetic. When you take good care of your hair, the shine of light chestnut brown hair will make the curls look more resilient, especially when it reflects the dazzling light of the sun. If you are a girl with naturally curly hair, you can totally try light chestnut hair color.

Adding texture to your hair

2.4 Shiny color

Adding dark brown highlights to light chestnut brown hair is a great idea to add density and length visually. Dark brown will look very natural on this hair color and is perfectly in line with the trend. Adding highlights is also a better way to avoid having a single hair color that looks boring and can give you a fresh look with the trendy picking technique and gradient hair color.

 Shiny color

3. Light chestnut brown hair recommendations

3.1 Light golden chestnut color

Light golden chestnut color

Light chestnut brown has a chestnut color as the base shade of the hair and a golden shade on the surface. This color is very attractive under the spotlight and the light is attracted to the light chestnut brown hair. Combined with a glamorous loose wave texture or body wave texture, anyone who tries this hair color will look stunning. What's more, it's perfect for girls with darker skin tones, especially wheatish ones.

3.2 Honey chestnut with golden highlight

The same light chestnut brown hair but with a color that looks great on straight hair is the charm from UNice wigs! The base shade chosen is chestnut mixed with dark brown, and the highlights chosen are golden, which can help the hair color to make a better connection and make the hair color look more natural and transparent. For those girls who are afraid of hair damage, wigs are the best choice to try a new hair color without damaging the hair.

3.3 Honey blonde curly wig

Jerry's curly hair is the best proof of the unique beauty of light chestnut brown hair color on a finer texture of curl. With a different hair color, curly hair will be more interesting than natural black, you can braid the sides of the forehead like the goddess of Athens, really very beautiful.

4. Conclusion

Are you ready to try light chestnut brown hair to welcome the brand new spring, such a warm hair color is worth trying in any warm season. Let light chestnut brown hair help you escape the winter gloom and enter the bright spring.

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