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Want To Transform Your Look? Try Golden Brown Hair Color

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

All girls seemed to like ash brown hair color for some time in the past. But recently, we have noticed a growing love for golden brown hair color. It provides rich, warm brown undertones with a golden shine and brightness. If you can't decide between brunette or blonde, then golden brown hair color is a great way to have the best of both worlds. In today's article, let's take a look at the beauty of golden brown hair color.

What Is Golden Brown Hair Color?


As the name implies, golden brown hair is brown hair with golden highlights or lowlights, which can also depict as a mixture of medium brown and light blonde. It is a wonderful way to brighten naturally dark to medium brown hair or to darken naturally blonde hair.

Is Golden Brown Warm Or Cool?

Golden brown is a warm shade, which indicates that most golden brown hair colors will look warm. But if you love golden brown hair but are looking for a slightly cooler shade, you can find a talented colorist to help you manipulate your hair color to make it the cooler tone you want.

What Skin Tone Suits Golden Brown Hair?

Golden brown hair color is a friendly and warm shade. No matter what your skin tone is, it is perfect for you. If you want to get a beautiful color combination, then you can take into consideration adding some dark blonde highlights to your golden brown hair color and so on.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Blonde Brown Hair Color?

The price of dyeing golden brown hair color depends specifically on your hair's underlying color. If your hair is blonde or black and you want to add some shine to your hair, then the price may be a little lower, around $125. But if your hair has a very different base color, or if you prefer a longer-lasting color or highlights, then this will cost a bit more, usually around $200.

Why Should You Try Golden Brown Hair Color?

After learning what golden brown hair color is, do you want to know why golden brown hair color is so popular? Here, we will show you some advantages of golden brown hair color, let's take a look.

1. Add warmth

Golden brown can breathe life into faded, dull hair colors and give your hair a vibrant look. It is a warm tone that can help to warm up your cool, gray, or green hair color, not only by giving your hair a vibrant look but also by giving it a warm feeling.

2. Increase depth and texture

Adding depth and texture is also one of the benefits of blonde brown hair color. It allows you to easily capture the flow of sunlight in a variety of shades and styles. When the light catches the golden reflection, it creates an illusion of depth and movement in your hair, making you look especially attractive. In addition, when the light shines on your hair, it will look extra shiny and textured.

3. Suitable for everyone

No matter what your hair length is, golden brown is for you. Golden brown hair color is as dazzling, eye-catching, individual, and chic as the sun, and can match any length of hair. In addition, blonde brown hair color can add your personal charm and elegance, making you shine in the crowd.

The Most Popular Golden Brown Hair Color For You

After reading about the advantages of golden brown hair color, can't you wait to see what good-looking golden brown hair color is available? Below, we will recommend you some beautiful and fashionable golden brown hair colors.

1. Honey golden-brown hair color


Looking for a hair color that complements your skin tone? Then honey blonde brown hair color is the perfect choice for you. These rich honey-golden highlights are perfectly soft together to reveal a desirable hue that will add texture and life to your hair.

2. Golden brown ombre


Did your heart beat faster when you first saw this golden-brown ombre? This ombre look is capable of adding drama to your hairstyle. Choose a dark brown shade near the roots and slowly transition to blonde for a stylish and attractive look.

3. Golden brown babylights


Want your hair to give off a natural glow? Then consider the golden brown babylights. It is capable of very subtle highlights that are distributed throughout the hair and can make a huge difference in the overall vibrancy of your color. In addition, golden brown babylights paired with curly hair will give you a very classy look.

4. Golden brown hair with money pieces


Golden brown hair and money piece together can show a unique atmosphere and style. If you want to show off your unique charm, then you must try golden brown hair with money pieces. More importantly, you can use layered cuts to add some drama to your hairstyle.

5. Reddish golden brown highlights


If you want to refresh your appearance but want to keep your hair's natural brown color from becoming too intense, try introducing some slightly reddish blonde highlights into your hair, which will make you look really cool. More importantly, it looks great no matter what your hair length is.

6. Light golden brown


Want to create a dreamy angelic look? Try this beautiful pairing of soft blonde baby lights and light brown hair. These two colors can subtly blend together to create a delicate and stunning effect that is very dreamy and appealing. If you are captivated, give it a try.


After reading this article, have you been attracted to these great-looking golden brown hair colors? If so, start your journey to a new hair color. Also, if you know of other beautiful golden brown hair colors, please share them with us in the comments section. What's more, if you want your golden brown hair color to last longer, then you need to maintain it well.

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