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What Is Champagne Hair Color And Should You Try It?

Last updated Apr 26, 2024

Spring is just around the corner; are you ready for a new hairstyle or hair color? Whether it's a complete 180 or just some highlights, a new hair color will make you feel fresh and new again. If you haven't chosen your hair color to change yet, then consider champagne hair color. It is a very popular hair color that suits all kinds of skin tones and eye colors. In this article, we will tell you what a champagne color is as well as suggest some appealing champagne hair colors for you.

What Is Champagne Hair Color?


Champagne Blonde is like a fizzing glass of bubbly and is the color of choice for women who want sparkle and elegance. It has many undertones that give the hair an overall enchanting and fresh look. Champagne Blonde is basically a beige blonde with soft golden undertones that enhance the texture of the hair in a very natural and very subtle and elegant way.

Is Champagne Blonde The Same As Ash Blonde?

Many people tend to confuse ash blonde hair with champagne. While ash blonde is very similar to champagne, the latter has a more intense shine. Ash blonde is a very cool shade, while champagne can be worn cool or on the warmer side, depending on your skin tone.

Is Champagne Hair Color A Warm Or Cool?

Since champagne blonde is a cool color, in order for it to work well on warm skin tones, your colorist will want to add some golden highlights so the shade doesn't wash out your gorgeous skin tone.

The Best Champagne Hair Color Ideas to Try Now

After knowing what champagne color is, do you want to know what are the popular and attractive champagne color hairstyles? Below, we will provide you with some beautiful and trendy champagne hair color ideas, you can choose the best hair color for you according to your preference and needs.

Warm champagne blonde


If you are looking for a champagne hair color that suits you, then you can try warm champagne blonde. This hair color is very nice and attractive and is perfect for people with warm tones. People who have warm tones are better able to present a darker, warmer champagne blonde hair color. To achieve this look, you need to focus on melting the warm dirty blonde into the lighter end of the spectrum for a natural balance.

Dimensional champagne blonde hair


If you have exceptionally thick hair but want a great-looking and on-trend champagne hair color, then the three-dimensional champagne blonde shade is sure to be the perfect choice for you. The combination of color, depth, and dimension all three break up the thickness take the hair out of its flatness, and make it very attractive and pretty to look at. If you want a more edgy look, then you can design your hair into soft curls. Trust me, this hair color will not disappoint you.

Platinum champagne blonde


Don't like hair colors that are too bright, right? Then try platinum champagne hair color. Platinum champagne blonde is an even combination of bright, icy, and sleek blonde hair, perfect for those with cooler skin tones. This hair color can make a person look extra cool and trendy. However, platinum champagne hair color often requires extra maintenance, as the demarcation line can be especially noticeable when your own hair grows out.

Champagne blonde highlights


If you want your hair to look shiny, then try champagne blonde highlights. Champagne blonde hair highlights with shaded roots can give your hair a natural shine, make it look smooth and silky, and it doesn't cost you an experience to maintain it. More importantly, this hair color can make people look extra elegant and classy. Trust me, you will not be disappointed if you choose this hair color. Moreover, if you want to look different, then you can add some hair accessories with highlights.

Rose gold champagne blonde


If you are looking for a hair color that will make you look fresh and new, then rose gold champagne blonde hair is the perfect choice for you. This hair color is a combination of rose gold and champagne blonde which is very stylish and pretty. In addition, the warm tones in this hair color will brighten your hair and give off a healthy glow, giving it an extra warm and friendly feeling. If you have not yet chosen the hair color you want, then try this hair color.

Champagne blonde ombre


You love ombre colors, don't you? Then champagne blonde ombre might be the perfect choice for you. The color decreases from the roots to the ends of the hair, suits all skin tones, is very nice and attractive and will make you stand out in the crowd. In addition, it adds warmth to your hair, no matter the season, and makes you feel very gentle and approachable. What's more, if you want to accentuate the golden tones, then you can opt for the wavy curl look.

Champagne Blush


Looking for a hair color that makes you look cute and stylish? Then champagne blush hair color would be your favorite hair color this season. Blush is the perfect way to add a touch of pale pink to champagne-colored hair in a very chic way. In addition, the soft pink undertones can make one look extra cute and charming, and you'll catch everyone's attention as soon as you step out. More importantly, this hair color with different hairstyles will present a different feeling.

Champagne blonde on brown hair


Champagne blonde on brown hair brings a chic, subtle dimension that looks like a natural sun-kissed color that can make hair glow and look soft, smooth, and shiny, perfect for the fall and winter months. Because it's like a splash of sunshine on a cold winter day, it makes people feel extra warm. If you are still struggling with what color to choose, then you should definitely try this hair color. Trust me, it won't let you down.


After reading this article, have you picked out your favorite hair color? Then start your new hair color journey. Of course, if you know of other great champagne hair colors, you are more than welcome to share them with us in the comments section.

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