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Difference Between Human Hair and Remy Hair

Last updated Apr 8, 2024

When it comes to hair bundles or hair extensions many people assume that all hair types are relatively the same, such as human hair, Remy hair, no-Remy, virgin hair weave, and so on.

In fact, there are many differences between them.

If you've ever wondered: What's Remy hair? What's virgin hair? How we can find the difference between them? Which one should you choose?...you're in the right place...

The major difference between human hair and Remy hair is the cuticles. Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact, unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. The majority of 100 human hair sold today is non-Remy hair. Because of the method of collection, the cuticle for each hair strand tends to be in different directions.

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What Is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is considered to be the high quality of human hair which means the hair's cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction. Here are the specific features:

◆ The term Remy refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture the hair extensions. Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension on the market due to their quality and price.

◆ Remy hair is high-quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends very well with your own hair.

◆ When all hair strands follow the same direction, there will be almost no tangling and matting (if processed properly). With true high-quality Remy hair, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles intact and all cuticles flow in the same direction from root to the tip.

Note: All Remy hair extensions are Remy at the time of collection, but some hair extension companies use harsh, old-fashioned, rushed manufacturing where the cuticles can get ruined while processing.

◆ To mask this they then coat the hair with silicone to make it appear soft, only to experience tangling and matting after a few washes when the silicone wears off.

At UNice we process our Remy hair gently with an advanced technology (similar to processing cashmere) which ultimately preserves the cuticles even after processing, so they remain intact.

Because of the method of collection, this type of hair is in short supply and is therefore quite expensive.

What Is Human Hair?

100% Human hair is usually collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor. It is in greater supply and is therefore much cheaper than Remy Hair. The majority of human hair sold today is non-Remy hair.

Because of the method of collection, the cuticle for each hair strand tends to be in all different directions.

◆ In order to compensate for this, the hair will go through a process sometimes referred to as an"acid bath", to completely remove the entire cuticle. This can be equivalent to about ten relaxers in a row.

◆ After the cuticle removal process, the hair is dipped in silicone to make it shine and to cover up any cuticles that were not removed in the acid bath.

◆ The silicone adds weight to the hair and ups the selling price as hair is sold by weight. At first glance, the non-Remy hair will appear silky and shiny.

◆ After a few shampoos, the silicone layer will start to wash off. The hair will slowly become duller, and brittle and will tangle and matte very easily. This type of hair is not recommended for any long-term hair extensions for obvious reasons.

Editor’s note

As you might guess, human hair includes Virgin hair, Remy hair, and Non-Remy hair. Here's a simple comparison:

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor. The virgin hair is Remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes.

Remy Hair does not always mean virgin hair, in fact, it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they are completely different in meanings.

Non-Remy hair is very popular and is readily available as well. This hair has both the roots and the tips mixed up so that all the hairs are not running in the same direction. This type of hair undergoes the shaving off of the cuticles or sometimes the ends of the hair.

This reduces the possibility of friction between hair strands and as such allows the hair to remain tangle-free as the name suggests. Non-Remy hair has undergone chemical processing.

◆ Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair used to dye, perm, or bleach his or her hair while the donor of virgin hair doesn't use any chemical products. And Remy hair needs to be rearranged but virgin hair always comes as it is.

Virgin hair is more precious and expensive, and it's the best to create natural hairstyles. But both the virgin and Remy hairs are smooth and healthy with perfect shape and quality.

What Is The Difference Between Remy And Human Hair?

straight human hair bundles

difference between them

★ The method they collect isn't the same, Remy hair is in short supply and is therefore quite expensive.

★ Remy hair has the best high quality. So it is expensive! And it will last a long time if properly maintained.

★ The majority of human hair sold today is non-Remy hair. the cuticle for each hair strand tends to be in all different directions.

Overall, if you decide to get Remy hair, regular maintenance should be concentrated to keep your desired beauty.

So basically, if "100% Human Hair" is the Benz of the industry, then "Remy Hair" is the Phantom, And "Virgin Remy" is the Bugatti. If you want to get a clear distinction between them, here is a video for you, we hope that you will get it by watching the video!

So you can buy virgin hair or Remy hair, I think that you could choose according to your budget, and consider which one you really want to purchase. In general, the hair bundle suit for you is most important.

If you wanna go on a vacation, just for a temporary hair look, and save some coins in your budget, make sure you know UNice Hair Store offers you an affordable price with the best quality virgin Remy hair.

Sometimes we just want to look a little extra glamorous, and there's nothing wrong with that. We need to shift the perception of hair extensions (and other beauty accessories) from being superficial, inaccessible, and fake - toward hair extensions being none other than an accessory that helps you look and feel beautiful, a tool that everybody can have access to, not just celebrities. Just like makeup. Just like nice clothes. Just like those cute shoes.

Without hesitation, and joined it!

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