UNice Remy Hair Bundles Collection

What Does Remy Human Hair Mean?

The true definition of Remy hair simply refers to how the hair is handled and stored. In other words, it's hair that's kept root-to-tip. What is root-to-tip? It's hair that is bundled so that the cuticle lays in the same direction from the time the hair is cut from the donor.

Difference Between Virgin And Remy Hair.

Many people confuse virgin Remy hair bundles with virgin hair, it's important to know that not all virgin hair is Remy hair weave. We are about to make it clear as day.

About Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is completely unprocessed. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including:

never permed,

never dyed,

never colored,

never bleached,

never chemically processed in any way.

This also means it comes from a single person.

About Remy Hair:

1. With unprocessed virgin Remy hair, all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction.

2. When all hair strands follow the same direction you can rest assured you are getting high-quality Remy virgin human hair that is free of tangling.

3. Finally, Remy human hair tends to last longer because the cuticle is still intact, unlike non-remy weaves where the hair has been cut and can be in different directions.

Note: When the hair is not in the right direction, brushing causes more friction and the hair doesn't last as long as a result.

Therefore, the original distinction of Remy hair was established to represent hair extensions that were:

1. Controlled to ensure against different lengths.

2. Strong and healthy virgin hair that is free of chemical processing.

3. Carefully collected hair to ensure all strands maintain a Mono-directional form.

4. An intact cuticle protects the hair shaft.

About UNice Remy Hair Bundles Collection

UNIce Cheap 100 Virgin Remy Human Hair Bundles

Hair Material:100% unprocessed human hair weave Remy hair

Color: unprocessed natural hair color

Hair weft: Machine Double Weft

Chemical processing: None

Material Grade: Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions

Hair quality: no shedding, no tangles, no slices, can be straightened, curled, bleached, and styled

Related Style: Body Wave/Straight/Loose Wave/Jerry Curly

Related products: Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian

Q1: How many pieces for a full head?

A1: Usually, for average head size, we suggest like this: 12 - 14inch 2-3pcs, 16 - 22inch 3pcs, 24 - 28inch 4pcs or more

Q2:Hair Smell

A2: Factory wash the hair with warm water and shampoo, and we will put hair oil on the hair before shipment, protecting the hairs from being dyed during long-term delivery. Please pay attention to that the smell will disappear after washing it with good shampoo and conditioner.


A3: The Remy virgin hair extensions can tangle due to dryness, oil, and dirt, please do not comb(even the wide tooth comb) it under this condition. Make sure to wash your hair twice a week.


A4: Only virgin hair wholesale will have the split ends, our virgin Remy hair extensions will be a little dry after leaving donor hair because it lost human nutrition. You can put some olive/argan oil to make them good.

Q5: Can I dye/color the Hair

A5: Yes. The Remy virgin hair can be colored. As a general rule, it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair. We recommend dyeing darker since it is difficult for the original color to fade. Improper dying will ruin the hair. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye the virgin hair. if you are not professional, please go to the salon.

Virgin Hair Bundles General Care

(1) Please only wash the virgin Remy human hair with conditioner. (once 2 weeks).

(2) Detangle hair gently before washing. Please do not rub or twist the hair.

(3) Please add conditioner to warm water and swish the hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.

(4) Blot out excess water with a towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Please do not expose it to the sun.

(5) Please do not brush the Remy virgin hair weave when it is still wet. Please comb the curly hair with your fingers. Don't take each small curl of hair apart; for wavy and curly hair, it is helpful to use some gel to hold the texture pattern after washing, but not too much.

(6) Brush straight hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Please work your way up to the roots.

(7) Avoid overusing hot curlers and flat irons, which will shorten the usage of hair than it should be.

(8) Please use some nutrition water or a protectant when you perm or dye the hair.