Braid in Bundles,Best Human Hair for Braiding, Brazilian Braiding Hair on Sale

Why Braid In Bundles Human Hair Become Popular?

Braid-in bundles have been trending high this year as a go-to method for installing weaves without thread or glue. With the braiding extension added directly to the weft, you can get your look done in half the time and it makes takedown easier.

What is Braid In Bundles?

Braid in hair offers you a secure hold without the use of glue, thread, or clips. ... Each Braid In bundle is 100 grams full with 100% top-grade virgin human hair. The hair used for the braiding install on top of the weft is 6 inches in length.

Advantages Of Braid Hair Weave

1. Human braiding hair offers you a secure hold without the use of glue or thread. With this bundle, no time will be spent braiding the hair in cornrows, and you need not prepare materials like glue, clip, needle, thread, and so on. just simply part your hair and braid it in.

2. A full head installation can be completed in 1 easy step. The bundles are braided directly into your natural hair without the time-consuming steps of braiding your hair and then going back to install row by row of weft.

3. This install is easy to remove and very light and painless!