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8 Stitch Braids Ideas to Achieve A Bold And Beautiful Look

Last updated May 22, 2024

As the name suggests, stitch braids can create an elegant and orderly parting line on the scalp. Because of its superplasticity, it has become a hairstyle favored by more and more fashionists. If you're curious about stitch braids cornrows, you can find out all about it here.

spiral stitch braids

What Are Stitch Braids?

Compared to traditional cornrows, long stitch braids can create smaller and tighter braids for a more unique appearance. When doing stitch braid, if your native hair is short, you can use extensions to increase the length. If your native hair is long, you can directly braid it into a stitched braid.

stitch braids

Stitch Braids Hairstyle Recommendation

Stitch braids can make a lot of styles, such as ponytails, buns, and stitch braids to the back on this basis, and you can also braid a variety of patterns on the scalp. Read on to see a few creative stitch braids styles below.

Small Stitch Braids

Delicate and intricate, these small stitch cornrows braids create a neat and detailed look, perfect for those who prefer sophisticated style.

Small Stitch Braids

Jumbo Stitch Braids

The most common jumbo types are 4 stitch braids, 5 stitch braids, and 6 stitch braids. This bold and voluminous jumbo stitch braid adds a striking element to your overall look.

Jumbo Stitch Braids

Stitch Lemonade Braids

This hairstyle was popularized by hip-hop queen Beyoncé and was named after her album title Lemonade.

Stitch Lemonade Braids

Criss Cross Stitch Braids

This unique stitch braid incorporates a crisscross pattern to create a playful and creative hairstyle that's even more trendy.

Criss Cross Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids Low Bun

A low bun adds an elegant touch to a stylish stitch braid, and this hairstyle offers a sophisticated and chic option for both casual and formal occasions.

Stitch Braids Low Bun

Stitch Braids with Color

You can also inject bright colors into goddess stitch braids with different shades to complement your style.

Stitch Braids with Color

Stitch Braids Ponytail

Stitch braids can also be combined with ponytails, providing a practical and stylish option.

Stitch Braids Ponytail

Stitch Braids with Heart

Try adding a heart-shaped pattern to your stitch braid to bring a cute and playful element to your hairstyle.

Stitch Braids with Heart

How To Do Stitch Braids?

Stitch braiding takes patience and skill, and if you want to try it yourself, you can follow these steps. For details, check out this video where a professional hair stylist uses hair extensions to create long, clean stitched braids for the customer.

Pre-preparation: These thin braids usually last several days before they are removed, so I recommend washing your hair before braiding. Wash, blow dry, and brush your hair, and you're done preparing for braiding.

Divide your hair: Use a comb to divide your hair into sections. The section size can be adjusted according to the thickness of the braid you want. Please prepare gel, you can apply gel to your hair to make it more fitting and easy to braid.

Braid hair: Take a small section of hair from one side of the head and divide it into three equal sections. To begin braiding, thread the right strand through the middle strand, then thread the left strand through the new middle strand. You can see the details in the video below.

Add more hair: As you braid, gradually add more hair to each part of the braid, or you can add extensions according to your needs for the braid. This will give the braid a neat, seamless look.

Secure the ends: After reaching the end of each braid, secure it with a small elastic or wrap the ends with string. Make sure the ends are secure to prevent unraveling.

Repeat the process: braiding each section of hair using the same method until you have completed all the required braids.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

One of the benefits of stitch braids is that they can last for weeks. If properly maintained, they can be retained for up to 4-8 weeks before needing to be redone. However, stitch box braids may become frizzy during this period, and there are a few tricks you can use to help it return to its refreshed state.

stitch braids styles

How To Refresh Stitch Braids?

The marks of the newly completed stitch braid are very clean, and after a week or two, the braid on the scalp will become a little frizzy. At this point, you can try the following steps to give your stitched hairstyle a new look.

You can refer to the video below to learn how to refresh cute stitch braids.

1. Spray some water on top of your head and blot up excess water with a towel.

2. Choose to apply a scalp-nourishing oil to the scalp and massage it in.

3. Apply mousse and holding spray to the top of your head and apply evenly to the frizzy parts.

4. Then leave the scarf on overnight or remove it when your hair is completely dry. You will get a neat, frizzy-free braid.

5. Finally, you can make baby hair according to your preferences.

FAQ About Stitch Braids

Are stitch braids bad for your hair?

Please choose a professional hair stylist to do the boho stitch braids for you. This will prevent damage to the scalp and hair. At the same time, also pay attention to the correct washing and moisturizing hair.

How much do stitch braids cost?

The price of stitch feed in braids will vary depending on the region, stylist, and style. Usually, the price may be between $65- $200.

To create a stylish and gorgeous look with your native hair, try stitch braids hairstyles! Choose a trusted hair stylist and enjoy your new hairstyle.

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