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What Is an Island Twist? Some Gorgeous Hairstyles to Try

Last updated May 28, 2024

Earlier we featured many hot braids and twisted hairstyles, island twist hair has recently taken social media by storm. Boho island twist hairstyles are a fusion of boho vibrancy and African heritage, while still being a great way to protect natural textured hair. In this guide, I will discuss island twist hair with you.

Island Twist

What Are Island Twists?

If you were to describe your image of "island twist braids", what words would you use? I think you might think of words like relaxed, casual, and natural. Yes, island twist crochet hair is similar to Senegalese twists, but they have a bohemian vibe with the addition of curls in the braiding process. That's why island twists are so vividly named, as they delicately twist hair from root to tip, evoking the rhythmic swaying of palm trees and the gentle lapping of waves on the beach.

island twist

What Hair Do You Need for Island Twist?

It mainly depends on your budget. Usually, you can use synthetic hair or human hair, the latter being more natural in effect and feel. Length and color are both optional, you can make a natural hairstyle or choose to use a bolder color.

Here are some great hair bundles for island twist hairstyle:

Getting Ready: Prepping Your Hair for an Island Twist Hairstyle

Knotless Island Twist

Knotless Island Twist

Island Twist With Curls

Island Twist With Curls

Medium Island Twist

Medium Island Twist

Small Island Twist

Small Island Twist

Goddess Island Twist

Goddess Island Twist

How to Do Boho Island Twist?

The island twist is a protective hairstyle that is both cute to look at and very easy to do. Here's how to braid an island boho twist:

What you'll need

Rat-tail comb

Styling products (optional) - leave-in conditioner or lightweight styling gel

Hair bundles - choose the length and thickness to your liking

Step 1: Brush your hair out completely to avoid tangles when twisting. Use a leave-in conditioner or lightweight styling gel (optional) to keep hair manageable.

Step 2: Divide your hair with a rat-tail comb to create a knotless braid. This step helps secure the twist and adds polish.

Step 3: Twist the two strands of hair together, taking a small section of crochet hair and folding it in half as you twist. Bring it together with your natural hair. Twist one strand of hair clockwise and then twist the other counterclockwise.

Step 4: During braiding, take a strand of hair without adding it to the braid to create a boho vibe.

Step 5: After completing the entire hairstyle you can use the bowl method to make beautiful curls at the ends.

Some Tips for Island Twists

◆ Start with small sections so that it is easier to control, especially if you are using this technique for the first time.

◆ You can add beads or ribbons to the twist to add a different flavor.

◆ Take breaks to avoid hand fatigue, especially if you are doing your own hair.

◆ You can get a more visual explanation of the YouTube boho island twists tutorial by following the tutorial on YouTube.

How Long Do Island Twists Last?

With proper care, this protective hairstyle typically lasts 6 to 8 weeks. You can extend the life of your island twist by doing the following:

Maintain: Regularly re-twisting loose hair or new growth around the base of the twist will help keep it neat and prolong its life.

Hair Care: Sleeping in a satin or silk scarf will help reduce frizz and minimize friction. Gently washing your scalp and using a leave-in conditioner will keep your hair moisturized and prevent breakage.

Styling: Use a styling gel or styling foam to secure island twist styles.


In conclusion, Island Twists offers a captivating blend of cultural heritage and modern elegance, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-expression and celebration. With an array of stunning styles and essential care tips at your fingertips, unlock the beauty of Island Twists with confidence and flair, embracing the richness of your textured locks with each twist and turn.

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