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How to Retwist Locs: A Complete Instructional Guide

Last updated Jan 22, 2024

Retwisting locs is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy and beautiful dreadlocks. If you have locs, you know the importance of keeping them neat. Retwisting involves twisting the hair at the roots to promote new growth and prevent matting. However, it is important to approach this process with care and knowledge to avoid damaging your hair. In this article, we will explore the tools and methods for effective retwisting and related tips. Read on to learn how to retwist locs and keep them looking their best.

retwist locs

How Often Should You Retwist Locs?

Retwist locs mainly depend on individual hair growth and personal preference. Generally speaking, a retwist is recommended every four to eight weeks if you want to maintain a neat look and organized roots.

However, this time interval may vary depending on an individual's hair type, growth rate, and care methods used. If your roots are starting to become loose, tangled, or unmanageable, that's a good time to retwist. It is important to pay attention to the condition of your hair roots and adjust the frequency of retwist as needed.

Retwist Locs method

Tutorial on How to Retwist Starter Locs

If you plan to do loc retwist at home, the tools you need are:

◆ rat tail comb

◆ Hairpins or hair ties

◆ spray bottle

◆ Loc retwist gel or cream

◆ Olive oil or other natural oil that moisturizes hair

Professional Video Showing Retwist Locs Steps

In the video below, a professional loctician shows the detailed steps of retwist locs. She concluded that the easiest way to do locs retwist is the palm rolling method. If you are not familiar with this method, you can try it.

Retwist Locs Step-to-Step Method

Wash your hair

Before retwisting, wash your hair and scalp carefully. Wring the water out of your hair as much as possible without making it too wet.

Section your hair

Use clips or hair ties to separate your hair into manageable sections. This will make the process of retwist locs much easier.

Comb your hair

You can begin with the hair closest to the bottom and make sure not to miss any new or stray hairs when parting.

Use the product

Apply a small amount of loc retwist gel or cream to the roots of the locs where new hair is growing.

Palm rolling method

Apply gel on your hands, place the locs between your palms, and slide the two palms in opposite directions. The locs will tighten during the sliding process.


If you want a tighter and more secure hold, you can use a dreadlock crochet hook or interlocking tool to pull the new growth through the existing loc, creating an interlocked pattern.

Use a spray bottle filled

Once all the locs are retwisted, use a spray bottle filled with water or aloe vera juice to lightly mist the retwisted locs. This helps to set the twists and provide moisture.

FAQ About Retwist Locks

How Long Will It Take to Retwist My Locs?

Retwist locs can take two to four hours. This depends on your proficiency and hair length. Relatively speaking, it is easier to retwist short hair because it is easier to take care of.

Is it better to retwist dreads wet or dry?

In fact, it depends on personal habits. However, it is best to retwist locs after washing your hair and twist before your hair is completely dry. Twisting dry hair can cause breakage and damage.

In conclusion, retwisting locs is an important maintenance step for keeping your dreadlocks healthy and looking their best. It may seem daunting at first, but with practice and patience, the process becomes easier and quicker. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can achieve neat and well-maintained locs that will turn heads wherever you go. So why not give it a try?

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