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Zoe Kravitz Braids Are Going Viral, Check It Out!

Last updated Mar 14, 2024

As an actress, singer, and model, Zoë Kravitz has become a role model that many people love and imitate. She often appears in public with different hairstyles, such as bob hair, pixie cut, cornrows, fringes, etc. But I have to say that Zoë can easily manage any hairstyle. If you browse social media frequently, you may have noticed that Zoe Kravitz braids have become popular again on TikTok recently. This is indeed her most popular hairstyle. Let’s take a look today!

zoe kravitz box braids

What Are Zoe Kravitz Braids Called?

In fact, Zoe Kravitz Braids has been rocking for years. There are similarities between Zoe Kravitz braids and boho braids, the former is arguably a variation of the latter. Both styles typically have a relaxed, natural look. If we look at the photos of Zoe Kravitz, we will find that her hairstyle is usually half micro braids and half curls.

zoe kravitz micro braids

Is Zoe Kravitz Braids a Protective Hairstyle?

Yes. Zoe Kravitz braids are, in essence, boho braids. As one of the most common hairstyles among the black community, boho braids are an effective and ever-popular protective hairstyle. According to hairstylists, switching between braids and wigs is a great thing to do because it helps your scalp relax and prevent hair damage.

How to Do Zoe Kravitz Braids?

Below is a Zoe Kravitz boho braids video tutorial from a professional hairstylist. I have also compiled a text version of the hair braiding tutorial for your reference. If you are new to Zoe Kravitz micro braids, you can get a perfect hairstyle by hiring a professional hair braider.

◆ First, use a rat tail comb to create a mid-part hairstyle, and then part your hair from ear to ear, so that the sectioning is complete.

◆ Take a section of hair and apply the product to the scalp. Use a comb to brush the product all over the hair strands.

◆ Use the feed in technique to braid hair bundles, pulling out strands of hair during the braiding process to create boho vibes.

◆ Use edge control to create beautiful waves.

◆ Finally, style the braid with mousse and dip the end of the hair in hot water to get a pretty wave.

What Hair Does Zoe Kravitz Use for Braids?

At present, we have not found Zoë’s hairstylist who has publicly said what hair brand is used, so we can only try it ourselves. Although we can't be sure what kind of hair Zoe Kravitz used, judging from her hair texture, it must be 100% virgin hair. If you have the human hair bundles you are used to, just keep using them for Zoe Kravitz box braids, or try different brands.

Here I would like to recommend you to use UNice hair bundles. The hair bundles we produce are all made of 100% human hair. Depending on where the human hair is produced, you can choose Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair. Don't worry, for hair bundles containing weft, just cut it off with scissors.

How Long Would It Take to Do Zoe Kravitz Braids?

zoe kravitz boho braids

Usually, it takes 8-12 hours. The essence of goddess braids Zoe Kravitz is flowing and casual, and the overall look is natural. Some say the key to this hairstyle is to keep the braids from looking too perfect. It is precisely because of this "imperfection" that precise braiding skills are not required, but the specific braiding time still depends on the length and quantity of hair.

In addition, if you have enough budget, I recommend choosing human hair bundles, because the material of human hair will be smoother, while synthetic hair will be easier to tangle, affecting the braiding process.

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