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Micro Braids: Everything You Need To Know

Last updated Mar 15, 2024

When we think of braid hairstyles, we usually think of lemon braids, boxer braids, Dutch braids, and so on, but have you heard of micro braids? It's an eye-catching, long-lasting, protective hairstyle that's been an all-time favorite. If you want to learn more about micro braids hair, then you've come to the right place. Today, we will tell you what a micro braid is and how to care for it, etc., keep reading this article.

What Are Micro Braids?

micro braids

Micro braids are a popular hairstyle among black women and some men. As the name implies, micro braids hairstyles are very small, thin, delicate braids that are gently and tightly woven into the hair. It may give the illusion of not being braided at all, as the braids blend seamlessly together.

How Long Does It Take To Make Micro Braids?

Micro braids are one of the most sophisticated styles to protect. Because each braid is so small, it takes a long time to make micro braids. On average, micro braids hairstyles take 3-12 hours to complete, but sometimes it can take 1-2 days, usually depending on the length and thickness of the hair as well as the length of the extensions and the speed at which the stylist weaves.

How Long Can Micro Braids Last?

How long your micro braids will last depends on how well you maintain and care for them. Typically, micro braids hair can last from eight to twelve weeks. If you want them to last longer, then you need to provide good maintenance and care for them.

How Much Do Micro Braids Usually Cost?

You may typically need to pay anywhere from $100 to $500. Micro braids can vary in cost based on your choice of salon, your hair condition, and your desired final hair length, etc.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Micro Braids?

After learning what a micro braid is, are you wondering what are its pros and cons? Now, here are several merits and demerits of micro braids, let's take a look.

The Benefits Of Micro Braids

1. Long duration

Micro braids last longer than other braid hairstyles. While other braids last 4-6 weeks, micro braids hairstyles last 8-12 weeks. You don't have to worry about it breaking at all, but you may need to give it care and maintenance in the meantime.

2. Protective style

Micro braids are a protective style that tucks in your ends and minimizes friction on your hair, not only keeping your hair safe from harsh weather but also helping to keep your natural hair healthy.

3. Versatility

Micro braids can serve as a good base for another style. You can create a variety of styles with mini braids - from a casual updo to braided curls, from long and loose braids to one big French braid, and more.

The Drawbacks Of Micro Braids

1. Installation and removal take too long

Since micro braids are very small and thin, they can take you a lot of time to make, usually 3-12 hours, which can be annoying. In addition, removing the braids may take a little longer, which requires you to be very patient.

2. Cause hair to fall out

Micro braids put less tension on the hair than other protective hairstyles, but these micro braids can still put pressure on the hairline, damaging our scalp and hairline, which can even lead to hair breakage and fall out.

The Popular And Stylish Micro Braids For You

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of micro braids, do you want to know what are fashionable and good-looking micro braid hairstyles? Below, we will provide you with some popular and chic hairstyles, and you can choose the hairstyle that suits you best according to your preferences and style.

1. Layered micro box braids

layered micro box braids

When you saw this hairstyle for the first time, were you deeply attracted? This gorgeous style takes locket braids in a whole new direction, giving them a playful halo of multiple layers that creates the lovely look of feathers flipping inward, which is just as flattering and appealing as it gets.

2. Cute updo with micro braids

Cute updo with micro braids

You're particularly fond of updos, aren't you? Then you can't go wrong with this cute updo with micro braids. Micro braids styles are stylish and appealing, while updos are comfortable and fun, and these two together make a particularly good choice. If you are interested in this hairstyle, then you can turn your hair into micro braids first and then make it into a crown bun.

3. Stunning curly micro braids

curly micro braids

If you like curly hair, then these stunning curly micro braids will be your favorite. These curly micro braids are lightweight, and tension-free and help lock in moisture and protect your hair from any breakage. In addition, micro braids and curls are very stylish and popular together and are sure to make you a bright star in the crowd. If you are already attracted to this hairstyle, then give it a try.

4. Micro bob braids

Micro bob braids

Who says long hair is the only way to have a micro braid hairstyle, short hair can of course also have a micro braid hairstyle. If you have short hair and are looking for the right braids hairstyle, then you should try micro bob braids. You can choose two colors of hair extensions and braid your hair into micro braids and after that cut the micro braids hair into a bob hairstyle with bangs and you will have a fantastic hairstyle.

5. Micro braids ponytail

micro braids ponytail

You want to combine micro braids and ponytails, right? That's certainly possible. When you design these braids into a sleek high ponytail, the micro braids hairstyle becomes super stylish and gives people the impression that you are competent, airy, and spontaneous, perfect for working women. You can also wear these micro braids hair a low ponytail if you want to maintain a relaxed look throughout the day.


After reading this article, do you have a good understanding of micro braids? Have you picked out your favorite micro braid hairstyle? Hurry up and start your journey to a new hairstyle. Of course, if you have other good-looking micro braid hairstyles, you can share them with us in the comment section.

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