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Vanilla Blonde Hair Color Trend Is Taking Over Social Media

Last updated May 13, 2024

Vanilla blonde hair is the latest hairstyle to go viral on social media and is becoming more and more fashionable. This mild, creamy color combines the brightness of blonde with the richness of vanilla to create a gorgeous, adaptable hair color that is taking the beauty industry by storm. Beauty mavens and celebrities alike seem to be catching on to this lovely hair color to add a subtle yet elegant touch to their locks. Join me today as I explore the reasons for the growing popularity of vanilla blonde hair color. If you're looking to stand out and update your image online, then head on over and don't swipe away.

Vanilla Blonde Hair

What Is Vanilla Blonde Hair?

When the word vanilla is mentioned, everyone may have a slightly different image of hair color in their mind. In my personal definition, vanilla cream blonde hair is a light blonde shade with a soft, creamy tone. To give you a better idea, I've attached some hair color pictures for reference.

Who's up for a Vanilla Blonde Hair?

Vanilla Blonde Hair color

Vanilla blonde hair suits all skin tones and eye colors as it can be toned down to different shades. For people with fair skin tones, you can boost the cooler tones of vanilla cream blonde hair which will highlight their features well. And for those with warm skin tones, you can add the warmer tones in vanilla blonde hair shades to help balance out your skin tone and create a softer, more harmonious look. If you're not sure which skin tone you have (cooler, neutral, or warmer), head to the salon and consult a professional hairdresser for advice.

6 Marvelous Vanilla Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Elevate Your Look

The vanilla blonde hair can be blended into different hair colors with different formulas. I have shown some photos below for your reference and you can take the photos directly to the salon.

Champagne Vanilla Blonde Hair

Champagne Vanilla Blonde Hair

Creamy Vanilla Blonde Hair

Creamy Vanilla Blonde Hair

Light Vanilla Blonde Hair

Light Vanilla Blonde Hair

Warm Vanilla Blonde Hair

Warm Vanilla Blonde Hair

Vanilla Almond Blonde Hair Color

Vanilla Almond Blonde Hair Color

Vanilla Blonde Hair Balayage

Vanilla Blonde Hair Balayage

How to Take Care of Vanilla Blonde Hair?

I've put together some advice for you to take care of your hair color below, which applies to both vanilla blonde and other light-colored hair.

Use Hair Care Products Without Sulfates

It is recommended to use gentle shampoos following hair coloring. The smooth and glossy color of your hair is preserved by these mild solutions that cleanse your hair without depriving it of its natural oils.

Don't Wash Too Much

If you frequently color your hair, you'll probably notice that the color fades slightly with each shampoo. I advise you to wash your hair less frequently so that the exquisite vanilla cream golden color really shines through.

Regular Deep Conditioning

Enjoy an opulent deep-conditioning treatment for your vanilla blonde hair. In addition to hydrating and nourishing your hair, weekly deep conditioning treatments also help maintain its health and vibrancy.

Prevent Heat Damage

Consider using a heat protection spray to shield your fine vanilla blonde hair color from the heat styling equipment's irritation. By taking one easy action, you can protect your hair from damage and maintain the best-looking color.


All in all, vanilla blonde hair is a great hair color to try out, even darker naturally occurring growths won't look out of place because dark root hairstyle is in trend right now, isn't it? I can't wait to see you guys styling your vanilla blonde hair.

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