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A Full Guide on the Super Popular Dark Root Hair

Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Are you one of the women who don’t dare to change their image dramatically or are fed up with regular hair appointments? There is a low-maintenance hair trend in autumn and winter - dark roots. Today we will tell something about the most popular dark roots hair.

First of all, let us learn what dark roots are.

What Are Dark Roots?

Dark root, sometimes called shadow roots, is a coloring technique that gives the hair a ‘vintage’ look by creating depth at the root and maintaining lightness throughout the mid-lengths and ends. Essentially, it is being achieved by stretching the dye from the roots to the ends, creating a gradient from dark tones to lighter ones. You get a delicate contrast by using a slightly deeper shade at the roots, creating the illusion of a soft regrowth or adding some dimension and depth. If you prefer a slightly lived-in look, you can't go wrong with dark roots.

More importantly, it is a budget-friendly yet totally awesome hair dyeing trend and also welcomed by many celebrities, such as Ashley Benson, Diane Kruger, Kristen Stewart, and so on. Now it’s time to put an end to the endless touch-ups and save your time and money without compromising your mane!

Benefits of Shadow Roots

To be honest, this coloring technique should be brought into your dye routine since dark roots have a large number of advantages you cannot imagine.

– add lightness, depth, and volume to the hair;

– promote healthier hair grow out without having to dye it regularly;

– provide a low-maintenance hairstyle requiring no regular dyeing for up to three months;

– encourage experimentation with various colors and styles (purple, blue, or even rainbow roots);

– suitability for any hair length;

– give fresh vibes and naturalness to your image;

– keep time and spending to a minimum to achieve a well-groomed look;

Dark Root Hair Color Ideas

1. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots


Blonde hair dark roots are one of the coolest and low-maintenance coloring techniques around at the moment, which can allow natural brunette roots to blend in with blonde hair tones and also give an effortlessly cool vibe.

Furthermore, the dark roots with blonde hair create a cool contrast between black roots and blonde hair and add dimension. With blonde with dark roots, you can easily solve the issue of what to do when you have dark roots and take less care of blonde hair.

2. Icy Blonde Balayage With Dark Roots


There is no doubt that the matching of dark roots and light hair creates a cool but not harsh contrast. If you have icy blonde hair, please avoid having jet black roots. Compared to black roots, darker brown roots can smoothly blend into icy blonde hair.

3. Short Silver Hair With Dark Roots


As we all know, sliver short hairstyles are many, and surely most of them are extremely trendy these days. However, if you are looking for a dramatic cut upgraded with a not less dramatic dying technique, then we have the short silver hair with dark roots special in store for you. The short silver bob combined with dark roots is exactly the cut to stand out in the crowd no matter where you are headed. What is more, it will suit all the events you are headed to from the official meeting to the informal party. Try it out, and you will not regret it.

4. Platinum Blonde With Dark Roots


If you are looking for a style that has all the perks of platinum blonde hair but doesn’t want to go all white, platinum blonde hair with dark roots will be a great option for you. It is an elegant yet edgy combination of black and silver platinum. Thanks to the contrast, your hair gets a natural look, as well as liveliness, which will make you the center of attention!

For wig lovers, you can choose a 613 blonde full lace wig to complete a similar look. After all, the blonde full lace wig is made of 100% virgin human hair so that it can be colored, dyed, straightened, and curled according to your need. With it, you can try various hairstyles, such as braids, high ponytails, buns, and so on.

If you don't have enough budget, it is a good choice for you to opt for some 613 blonde human hair weaves

5. Ash Blonde Balayage Dark Roots


Light ash blonde is the top color of this two-tonal look with a darker base. And beautiful beach waves create fullness and fabulous texture are not just great for the warmer months of the year. In fact, perfect ash blonde balayage dark roots are so flattering that they look good year-round.

6. Pink Hair Dark Roots


Think of the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen! What beautiful it is! Why not consider picturing it in your hair? Imagine those gorgeous dark roots blend seamlessly into sensuous pink hair, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

7. Red Hair With Dark Roots


If you always thought you were someone who couldn’t pull off red hair, this shadow root style will definitely change your mind. The red hair dark roots won’t overpower your look but it still makes a statement that can express your attitude and character.

8. Grey Hair With Dark Roots


It’s a look that’s equal parts edgy and pretty and complements literally every skin tone and hair texture.

9. Honey Blonde Hair With Dark Roots


The contrasting shadow root adds so much dimension and shines to this honey-blonde hair color. To avoid brass, make sure you're lathering up with a purple shampoo every couple of washes. After all, purple shampoo is spiked with color-depositing pigments that help tone your hair as you cleanse.

Or you can try this balayage highlight V part wig. Compared to other types of wigs, this curly V part wig doesn't need to cut the excess lace and use gel. What convenient it is!


1. How Long Do Shadow Roots Last?

The best thing about shadow roots is that you don’t need to head back to the salon for constant touch-ups. As always, the maintenance will vary depending on your desired look—as well as your natural hair color, texture, porosity, and at-home care routine. But generally, the dark roots will last until you go in for your next dyeing service. It means you can wait as little or as long as you want. Of course, you must make sure you’re using safe shampoo and heat protectant during this period to keep your hair color looking as fresh as possible.

2. How Much Does a Shadow Root Cost?

Although dark roots style is extremely low-maintenance and you just need to visit the hairstylist once every three months, enhancing your dark roots can cost from $150 to $200. The price will depend on the place of service, the skill of the hairstylist, how much the dye used will take, the number of colors used, and the charges of the salon.

The good news is this style can usually last for a while, which means you won’t need to regularly go to the salon. once you figure out the shape and color, this style is also relatively easy to top up at home. We recommend investing in good shampoo and toner that is aimed at maintaining hair color.

3. Shadow Root vs Balayage

Balayage and dark roots may appear similar, especially on shoulder-length hair. However, these two techniques are diametrically opposed. For instance, balayage mainly lightens the lower part of your hair, or some of its parts, such as face-framing highlights, while shadow root makes the roots darker.

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