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Dreamy Icy Blue Hair Brightens Up Your Everyday Look

Last updated Jan 14, 2024

Icy blue hair is a dreamy, unconventional hair color that's taking the internet by storm. Ice blue usually gives people a dreamy, cold feeling. If you want to break through the style, light-colored icy blue hair is the best choice to increase the chance of turning heads. This season, let cool icy blue hair color brighten up your daily life!

icy blue hair

What Is Icy Blue Hair?

Icy blue hair generally refers to light blue hair colors with cool undertones, giving a frosty or "icy" appearance. This is a popular hair color trend that can be achieved with various dyeing techniques. However, this hair color is more suitable for lighter hair, and if you have dark hair, it is more recommended to bleach it beforehand. Specific hair dyeing advice and guidance will be mentioned later.

Pick Your Favorite Gorgeous Icy Blue Hair Colors

Icy blue has a dreamy, noble, and mysterious atmosphere, which can add a different temperament to personal style. You can also get creative and mix in richer colors based on ice blue. Here are some of the more popular icy blue hair dye ideas.

Silver Icy Blue Hair

Adding silver tones to a light blue will make you look like a fairy in the snow, making it a great hair color that fits the winter vibe.

silver icy blue hair

Icy Blue Blonde Hair with Blue Highlights

You can use different blue tones to create layered ice blue highlights. This hair color is as charming as the different shades of seawater.

Hair with Blue Highlights

Short Icy Blue Hair

Don’t worry if you have short hair. Trust me, short hair looks great on ice blue hair too. The collision of dreamy colors and short hair adds an avant-garde and bold sense of fashion.

Short Icy Blue Hair

Icy Blue Blue Grey Hair

This color adds a gray tone, which makes it look cooler and more distant than ice blue.

Blue Grey Hair

Icy Blue Blue Ombre Hair

This hair color is very maneuverable. You can choose blue, pink, purple, and other favorite colors for ombre hair color, and the silky transition creates a dreamy color.

Blue Ombre Hair

Icy Blue Pastel Blue Hair

The overall color tone is a soft light blue, which together with the delicate ice blue creates a magical look.

Icy Blue Pastel Blue Hair

Dark Icy Blue Hair

Adding strong dark elements to the ice blue trend, dark blue is more suitable for creating a sexy style.

Dark Icy Blue Hair

How to Get Icy Blue Hair by Yourself?

Here I give you two tips for getting blue icy hair. You can choose to dye a wig to try an icy blue style or dye your ice blue hair color at home.

DIY Icy Blue Hair Wig at Home

If you are worried about the unsatisfactory effect of dyeing your natural hair into an ice blue hair color, you can try dyeing a wig. In the video below, this beauty uses UNice 13x4 lace frontal 613 blonde wig and dyes it into an ice blue wig. You can refer to the hair dyeing methods and products in the video to get your favorite icy blue hair wig.

Icy Blue Hair Dye Tips

If you plan to dye icy blue color yourself at home, please prepare your favorite hair dye or learn the hair dye recipe shared by others online. In addition to this, you will need the following tools: a bowl, brush, gloves, hair clips, an old T-shirt, or a hair cape.

icy blue hair dye

◆ I recommend not washing your hair before dyeing it to make sure it is dry.

◆ Wearing protective gloves, pour the hair dye into a bowl and mix according to the instructions.

◆ Divide your hair into sections and secure the rest with clips. This makes it easier to apply hair dye.

◆ Starting from the roots, use a brush to apply hair dye evenly to the ends. Make sure every strand is coated and massage gently with your fingers to promote an even distribution of color.

◆ Leave the icy blue hair dye on your hair for the recommended length of time. Usually 30-45 minutes, but if you want a more intense color, you can extend the time to 1-2 hours.

◆ During hair dyeing, you can choose to use a heating cap or hair dryer to heat your hair to improve the hair dyeing effect. But make sure the temperature is moderate and don't overheat.

◆ When the time is up, rinse your head thoroughly with cold or warm water. Please note that darker colors may require multiple rinses to remove completely.

◆ Finally, you can choose to use a color-fixing conditioner to nourish and protect your color-treated hair.

Here you can learn the detailed steps of how to colore your hair at home.

FAQs About Icy Blue Hair

What skin tone does icy blonde look good on?

Ice blue is a standout color that complements all skin tones. This cool tone helps to enhance features and make them appear more prominent.

How long does icy blonde hair last?

Generally speaking, ice blue hair may last between 3 to 6 weeks. If you want to maintain your hair color, please use color-fixing products for maintenance and perform regular color touch-ups.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try! UNice believes that "You cannot be defined, and neither should your style". Now it is your sign to try icy blue hair.

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