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Sunset Glow: Mastering the Copper Blonde Hair Trend

Last updated Mar 25, 2024

This winter is all about warm copper blonde hair. This year we see that dark copper tones are heating up, and with the popularity of blonde hair, a new trend has emerged this year, which is copper blonde hair. If you are considering changing your hair color, please read this article.

Copper blonde hair

What Is Copper Blonde Hair Color?

Copper blonde hair color is copper-colored hair with a brighter tone. It adds brightness to the hair with copper tones, creating a warm and eye-catching look. This color includes both solid copper and bright gold. Compared with ordinary blonde hair, this hair color can reflect a soft and subtle copper-red color.

Copper blonde curly Hair

How To Get Copper Blonde Hair?

If you want to dye this copper and blonde hair, I suggest you bleach your hair to a light color first. If your hair is already light, you can skip this step. Specific steps are as follows:

Bleaching: Choose an ideal hair bleach to lighten your original hair color to a brighter and bolder base color.

Hair dye: Use your favorite hair dye and follow the instructions. You can highlight or evenly dye according to your ideas.

Color fixation: It is best not to wash your hair for two to three days after dyeing. After that, you can wash your hair two or three times a week and use a color-fixing shampoo to maintain the hair color.

Here is a hair dyeing video for your reference, showing copper hair with blonde highlights.

5 Chic Copper Blonde Hair Styles For You

Blonde copper hair color is a beautiful and vibrant shade that adds warmth and dimension to your hairstyle. Here are some recommendations for matching copper blonde hairstyles:

Beach Wave

Use a curling iron or braid damp hair overnight to create loose, tousled waves. This effortless style pairs perfectly with light copper blonde hair, enhancing its natural shine and highlighting the multi-dimensional tone.

Bob Or Lob

You can also choose a chic and modern lob or bob hairstyle. Sleek cuts are combined with a warm coppery gold color to create a sleek and bold look.

Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair is a timeless classic hairstyle, and the styles of this hairstyle are also varied. Opting for this straight hair stylish look gives you a more glamorous appearance.

Long Straight copper blonde Hair

Balayage Copper Blonde Hair

Opt for the balayage technique to hand-blend color into the hair for a natural, sun-kissed look. Ask your hairstylist to incorporate copper, blonde, and caramel tones into your blonde hair. The balayage technique will add depth and dimension to your copper blonde balayage hair, giving it a beautiful, authentic look.

Balayage Copper Blonde Hair

Copper Blonde Omber Style

Consider an ombre style, which gradually transitions from dark roots to lighter ends. Start with a darker copper color at the roots and gradually blend it into a lighter blonde towards the ends. The ombre effect will create a dramatic contrast and showcase the rich copper tones in the hair.

Copper Blonde Omber hair

Copper Hair With Blonde Money Pieces

For a stylish and modern hairstyle, consider the glamor of copper red hair with a blonde money piece. This is an ideal choice for those who want to add brightness around the face while maintaining a rich copper color as their base color.

Copper Hair With Blonde Money Pieces

If you are still confused about which hairstyle to choose, you can consult a professional hairstylist. They can evaluate your hair type and face shape to determine the best hairstyle for you and your copper blonde hair.

What Skin Tone Looks Good With Copper Hair?

When choosing a hair color, everyone wants it to match their skin tone. Fortunately, medium copper blonde hair can suit all skin tones. Meanwhile, copper hair with blonde is a great choice whether you have straight or curly hair. For straight hair, copper blonde can add volume and create a stunning layered look. For curly hair, it can also highlight the structure of the curls and add luster to the curls.

blonde copper hair

How To Care For Copper Blonde Hair?

Here are some tips for keeping your blonde copper hair vibrant:

Choose A Color-Fixing Shampoo And Conditioner

It is best to use professional hair care products after dyeing your hair. The ingredients of this product can ensure that the dyed hair color stays longer and will not fade quickly.

Pay Attention To Hair Sun Protection

Heat can exacerbate fading, and the same goes for dyed hair. I recommend choosing hair care products with UV protection. And when the weather is sunny, choose to wear a hat when traveling.

Add Moisture To Hair

Hair dyeing may damage our hair to a certain extent, especially if it is already dry. Therefore, I recommend using a hair mask or hair oil to keep your hair moisturized.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

It is best to pay attention to whether the hair has split ends or breakage. If this is the case, you can develop a regular hair styling habit to keep your hair healthy and prevent frizzy hair.

This stunning shade will give your hair a sunset glow. It's about embracing warm, vibrant colors that reflect your personality and style. Are you ready to experience a blast of dazzling copper blonde hair this winter?

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