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Honey Blonde Wig Recommendation - New Hair Color Trends In 2024

Last updated Jan 24, 2024

Honey blonde wig has always been a popular choice among wigs. According to the latest fashion forecasts, the popular colors in 2024 will be warm. The Barbie wave has hit the scene in the past few months, and bright blonde hair has had quite a renaissance. And now that winter is here, warm-toned hair colors are becoming mainstream.

Observing the makeup looks of several celebrities, we found that honey blonde hair appears more frequently. Now please let me introduce to you the popular honey blonde hair color in 2024. You can buy related wigs below.

honey blonde wig

Honey Blonde Hair Becomes Celebrity Choice

Fashion and trends are constantly changing, however, some styles are timeless and one of those styles is honey blonde hair. The popularity of this glamorous hair color is partly due to the influence of celebrities like Beyoncé. One of her most iconic looks is the honey blond wig. Moreover, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Keke Palmer have revealed their honey-blonde hair colors to the public recently.

Beyoncé in honey blonde hair

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Honey blonde hair color has become a fashion statement. However, for people with dark hair, dyeing their hair blonde requires a lot of time and energy and can even damage the hair. Therefore, choosing to buy a honey blonde wig is a very good choice.

celebrities with honey blonde hair

Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Highly Recommend Honey Blonde Wigs For You

UNice has many styles of honey blonde glueless wigs for sale. You can choose according to the lace area, wig texture, wig length, etc. Here, I will recommend you several of UNice’s most popular honey blonde human hair wigs.


UNice Wear Go 6x4.5 Honey Blonde Highlights Body Wave Wig

This honey blonde wig is our popular wear and go style. Its biggest feature is that it is easy to install and does not need to be fixed with glue or spray. It is very suitable for novices.

◆ Lace area optional: 6x4.5 transparent lace

◆ Hair length: 16-24 inches

◆ Density: 150%

◆ No baby hair/With baby hair


UNice Straight Honey Blonde Lace Front Wigs

This is a very classic law enforcement look with a pre-plucked hairline to create natural baby hair.

◆ Lace area optional: 4x0.75, 13x4, 6x4.5

◆ Hair length: 16-24 inches

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Pre-plucked baby hair


UNice Honey Blonde Highlights Wig Body Wave Lace Front

This wig is a natural body wave type and has received rave reviews. Highlights are technically used to make the look more fashionable.

◆ Lace area optional: 13x4, 6x4.5

◆ Hair length: 14-28 inches

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Pre-plucked baby hair


UNice Money Piece Highlight Honey Blonde Curly Wig

This is a more classic curly honey blonde wig. The difference is that the money piece style is technically used to make the hairstyle more layered.

◆ Lace area optional: 13x4, 6x4.5

◆ Hair length: 14-28 inches

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Pre-plucked hairline


UNice T part Lace Part Straight Hair Wigs

This is a T part lace wig. The overall style is long straight honey blonde hair. You can DIY it into curly hair for a variety of styles.

◆ Lace area optional: 4x0.75 T part lace

◆ Hair length: 16-24 inches

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Pre-plucked hairline

Beginner Friendly Wear And Go Honey Blonde Wig Installation

The honey blonde wig on dark skin is very charming. In the video below, the celebrity Trophie shows the quick installation of the wear-and-go wig and her final effect. If you are interested, come and take a look!

What Are The Advantages Of Honey Blonde Wig

Honey blonde wigs are an excellent choice for those who want to achieve a natural and elegant look. So, what are its main advantages?

unice honey blonde wig

Suitable For Many Skin Tones

Honey Blonde is natural in color, looks real, and has a light hue that suits all skin tones.

Suitable For Various Occasions

There are many options for Honey blonde ombre wigs, which can be matched according to different occasions and outfits.

Add Temperament

Honey blonde frontal wigs evoke feelings of luxury, sophistication, and femininity, adding radiance to the wearer.

Strong Operability

Long honey blonde wigs can be used to create complex hairstyles, buns, and creativity.

How to Maintain Color of Honey Blonde Wig

UNice's wigs are all made of high-quality 100% human hair and can be worn for more than a year if properly stored. Below, I will give you reasonable suggestions to help you effectively protect your honey blonde wig human hair.

honey blonde wig care

Handle Gently

Whether wearing or storing, be gentle. This prevents strands from tangling, falling out, and potential damage to the lace.

Regular Inspection

Use a wide-tooth comb or a professional wig brush to comb your wig hair, and check your wig regularly for signs of breakage.

Wash with Mild Shampoo

Use professional and mild cleaning products when washing wigs, and clean regularly, not too frequently.

Save Carefully

Store wigs on wig racks away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Professional Maintenance

You can seek help from a professional wig stylist for care and styling.

Whether you want to change your appearance or attend an event, UNice's honey blonde wig can help you achieve the desired results. If you feel attracted to it, buy a honey blonde wig now and you will become the shining heroine of your life.

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