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V Part Wig VS Lace Front Wig, Which One Is Better For You

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Recently a new kind of wig known as a V part wig has emerged in the market and instantly became the hot-selling product of the market. In this case, it is tricky to choose between a V part wig and a lace front wig since they offer the same benefits: a beautiful, more natural look, versatile styles, etc. In this article, we are going to do a comparison between V part wigs and lace front wigs to help you make the right choice when you want to buy one.

What You Will Learn From This Article:

1. What Is A V Part Wig?

2. The Pro and Cons Of V Part Wig

3. What Is Lace Front Wig?

4. The Pro and Cons Of Lace Front Wig

5. V Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs

6. Which One Is Better, V Part Wig Or Lace Front Wig?

What Is A V Part Wig?

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A V part wig is a modified half wig with a v-shaped opening on the top and is also called a V-shape human hair wig. You can also interpret the V part wig human hair as a wig sewn on a v-part wig cap. You can blend your own hair through the v-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline.

The Pro and Cons Of V Part Wig


1. The V part wig no leave out can allow you to wear your own scalp with no leave out or just small strands left out according to your need, thus creating a more natural look;

2. You also can freely make a side part or middle part according to your preference. And you also can add some accessories to try different styles, such as headbands, clips, and so on;

3. You can put it on and take it off every day easily and quickly and let your scalp have a break at night;

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4. V part wig near me can help you hide some hair problems and add some volume and length to your hair directly and quickly, thus giving you a new look;

5. Compared to a lace wig, the V part human hair wig is more affordable because of the machine-made construction;

6. V part wig straight is friendly for beginners who haven’t tried human hair wigs before and these people who have sensitive skin or are allergic to glue;

7. As a good protective hairstyle for natural hair, the best V part wig can promote the growth of your natural hair.


1. V part wig kinky straight is not suitable for those people who have thin or bald hair. After all, their natural hair may not completely cover the v-shaped opening, thus making it easy to see that you wear a wig;

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2. V part wig kinky curly can only be worn for a short period of time. You have to remove them daily before sleeping or taking a shower;

3. Clips and combs required to attach the kinky straight V part wig make those with sensitive scalps feel uncomfortable.

What Is Lace Front Wig?

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A lace front wig is a wig whose hair is individually hand-tied into a thin, nearly invisible lace material at the front hairline. It can create a very natural-looking hairline that can give you the illusion that the hairs are growing right from the scalp.

The Pro and Cons Of Lace Front Wig


1. Lace front wig human hair is almost invisible to the naked eye when put on your head unless one takes a really close look. Therefore, it’s often difficult for people to tell that you’re wearing a wig at all.; 

2. You can part your hair anywhere you want and style it however you choose according to your need, without the worry of exposing your wig wefts;

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3. Its lace is so sheer that it can allow your scalp to be freely breathable, especially with long-term use. Even though in hot summer, don’t make feel too sweaty;

4. Lace fronral wig is lighter, more comfortable than regular wigs because of its extremely lightweight lace materical.


1. Compared with other wigs in the market, lace front wigs blonde are more expensive due to the use of lace;

2. 13×4 lace front wig may lead to skin irritation, your hairline severely damaged, or your edges breake off;

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3. In order to prolong the life span of your lace frontal wig 13×6, you must spend more time and energy maintaining them for a more natural look;

4. The lace is too fragile and delicate to easily damage, thus leading to hair falling and the hairline appearing stiff and rigid (not a good look).

V Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs

1. Installation

The major difference between the human hair V part wig and lace front wig is how they are installed.

For body wave V part wig, you don’t need to wear a stocking cap and only need to braid all your own hair and reserve some hair needed for the v-shaped opening on the top according to your preference, then insert the clip and adjustable straps on the wig into the gap of the braided hair, and then blend the natural hair with the v-shaped opening.

During the process, you don’t need to use any sort of adhesive or lace. What so convenient and simple it is!

Contrarily, when putting on a lace front wig, you need to cut the extra lace and use glue or adhesive to secure your wig.

Not mention to the short V part wig can be easily taken off every day.

2. Price

Generally, curly lace front wigs are more expensive than curly V part wigs. Even if both of them are made of 100% virgin human hair, the V part wigs curly will be a more affordable choice.

3. Lace Area

There is no lace on the V part wig bob, but the lace front wig has lace in the front.


4. The Construction Of Wig Cap

Curly V part wig cap has machine-made construction, while the construction of the lace front human hair wig cap is hand-tied.

5. The Shape Of Opening

The ombre V part wig has a v-shape opening, but the lace front wig cheap doesn’t.


6. Leave Out

lace front wig curly mimics a real hairline and keeps your natural hair completely covered. On the contrary, a V part wig with leave out can allow you to wear your own scalp with just small strands left out, thus giving you a natural-looking hairline.

Which One Is Better, V Part Wig Or Lace Front Wig?

Actually, as you can see, both of them have their pros and cons. You can choose which to buy according to your preference. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice the next time you're in the market for a new wig.

1. If you are a beginner, we suggest you choose a V part wig body wave rather than a lace front wig body wave. After all, blonde lace front wig requires more time and expertise;

2. If you have enough budget, a ginger lace front wig is a great option;

3. If you have thin or bald hair, a lace front wig is better for you. The V part wigs straight are not suitable for people who have thin or bald hair as your natural hair may not completely cover the v-shaped opening, thus making it easy to see that you wear a wig. While a lace front human hair wig can completely cover your natural hair to create a flawless look.

4. If you tend to take off your wig and allow your natural hair and scalp every night, nothing is better to opt for a V part wig blonde.

Of course, all is up to you. UNice provides all kinds of high-quality lace front wigs and V part wigs for sale. All are made of 100% virgin human hair and can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.

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