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UNice V Part Wigs Let Your Scalp Breathe Free in Summer

Last updated May 22, 2024

As the summer heat cranks up, keeping cool and stylish is key! Are you complaining that it becomes stuffy and sweaty to wear a wig in the summer? And guess what's been my go-to secret weapon? V-part wigs! These babies not only save me from melting in the sun but also make me look fabulous while doing it. So, let's dive into some customer reviews and see why V-part wigs are the ultimate summer must-have!

My V Part Wig Review, Thanks to UNice Hair!

unice curly wig bouncy wig

Hey y'all. UNice's V part wig is one of their signature lines, and my first UNice purchase was a curly V part wig, which is great for wig newbies. Those clips are easy to use and secure, and I love how they leak out of my own scalp when I wear them. And the quality? Top-notch, sis. Ain't gotta worry 'bout it shedding or tangling up on me. UNice got me feeling fierce and confident every single day, and I ain't looking back! If you want to slay hair that's gonna have you feeling like a queen, UNice V part wigs are where it's at, no doubt!

Best-selling UNice V Part Wigs


UNice V Part Kinky Curly Wig


This V part wig is very comfortable and easily installed and it is very thick and the hair feels very natural and soft.


This hair is really soft and it gives you a natural look too.


I absolutely love this wig! It was my first V-Part wig and it was so easy to install. I simply twisted my hair underneath and was able to clip it on. Simply put, I would recommend this to any beginner!


UNice 2 in 1 Dry Straight & Wet Deep Wave V Part Wigs


It's really good quality and it's nice and full. The only thing is I have a small head so of course it's a bit too big but other than that it's phenomenal.


Super soft and voluminous hair. It's very versatile and easy to blend in with natural hair. I bought 24 inches and it is the length that I want.


I love this unit. When I got it, I didn't realize it was a 2 in 1 and came straight. I only wanted the wet and wavy look so that's how I've been wearing it. Super cute.


UNice V Part Kinky Straight Wig


Blends in perfectly with my natural hair. Haven't noticed much shedding. Highly recommend.


My favorite wig! The absolute best hair hair/wig I own! It matches my hair texture perfectly! It's so soft and easy to manage. I can Wet it and go or just simply brush my hair into it and go.


BUY IT NOW!! Very easy to install and looks natural. Wore this baby to my 46th birthday brunch and it GAVE! Easy to install. I straightened and trimmed the hair myself! Best purchase ever!


UNice V Part Bob Straight Wig


This v-part was one of the best hair purchases I have ever made! I love my hair so much! I'm not that great with doing hair but I was able to easily install this and blend it with my natural hair.


Absolutely love, love, love this wig. This is so close to my natural hair!


I love this bob. Its soo beautiful, perfect as described. I installed it and no shedding, the quality is AMAZING. I cant wait to purchase another wig. I love this.


UNice V Part Body Wave Wig


I loved this wig then and still love it now a year later. I'm all smiles with this one.


The hair quality from root to ends is superb. Excellent small cap construction, including band, combs and clips. Best v-part unit ever !!!


This V-part unit is so good! It blended seamlessly with my natural hair, it's so soft and doesn't tangle easily. It's so easy to install because you literally just have to clip it in.

Why Should You Try Unice V Part Wig?

Realistic Installation

v part wig

UNice has the U part wig, based on which it has also innovated the V part wig. the latter is more convenient in styling as it can do leave-out or non leave-out hair parting, whether you want to leave out your natural hair today or not, UNice's V part wig can help you do it.

Easy to Style

We have a 2-in-1 wig that is perfect for hair transformation, with sleek straight when dry and deep wave texture when wet. v part wigs are available in a variety of textures to match different styles.

Customizable Parting

unice v part hair wig

Despite having a predefined v part, UNice v part wigs are still versatile. You can further customize the parting to your liking, whether it's a center parting, a side parting, or a zigzag parting, the styling possibilities are endless.

Seamless Integration

The V-parting design integrates seamlessly with your natural hairline, creating a smooth transition between your own hair and the wig. This ensures flawless, undetectable integration, even in close-up or HD environments.

Comfortable to Wear

unice v part

UNice V partial wigs are made from lightweight, breathable materials to ensure all-day comfort. Especially on hot summer days, wear it leave-out to avoid sweltering on the top of your head. And when installing the wig, you can simply fasten it with a strap belt and clips and go out easily.

Long Service Life

UNice V wigs are made of high-quality real hair and professional craftsmanship, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to tangling and shedding. With proper care, they will maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time.


UNice has received tens of thousands of favorites and support since its establishment. If you haven't tried a V-parting wig yet, you're welcome to do so. Let the UNice V part wig give you a new look!

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