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UNice Curly Afro Hair Wig Reveals Natural Charm, Can't-Wait to Try

Last updated Feb 26, 2024

Bouncy and voluminous curly afro hair is simply stunning, don't you agree? I love when girls share the moments they enjoy their afro curly hair. However, taming your natural hair is not easy, and maintaining perfect curls for a long time always requires a lot of energy and time. So, come on, pick your favorite UNice curly Afro wig and enjoy looking radiant yourself effortlessly.

curly afro hair wig reddish brown

Recommend UNice Curly Afro Hair Wigs

UNice Bye Bye Knots Wig 7x5 Lace Honey Blonde Jerry Curly Wig 150% Density

The biggest feature of UNice bye bye knots curly wig is the pre-bleached knots, which are natural and easy to wear, and the 7x5 lace area is suitable for a variety of styles. The color of this wig is paired with the most popular honey blonde and outstanding highlights, making it a must-have for attracting attention.

O***D 2024/02/16

I love the color and the curls. So soft and of nice quality.

D***T 2024/02/14

It's soft already plucked pre-cut, length is perfect! No smell! This looks like my real hair but better and flatter.

UNice Beginner Friendly Natural Scalp V Part Curly Afro Wig Human Hair

V part wigs are very suitable for novices. They don’t need to use any glue or gel. You can choose the leave-out or non leave-out wearing method and the wig will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

M***** 2024/02/21

I Love the hair. It is very soft, very manageable, and easy to blend. I would recommend washing the hair first because of the smell. overall I love it!

A***A 2024/02/15

I love this hair! great quality this unit will definitely last a few years with proper maintenance I have 22 inches %200 density and I used the no leave-out crotchet method

UNice Put On And Go Lace Closure Reddish Brown Curly Air Wig

This Put On And Go wig is available in three lace areas: 6x4.5, 7x5, and 13x4. The main purpose is to be simple to wear, just like its name, just put it on and go, but it is very safe and secure.

D***** 2024/01/17

I love it!! It's AMAZING. I purchased this hair and it is perfect!!

N***** 2023/12/28

Very soft and pretty, beginner at wearing wigs I love the texture and will definitely be ordering more.

UNice 13x4 Pre-Cut Lace Front Super Secure Kinky Curly Wig Pre-Everything Wig

Its large 13x4 lace area is more stable, highly breathable, and has a large styling space, and the color gives the most natural hairstyle effect. Pre-everything wig is our latest series, this wig further simplifies the wig wearing steps, enhancing the authenticity and natural feeling.

W***D 2024/01/19

Woooo, this hair is really soft, shiny and bouncy. And it is really like the natural hair. Love it.

T**A 2024/01/16

I Love the curls and it is really pre-everything. So convenient.

How To Take Care Of Curly Afro Hair Wig?

Curly afro hair requires careful care, and so do wigs. When you learn to take care of your curly hair, you can keep your hair in neat and bouncy curls without looking frizzy and dry. In addition, afro curly wig can also extend its service life to a certain extent. Here are some care tips.

◆ Use shampoo and conditioner to wash or co-wash the wig to be worn. Whether it's new or existing, this is the best way to wake up your wig.

◆ If time is limited, you can also use a watering bottle to keep your afro wigs moist. This can help maintain a better shape.

◆ While the wig is wet, use a brush to smooth out the hair to avoid tangles.

◆ Apply gel or mousse to style, and curl each strand of hair with your fingers to create more beautiful and neat curls.

◆ After styling, wait for air drying or use a diffuser to blow dry the wig. You can then create a sophisticated hairstyle.

Why Afro Kinky Curly Hair Wigs Are A Must-have?

honey blonde curly afro hair wig

Achieve A Natural Look

The UNice Afro Curly Wig is made from 100% human hair and reveals natural type 3 and type 4 curly afro hair. The wig can blend seamlessly with your natural hair, which is perfect for those who prefer the texture of their natural hair.

Multiple Choice

We have a variety of wig series and you can find pretty afro curly wigs in various colors and lengths on our website. The advantage is that you can freely change your style without having to spend a lot of money to see a hairdresser.

Save Time

If you don't want to spend much time doing your hair the night before a big day out, our bye-bye knots wigs or pre-everything wigs are good for you. These wigs are pre-plucked and pre-bleached for a glue-free installation, saving a lot of time and effort.

Protect Natural Hair

Wearing a wig can help protect your natural hair from damage caused by styling tools, chemicals, and environmental factors. Additionally, it can help retain moisture in your hair and promote healthy hair growth.

If you're buying for the first time, don't miss our great discounts. Dive into the world of curly afro hair by UNice now and discover your multi-faceted beauty.

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