UNice Afro Wigs Human Hair Collection

UNice Curly Afro Wigs

Are you wondering if a curly afro wig can match your natural afro hair? Get the answers here! UNice has a full collection of natural afro wigs, including afro puff, afro kinky curly wigs, 4c afro wigs, and big afro wigs.

You can choose different styles and colors from the UNice afro wigs collection. Brown and honey blonde afro wigs are the perfect choices if you tire of black afro. A short bob afro wig is one of the perfect units to use as a protective style during summer.

What Kind Of Afro Curly Wig Is The Best For You?

1. Material: Human hair afro wigs are the best for longer use. Human Hair wigs can be dyed and styled with heat. With proper care, you can use it for up to 12 months.

2. Natural Black Or Colored: If you are looking for a natural look. A black afro wig is probably the best for you. But colored afro wigs, such as blonde, and brown are perfect for people who love the color transformation.

3. Lace Types: Lace front afro wigs can help create versatile styles due to the parting space. And glueless afro wigs are beginner-friendly to first-time users.

4. Cap Size: Medium Size Wig Cap Circumference 22.5 inches, Stretched Cap With Adjustable Straps At The Back, what you should do is only adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head perfectly.

How To Take Care Of Human Hair Curly Afro Wig?

Your curly afro human hair wigs can be washed and conditioned with regular shampoo and conditioner because it is virgin Remy hair. When washing your big curly afro wigs, be careful not to bunch up or agitate the wig as you are shampooing the hair. This will cause knots and tangling.

After applying shampoo, repeatedly run your fingers through the hair, going from the ends the of hair to the cap. Rinse thoroughly and condition using that same motion. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair and trim away any shed hairs that have created knots. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply your leave-in.

After washing and conditioning your curly afro wigs for black women, the best way to dry them is by blotting them with a t-shirt and then laying them flat on a towel (cap side down). It is not recommended to hang the wig while it is wet because the weight of the hair can stretch out your cap and impact the curls.

UNice is your trusted source for cheap afro curly wigs designed using curly afro natural hair without mixing synthetic fibers. Get the best deal for Afro Curly Wigs for Women from the largest online selection at unice.com.