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Customer Reviews: UNice Pre-everything Body Wave Wigs to Try for Your Next Big Night

Last updated Mar 6, 2024

Still wondering where to buy an effortlessly stunning wig? UNice 13x4 lace frontal pre-everything wigs are definitely your best choice. The large lace area offers incredible versatility, allowing you to easily switch between a stylish center part or a flattering side part, and even supports complex hairstyles like ponytails and buns. Today we are introducing the most popular body wave wigs, which feature luxurious, silky curves that enhance your natural beauty.

UNice body wave pre-everything wig

My Story with UNice - Why Pre-Everything Wig?

I work in the medical field and of course, am busy most of the time. That's why I love this UNice pre-everything body wave wig - it's my secret to looking great with minimal effort.

This wig is my lifesaver when I'm too lazy to style it for a date. I can put it on and it fits instantly, eliminating all the chores of bleaching, trimming lace, etc. The body wave texture gives it a natural, effortless look that I love. My favorite design is the ear tapes, which is one of the reasons that I chose this wig. Ear tapes perfectly solve the problem of 13x4 lace frontal warping. Oh my gosh, I really, really recommend this wig.

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Come and Pick an Acclaimed UNice Pre-Everything Body Wave Wig

UNice 13x4 Body Wave Lace Front Wig Pre-Everything Wig 150% Density

This is our best-selling pre-everything wig, and the color is a versatile natural black. The elegant and delicate body wave creates full hair volume and well modifies the face shape.

Free Ear Tape x 20 Pcs | Baby hair is optional

N***** 2024/03/03: I ordered the 24 inches. I love it! I will bleach the wefts in the front just a little, but it already looks really natural. This is the 5th wig that I ordered from UNice. I will order again.

N***** 2024/02/27: At first, I was hesitant cause it didn’t have a lot of reviews, but baby it’s a must, I highly recommend it, I thought it wasn’t going to be secure but it was, I love it. And the customer service is great I have zero complaints.

UNice 13x4 Pre-Cut Lace Frontal Reddish Brown Body Wave Pre-Everything Wig

Based on customer demand, we have newly launched this warm reddish brown body wavy wig. The rich brown-red color transforms you into a mysterious and vivid elf, perfect for attending various casual or formal occasions.

N***R 2024/01/01: I love this wig, I always order from this website and my wigs are always Full and true to length, I got this Autumn wig very fast, and when I ordered it they shipped it the next day, and the lace is perfect. 10/10 Definitely recommend.

A***R 2024/02/17: I loved this wig so much! Beautiful color for the season. most girls were doing “Auburn for fall” & I'm glad I joined the wave.

UNice 13x4 Lace Front 3D Body Wave Wig Pre-Everything Wig 180% Density

In order to meet customers' demand for high-density hair, we have upgraded the body wave. This 3D body wave has a density of 180%. After combing, the hair will be more beautiful and fluffy.

C***** 2024/01/30: This hair is the bomb looks just like the picture and is so soft.

C****N 2024/01/12: Pre-plucking hairline is so amazing! Wear and go for my daily morning!

V***N 2024/01/10: This was one of the best glueless wigs I have ever purchased. Great quality no shedding easy to maintain.

Why People Love Pre-Everything Body Wave Wig?

In Dominique A's video, she introduced the design of the pre-everything body wave wig in detail and demonstrated how to wear it. Because of the large lace area of 13x4, there are many hairstyles you can design. Here, Dominique A shows off two of her favorite hairstyles in the video.

Key Advantages of UNice Pre-Everything Wigs

pre-everything wigs UNice

13x4 Pre-cut Lace: Real ear-to-ear lace size, deep part area lace.

Pre-style for Wearing: Large areas of lace are suitable for various styles.

Pre-Plucked "S" Zig Zag Lace Edge: Give you a skin-melting hairline.

Pre-bleached Knots: arrive ready to use to create a more natural scalp appearance.

details of pre-everything wigs

3D Dome Cap: Breathable and comfortable to wear, suitable for big and small heads.

Invisible Ear Tab Tapes: Eco-friendly, easy to peel and stick.

3x Secure Fit: ① elastic belt, ② ten-tooth comb, ③ non-slip silicone strip.

2x Adjustment: ① adjustable belt, ②two-position removable buckle.


In short, you can get timeless classic beauty by choosing UNice pre-everything wigs. Our products are made from human hair, which is not easy to fall off or break, and can last a long time with proper maintenance. Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your style today!

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