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FAQs About Ear Tapes on UNice Pre-everything Wigs

Last updated May 8, 2024

UNice's newly launched 13x4 lace frontal pre-everything wig is a breakthrough in wig products. The most eye-catching innovation is the addition of lace ear tapes, which has generated strong interest and questions from many people. We have collected frequently asked questions about ear tape from customers on various platforms, hoping to help you.

What Are UNice Ear Tapes?

unice wig ear tapes

UNice ear tapes are accessories for 13x4 lace frontal pre-everything wigs to prevent the lace from curling. Just a simple peel and stick can greatly improve the safety and stability of wig-wearing.

How To Use Unice Ear Tapes?

Before pasting wig ear tapes, please wipe the wig ear tabs with alcohol to keep them clean without any residue that affects the viscosity. Then peel and stick it.

Where Do Ear Tapes Need To Stick?

Our recommendation is to apply the ear tape close to the hairline. This is a double-sided tape that can be directly attached to the skin and then pressed onto the lace wig, or it can be attached to the edge of the lace wig and then firmly pressed onto the skin.

How Many Ear Tapes Come With the Wig?

We'll throw in free ear tape x 20 pcs with every order.

Where Can I Get These Ear Tapes?

If you purchase our pre-everything wig, each order will come with 20 pcs of ear tapes. At the same time, you can also click the button below to purchase directly (free shipping to the United States).

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Tapes?

① Easy to use and easy to learn.

② Medical glue is used, which is safe, durable, and stable.

③ When using ear tape, you don't have to worry about the lace sticking up, and you can expose your temples naturally.

How Long Does the Tape Last? Can You Reuse It?

Ear tape lasts up to 7 days. These ear tapes are disposable, if you remove the wig, please replace it with new ear tapes the next time you wear them.

Can You See the Tape Through the Wig?

No. Our lace ear tape uses medical adhesive glue, which is very invisible and safe. In addition, the tape is designed with a C-shaped arc, which can fit the lace contour very well.

Are These Ear Tapes Waterproof? Sweat and Heat Resistant?

Yes. Ear tapes are made of waterproof technology and have passed the waterproof test. They will not fall off easily even if you sweat. Please feel free to wear them.

How to Easily Remove the Paper From Ear Tapes?

The surface protective film of this lace ear tape is light blue, and the dividing line can be clearly seen. Please separate each tape along the dividing line, and then gently peel off the blue paper from the edge, or use tweezers and other tools.

Is It Easy to Remove? How to Remove It?

Yes, it is easy to take on and take off, totally beginner-friendly. If you don’t want to wear a wig, gently lift the lace edge and remove the ear tapes. If the stickiness persists, apply some skin care oil to lubricate and remove it.

Does the Tape Pull Your Real Hair?

No. Our ear tape plays a supporting role in wig wearing and is used to fit the 13x4 large area of lace on the ear side. Please avoid sticking to your own hair when wearing and removing it.

Does the Stickiness Wear Out?

Yes. After wearing it for some time, the stickiness will weaken and please replace it with new ear tapes.

Hot-Selling UNice Pre-everything Wigs With Ear Tapes

Since its launch, the UNice pre-everything wig has been loved by new and old customers. Its pre-bleached, pre-plucked, pre-cut, and pre-styled features are friendly to novices and can greatly save wig installation and styling time.

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