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UNice Three Part Closure Hair Review

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The UNIce Body Wave Hair Closure is undeniably attractive with the virgin hair in a warm, natural medium brown and this fashionable product is sure to catch the eye of many buyers. I am writing this personal review so that other customers can understand my experience and why, despite being very pleased with my purchase, I am only awarding this product four stars out of five.

Review form Dejah

18/04/1703:42 AM (GMT) 

Quality hair for the price. 

This is the quality and affordable virgin hair for the price, it will be still good three or four months later. If you guys have any questions about the hair or the company down blow like and subscribe to my channel and ill see you guys later wow!

 UNice Hair Closure Review

The hair she used is : UNice 3 Part Hair Closure

Quality hair for the price.  

  • I just count so lucky, I ordered it on Christmas Day and I think I would get it maybe about two or three days later after Christmas shipping it very fast, Then they gave me a free gift which was some lashes.
  • I had got 10-inch closure 10-inch bundles 12 14 and 16 and it's the Brazilian body weave, so so far my hair is well. I used a week with it and it works very well.it's been a week since I wore it on my head and I think they're soft and shedding a little bit that's only because I had to comb it in the wrong way. 
  • I think it's really good for me, here I would recommend so even though this hair was 135 and most hair companies like her companies may be charged you probably more than 27 $ if you bought the foreclosure and four bundles. this is good quality hair for the price I'm not having any problems with it.

This is quality hair for the price, it will be still good three or four months later.  

  • I forgot to mention I had a three part closure I messed up the middle prob I plunked over clucking, so this is the sad part. Then you can do any type of plucking to it, but I'm just not possible with doing that. I found with the way it looks I already know that tie my hair so I really don't care what people think.

Summary: UNice Virgin Hair Extensions are quality hair for the price.   

  • So, as you can hopefully see from my review and the feedback of other buyers, there are a lot of benefits to these extensions but maybe there are also some potential flaws that I haven’t found. 
  • I honestly believe that most buyers will love them because of their natural look, great color, and the way they hold up to some wear and wash. In short, this is undoubtedly a recommendable product approach to be perfect.  

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