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3 Second Wig Install For Beginners- Unice Body Wave Put On And Go Glueless Wig

Last updated Jan 3, 2024

A wig can be a fun and versatile method to switch up your hairstyle. Whether you're looking to experiment with different looks or protect your natural hair, a wig can be an ideal choice. However, putting on a wig can occasionally be difficult and time-consuming, especially for beginners. Luckily, Unice body wave put on and go glueless wig can allow you to put on and install in 3 seconds. In today's article, we will judge whether this wig is worth buying based on customers' real experiences and reviews.

The Detailed Information Of Unice Body Wave put on and go Glueless Wig

Product Information

Hair Material: 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, extremely natural and beautiful

Lace Part Size: 6x4.5 pre-cut lace

Hair Texture: Body wave wig

Hair Color: Natural black

Hair Lengths: Available in 16-24 inches

Characteristics: Natural root-to-tip hair only, can be dyed, bleached, curled, and restyled

Processing Time: Usually ships within 24 hours of order confirmation, excluding weekends and holidays

Return Policy: 30 days free returns Payment Method: Visa, Discover, PayPal, Afterpay, Sezzle, Klarna, ZIP Quadpay, etc


• Effortless Stylish For Elite Beauties

• Pre Cut Lace & Pre-plucked, Quick Glueless Install

• Upgrade 6x4.5 Transparent Lace Closure For More Versatile Styling

• No Aches and No Sweating with the Latest Breathable Wig Cap

• Multiple Clips & Adjustable Band For A Secure Fit

• A special U-shape Silicon Design around the Neck Offers You Double Security

The Extraordinary Features Of UNice Body Wave Put On And Go Glueless Wigs

After learning all there is to know about the UNice body wave put on and go glueless wig, let's examine its remarkable characteristics.

1. Convenient and time-saving

Put-on-and-go wigs have several benefits, one of which is convenience. Put on-and-go wigs, which are pre-cut lace wigs, can be worn whenever and without preparation, unlike traditional wigs, which require professional assistance for styling and fitting. This saves you valuable time and allows for effortless styling whenever you desire a new look.

2. No glue is needed

As many of us know, lace frontal wigs can give a highly authentic and natural look, but they often need a lot of adhesives for attachment, which can harm the scalp and skin. However, UNice body wave put on and go glueless wigs do not require glue for attachment and do not cause any irritation to the skin or scalp, making them an excellent option for individuals with sensitive skin and allergies to adhesives.

3. Breathability


One of the benefits of the UNice body wave put-on-and-go wig is its exceptional breathability. This feature creates ample space for our scalp to relax and promote growth, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive scalps that often feel congested. The wig's 3D breathable cap design encourages free airflow to the scalp, preventing harmful bacteria and fungus from thriving. This helps maintain scalp health, promoting healthy hair growth.

4. Stability


Our UNice put-on-and-go wig features a 3D cap design that is tailored to human ergonomics, ensuring a secure fit on your head. Its adjustable elastic band design enables you to customize the size for better stability. At UNice Hair, we are dedicated to delivering premium products to ensure a satisfying shopping experience for our valued customers. You can always trust our products.

Customers Comments

Next, we will show you some real experiences and comments from customers.

The Comment From YouTube Celebrity OhThatsTi

That's the body wave wig. I'm showing you all the adhesive-like non-slip parts because the fit of the wig is so perfect for my hair. I just had to give you all a close-up on this lace because it's the pre-cut, wash-and-go collection. I think I'm in love with the pre-cut lace all right. I'm popping the wig on right now. It fits my head perfectly like it's very comfortable, it's not snug, not too big, and not too small, which it's perfectly okay.

The Comment From YouTube Celebrity DionaLatia

Today we have a pre-cut beginner-friendly glueless install. This hair is from UNice. I'll link everything in the description. First, let's get into the unboxing, we have lashes a makeup brush, an elastic band, some wig caps, etc. This is a 24-inch body wave closure wig The lace is already cut, and the knots are pretty thin and have some pre-plucked. More importantly, it is very friendly to beginners, as it won't require the use of glue, and easy and quick to install.

The Comments From Customers

N***t 2023/06/09

I will say for my first wig I love it. I got the 20, but the next one I order in body wave I will get 22” or longer. It's breathable I wore it on a humid day and I was fine the whole time. The hair is soft no bad smells. I'll probably later on go in and bleach the knots but I just used a tiny spray for now.

C***n 2023/06/03

My hairline and skin were suffering due to lace glue so I prayed and ordered this unit to test the Glueless lace out! Installed the hair quickly and effortlessly!! This unit is so soft and is giving silk press vibes!!!

J***a 2023/05/23

It's a real vacation wig!!! pre-cut lace and natural plucked, hair is soft and has no tangle, also has a breezy cap. very friendly design for summer, I will wear it for my June family beach vacation.

N***r 2023/05/03

I am very happy with my UNICE wig Sara. It's very pretty and so very realistic. I can't believe how well these are made. I'm typically an in-store wig buyer who needs to see and feel it. This was a totally faith-based purchase and I'm very pleased with it. I will purchase it again.


Have you been drawn to this put on and-go body wave wig after reading this article? Consider bringing it home if you like it. You can also click here to choose from different wig types if you like other types of wigs. And most significantly, our customer care team can assist you if you have any additional queries and will provide you with knowledgeable responses.

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