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The Best Face-Framing Highlights Ideas For 2022

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you want to try something different for this reason? Why not consider trying the face-framing highlights? There is no doubt that it is a very easy hair trend to pick up and doesn’t actually require coloring most of your hair. Of course, many celebrities have already tied many creative hairstyles. Now let us together learn something about the face-framing highlights and the best face-framing highlight ideas for 2022.

What Are Face-Framing Highlights?

Face framing highlights are also named money piece highlights and are a popular coloring technique that is strategically placed color around the hairline for an instant brightening and framing effect. And the color around the hairline is usually a little brighter than your natural hue.

What Are The Advantages Of Face-Framing Highlights?

First of all, the bright color hair around your face can add visual interest and cleverly bring out your most attractive features. There is no doubt that it is the best hair color for going to the beach in summer.

Secondly, they can add more flair to your look and just need minimal maintenance at the same time. Even though it is fun and stylish, it doesn’t mean to need to color all of your hair.

What is more important, they are completely customizable to choose your favorite color, your preferred placement according to your face shape, and your preference.

The Best Face-Framing Highlights Ideas To Try Now

Fiery Face-Framing Highlight

Bella Hadid shared her two-toned streak hairstyles with fans on Instagram, which left a deep impression on her fans and gained many praises from her fans and other celebrities.


If you want to get a creative appearance, you had better ask your hairstylist to use a bright bit of color around your face and a solid color on the rest of your hair. What fun and stylish it is!

Face-Framing Highlights On Brown Hair

Like this picture, you can add some bright face-framing highlights to create a strong contrast on brown hair for an eye-catching and warm effect.


Of course, you can get a similar look with a lace part wig, which is brown hair with the honey blonde face-framing streak, which can perfectly show your beauty by creating a bright frame around your face. If you are tired of dull brown hair, it is a great option for you. Compared with the HD lace wig, it is more affordable and suitable for those people who don’t have too much budget.


Chunky Face-framing Highlights


And if you are already bored of balayage hair, the chunky highlights will be your next hair color. You can apply some bold hair colors or bright hair colors to form a strong contrast against your natural hair color.

Caramel Highlights


When it comes to caramel highlights, we must have to say Beyoncé’s caramel blonde money piece hair that makes her look like a golden goddess and stand out because of her gorgeous hair color. In addition, the secret to her flattering hue is blonde face-framing highlights.

Subtle Face-framing Highlights On Dark Hair 


They are soft and delicate and can add enliven dark brown hair, provide shimmer with blonde hair, even add depth to black hair. In a word, they can give you a most natural look.

Platinum Highlights


Platinum is a trendy hair color in 2021, which can give people a modern feeling and easily lighten your skin tone. While no matter how your hair texture and length are, the platinum highlights will look great on everyone!

Blonde Face-Framing Highlights On Dark Hair


For those people who have dark base hair, you can get some inspiration from those blonde face-framing highlights. And we believe the collation of this hue with bouncy curls can give you a unique charm.

You can also purchase this lace part wig to achieve the same hairstyles. This lace part wig is made of 100% virgin human hair and can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need.


Ash Blonde Face Framing Highlights


As we all know, ash blonde hair color is cool-toned so that the cool ash blonde highlights can perfectly complement the medium brown skin tone. And it is very suitable for these cool edgy girls because of its edginess.

Buttery Blonde Highlights


If you want to get warm and natural blonde hair, you can require some buttery blonde highlights around the face, which is super flatting any skin tone and can give you a distinct, sophisticated, and refined look.

Coppery Highlights


According to the famous hairstylist, copper hair color will be the hottest hair trend all year of 2021. Therefore, these coppery highlights will be helpful to bright up your face and make dark hair not too dull.

Face-Framing Highlights On Straight Hair


Straight hair will draw others’ attraction, while blonde face-framing highlights can make people focus on your features and smiles.

Short and striking Face-framing Steaks


Teaming black hair with blonde highlights instantly makes this wavy bob haircut outstanding. After all, a bob haircut also is a good choice for you in hot summer and a fashionable hairstyle many celebrities ever tried.

Now let us look at this bob wig, which is a combination of blonde, black, and brown color with the ombre and face-framing technique, and can bring personality and pizazz to your hair to some extent. We have to say it is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and add a very special glow to your looks.


Face-Framing Highlights With Bangs


The messy bangs can greatly modify your face shape, add a little glow to your hair, and can give you a lazy vibe.

Purple Highlights


Nowadays, purple highlights on dark hair are the latest hair trend on Instagram. For these people who are stylish and edgy, purple is a bold attempt.

If you want to learn how to do face-framing highlights at home, you can read our blog “How To Make Money Piece Highlight At Home?".

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