You might notice a comeback of money piece highlight or face-framing highlight around this summertime. If you have little idea about this color trend and plan to have a try of this technique, you can check out our previous post: What Is The Money Piece Or Money Piece Highlight

Money piece highlight is perfect for someone who hesitates to do an entire coloring look but wants to try a subtle color placement and switch-up. The money piece allows you to add a shade of different color to your hair, and the color can be as the same tone as your hair or a completely different color clash.

Why you can create Money piece highlights at home?

Changing the color of your hair often means that you should also alter your whole routine of maintenance. The whole thing is a lot of work because it needs time to do research and sometimes pay the hairdresser for advice. Don’t mention that you probably need to head out to the salon, and not everyone enjoys spending hours on salon chairs when the world is still in pandemics. So the money piece highlight is here showing its charm. The color technique is not a new or complex technology. It usually needs just two sections of your front hairline, which involves less work and mess. Some of you may have deja vu that you messed up your hair and house, but the money piece doesn't ask you to be skillful. In a word, it's a beginner-friendly style.

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Some tips before making the money piece hair

Before you dive into this tutorial, you need to figure out what  Looks you are going for. You can play the safe card by painting several strands and using the same tone to achieve a natural and simple look. Or you can use a color clash on your hair if you fantasize about a bolder and more creative style. And choosing a high-quality human hair wig to create a face framing highlights can save you a lot of trouble and have a better result. Here we recommend:

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How To Paint Money Piece Highlights?

Mix Your Lightener And Developer

1. Take out your lightener and developer. Mix them up at one to two mixing ratios for a natural layer effect, or you can use more developers if you want your hair to be brighter.

Organize Your Hair For Applying

2. Part your hair and tie the hair up with a hairband or clip. Separate the sections with the comb and make sure the hair is thin, not just grab some of your hair and go for bleaching. Take a slice of your front hairline out, then organize the rest of your front hair on top with clips. And you need to repeat the step for creating layers and a natural look.

Apply The Mix

3. Put the foil under the part you try to bleach and apply the products from the mid to the end. Apply the bleach onto your strands, you can go all the way to your root if you want a full coloring. Or you can just paint the sections which you want to be different if you want to achieve a balayage effect. You can blend the products diagonally to make a more natural look when you reach the root where natural hair starts growing out.

Wait until it finishes

4. Use foil to wrap the bleached part to keep the hair fully saturated for having a better result. Check the hair every 10-15 minutes until it reaches your expectation. Shampoo and condition the hair after the processing.

After some hard work, you can enjoy the result, and it’s not too much effort needed to maintain the look, you can use gentle and natural shampoo and conditioner to keep the vibrance of the color for a long time.

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