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What Is The Money Piece Or Money Piece Highlight?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

If you're searching for hair color trends, and you don't want to commit to a day-to-day routine to manage your hair color so that color can pop all the time. The money piece hair highlight might be perfect for you. And we all know that the fashion trend is in a circle and it comes back and goes over the years, and money piece hair is one more late 90s and 2000s comeback of hair color trend.

What Is A Money Piece Hair?

The money piece or money piece highlight is a brightening and lightening framing of highlighted strands around your front hairline. The reason why it is called the money piece has nothing to do with the coloring technique, but it refers to the money-saving and minimal effort to achieve a maximum highlighted hair.

If you scroll on the old posts back to the 2019 summer on Beyoncé's Instagram page, you can have a glance at this beauty trend. Beyoncé put her own seal of approval on the color trend by debuting her own contrasting, caramel-hued highlights, we've since looked to the addition of a money piece to our locks as a hi-def, but low maintenance, hair upgrade." According to VOGUE's post in JAN 2021.

It's all about adding a brighter or more striking color to your hair or making a color clash of your hair with bold colors. Stylists and celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Bella Hadid have already embraced this nostalgic hair color trend, and it is expected that this look won't take much time to see itself getting into the salon chair.

Why Is Money Piece Hair Trending?

Here Are Why We Love About It:

1. Versatile

If you're looking to keep up with the latest hair trend, money piece hair is surely on the trendy list. You can go ahead on figure out what color matches your current hair color to create a personalized look, neon colors, something popping, or classic brown or blonde streaks are all accepted. The point is that there are no rules so you can make the combinations and complexions as you like.

2. Low Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of money piece highlights or the reason why it is popularized is that you don't have to take extra effort to keep the highlights. Compared with a full head of highlight-coloring hair, this look needs less maintenance. But please be aware that little maintenance is vital to keep this look stay fresh. So this might be the reason that money piece hair is such a hit during the pandemic.

3. Less Damage To Natural Hair

You can go for this look without damaging your hair that much. The money piece can be achieved by not having your full hair to be dyed with coloring chemicals, and it's perfect for someone reluctant to have your whole hair dyed. You can just dye two or three strands of your hairline to see how it goes.

4. Do It By Yourself

Except for the low maintenance, the money piece needs you to subtly have your hair color changed, which means fewer efforts to achieve this look. You can go to a salon for asking a professional opinion and help you finish it. But doing it yourself at home is also a feasible idea if your community is in quarantine, and here is our How To Do A Money Piece.

The Best Money Piece Hair Ideas

Black Hair With Blonde Money Pieces


Source: @elle_believes

With a lighter shade of highlights, such as blonde streaks in front, could be perfect for lightening your dark hair. And the blonde highlights will frame and brighten your face shape.

Brown Hair With Blonde Front Pieces

brown hair with blonde money piece

Source: @clairefendy

This money piece trend is an amazing way to add sun-kissed highlights to brown hair. The warm highlights just seamlessly melt into the hair and create a stunning balayage look.

Silver Money Piece

Silver Money Piece

Source: @ hair.by.suzi

If you are bored with dull blonde hair. You can just go lighter. Take a small portion of your front hair for a silver face framing money piece highlight and it will Light up your complexion.

Orange Pieces With Light Auburn Hair

Orange Pieces With Light Auburn Hair

Source: @wellaeducation

If you are looking for a try of orange hair color. You can start by highlighting your front hair. An orange money piece is a perfect way to go orange by adding some streaks to your mane.

Caramel Brown Balayage With Blonde Money Piece

Caramel Brown Balayage With Blonde Money Piece

Source: @beyonce

Looking for queen Be approved hair color? You can request a few honey blonde pieces around the front of your face. If you have a similar base hair color, it's a great way to add some light color to your hair without destroying your texture.

Blonde Chunky Highlight On Bob Hair

Blonde Chunky Highlight On Bob Hair

Source: @alyssamikaylahair

Embrace your inner E-Girl with this highlighted sleek bob! You can just easily dye the streaks in the front of your hair with a warm hue and play with the TikTok vibe hair.

High Contrast Money Piece Hair

Red And Blonde Money Piece

red and blonde money piece

Source: @martiniquaisement_

One of the reasons people love money pieces is that you don't have to be dedicated. You can just subtly add some bold colors, such as red or blonde to your dark hair. And the result may surprise you!

Pink Red Pieces

Fierce Red Pieces

Source: @nochh_

Goinf for pink? You can start by coloring just one or two of your black streaks pink red and see how it looks. And this take on pink hair highlights is gonna make sure you be the center of attention.

Strawberry Blonde Streaks

Strawberry Blonde Streaks


This strawberry blonde highlight is definitely a go for your next salon trip. The strawberry blonde highlights feature a sweet-as-a-peach blonde color and it will be a next-level color idea for lightening dark hair.

Ginger Hair With Blonde Front Pieces

Ginger Hair With Blonde Front Pieces

Source: @stephstriphair

This ginger hair with blonde front pieces is bright and warm. You can pair it with beach waves to create a flattering and youthful style.

Purple Money Piece

Purple Money Piece

Source: @acfstyles

You can always ask your stylist to mix purple highlights on black hair for making a fashion statement. It is subtle yet gives an e-girl vibe.

Mint Green Highlights On Black Hair

Purple Money Piece

Source: @wellaeducation

Are you itching to take a chance on green hair? This mint green highlight is here to help you safely go through the transition. And Before leaving the salon, make sure you know how to take care of the mint green color in case of dull-looking.

Pink Highlights With Dark Blonde Hair

Purple Money Piece

Source: @kateelisabethxo

This pink highlight just screams youth and bold. If you are not satisfied with the hair color you have right now, you can just go for it! Be fearless and enjoy the pink!

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