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How To Do Chunky Highlights? Here Is The Complete Guide.

Last updated Jun 20, 2024

If you use social media regularly, you may have noticed that popular hairstyles, hair colors, and accessories from the 90s and early 00s are returning. Chunky highlights are one of them. Chunky highlights add depth to your hair, outline your face, and better highlight your features. Want to try this stylish and popular new hair color? Here's your comprehensive guide to creating chunky highlights at home.

What Are Chunky Highlights?

chunky highlights

Chunky highlights are a favorite trend of all celebrities who follow the latest fashion. Compared to the chunky highlights of the 90s and 00s, modern chunky highlights are not only newer and slimmer, but they also look more natural. The look is very sophisticated highlights that are about ½ - 1 inch wide, similar to the width of a money piece, but overall not as thick as the previous ones. These highlights are cleverly placed throughout the head to create contrast and depth for a nice-looking and on-trend highlight look.

Are The Chunky Highlights Right For Me?

Absolutely. Chunky highlights are for everyone, no matter what your hair texture is. For girls with curly hair, you can highlight individual curls to create big or bold highlights. And if your hair is fine, straight, or coarse and wavy then you can strategically place thick highlights to add contrast to make your hair look better and more appealing.

How Long Will It Take To Do Chunky Highlights?

How long it takes to do chunky highlights depends specifically on the type and number of highlights you have and the salon you choose, etc. On average, it can take 2-4 hours to do chunky highlights.

Are Chunky Highlights Making Your Hair Look Thicker?

thicker chunky highlights

There is no doubt that chunky highlights will make your hair look thicker and voluminous. If you not only want to make your hair look thicker but also would like to make yourself look more attractive and charming, then you can pick up a two-tone hair color that matches your skin tone and hair color.

How To Do Chunky Highlights?

After learning what a chunky highlight is, are you wondering how to make a chunky highlight at home? Below we will provide you with some steps. If you are interested, you can give it a try.

What You Need To Know:

Before you learn how to have chunky highlights at home, let's take a look at what you need to know.

1. Choose the right highlight shade

right highlight shade

When choosing highlights, most people think of gold tones first. However, highlights don't have to be any one specific color - they just need to be a little lighter than your base color. You can try using brown, red, or even gray tones as your highlight shades. Of course, if you want to get a little more creative with your highlights, you can choose a bright peach or a nice rose gold, among others.

2. Decide on your coloring pattern

Before you start coloring, you also need to decide on your pattern, this is very important because it determines the final result you will get. You need to think about how many parts of the highlights you want, for example, you can dye only the left part of the hair, you can then dye the back part of the hair and so on, it depends on your preference and style. You also need to consider whether the highlights you choose will match your hairstyle.

How To Do:

Next, let's learn the specific steps.

Step 1: Wash and blow dry your hair.

a girl is washing her hair

First, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove scalp buildup and oil so your hair can stay clean. This is because clean hair absorbs hair color better and thus gives better results. Remember not to use conditioner after washing your hair, as it will make it less colorful. Also, blow dry your hair thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Mix the hair dye.

mix the hair dye

Open the hair dye of your choice, take the right amount of hair cream and dye (if you don't know the correct amount, read the instructions that came with the hair dye, then mix the right amount of hair dye and hair cream according to the directions) and mix it evenly. Remember not to make the mixture in a metal bowl or dish, as the hair dye will react chemically with the metal.

Step 3: Apply the hair dye.

apply the hair dye

Next, take the small section of hair you want to get highlighted, place the foil underneath that section, and apply the dye evenly to that section of hair. Fold the foil over the hair to prevent the dye from getting on the rest of the hair. Then continue highlighting other sections of hair in the same manner until all the hair you want to highlight has been coated with the dye. Step

Step 4: Wait for about 30 minutes and rinse your hair well.

Next, wait 30 minutes (you can follow the instructions for the specific time) so that the color can be better absorbed and give the best results. Finally, rinse your hair with warm water and condition your hair with conditioner. This way, you get the chunky highlights you want.

The Most Popular Chunky Highlights For You

1. Pink Chunky Highlights

pink chunky highlights

If you like pink, then you can't go wrong with pink chunky highlights. this color is so magical that it can easily turn the girl next door into a femme fatale. More importantly, this hair color paired with layered feathered hair can bring some dazzling light and is very attractive.

2. Golden Brown Chunky Highlights

golden brown chunky highlights

These sexy golden brown highlights are apt for all hair types and textures. It gives your hair a natural depth and dimension, making it easy to keep it in place even with a busy schedule. If you're not sure if this hair color is for you, you can try our wig in the same color. It is made from 100% human hair and can give you an extra natural look.

3. Blonde And Red Chunky Highlights

black with red and blonde highlight wig

If you want to try something bolder and more unique, then this hair color will be the perfect choice for you. With black as the base color and red and gold highlights, this hair color is very trendy and fashionable, which will bring out your unique temperament and charm.

4. Chunky Highlights Short Hair

Chunky Highlights Short Hair

Source: Pinterest

Chunky highlights on short hair create depth and dimension, making your hair look fuller and more textured. This is especially useful on short hair, where every detail is more noticeable.

5. Chunky Highlights Curly Hair

Chunky Highlights Curly Hair

Source: Pinterest

Chunky highlights on curly hair are a fabulous choice that can elevate your style and enhance the natural beauty of your curls. Chunky highlights can be customized to fit your personal preferences and style, giving you a distinctive appearance.


After reading this article, you must have a good idea of chunky highlights. So go ahead and try this hair color. Trust me, it will give you unexpected results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chunky Highlights Hard To Maintain?

Although chunky highlights require less maintenance than other hair colors, you still need to invest in the right care to effectively maintain your new color. Use a purple shampoo once or twice a week to maintain your chunky highlights and prevent any brassiness.

Are Chunky Highlights Good For Thin Hair?

Chunky highlights can give thin hair the appearance of being thicker and more voluminous. Select hair colors with two tones that complement your skin tone and hair color. This will make your hair look thick and frame your face beautifully.

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