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The Most Stunning Protective Style for Natural Hair in Summer

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Summer is already coming, many girls are not only excited about the beach and holiday but also worried about the condition of natural hair under the extremely hot and humid weather. Are you ready for a protective style for this summer when facing this case? How much do you know about the protective styles? If you are looking to find the most stunning protective styles, then let this article be a guide to lead you to learn more about protective styles and help you find the perfect protective style.

What Is The Protective Style?


As the name suggests, a protective style is a style that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away and minimizes friction to give your hair a break from nasty weather conditions. In other words, a protective style is beneficial to keep your natural hair healthy by limiting its exposure to any damage caused by the sun, the heat, or other over manipulation, especially in summer.

What Are The Advantages Of The Protective Styles?

Protective style can protect your hair from other damaging tools and products you use daily and contribute to your natural hair growth, prevent your natural hair from constant manipulation to keep it as healthy as possible, and give you a new look.

Besides, the protective style can save much time. As we all know, the weather is so hot so that people often don’t have enough patience and energy to style their hair. While a protective style just takes a few minutes to design your hair ready. What convenient and time-saving it is!

Why Do You Need To Choose A Protective Style During The Summertime?

There is no doubt that chlorine, direct sunlight, and a lot of sweat are hard to avoid on hot days.


First of all, if you are a swimming lover or often go swimming in summer, you must have a protective style to protect your natural hair and avoid the damage of chlorine to the hair. After all, the chlorine will absorb the oils of your hair and skin, leaving hair and skin dry, rough, and damaged, and even may cause chemical reactions to your hair, for example, fading your hair color, weakening each hair strand, leading to split ends, and so on.


Secondly, according to the expert, if your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of the hair strand-cuticle. And the damage of sun to hair can come in the forms of discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness.


Thirdly, sweat can potentially clog your hair follicles as it can be mixed with bacteria to irritate or damage your scalp. Furthermore, the high salt content in sweat can also influence your hair color. In a word, a protective style is extremely essential for you to protect your natural hair and keep it healthy.

Ten Protective Styles You Should Consider To Try This Summer

Box Braids


Box Braids are one of the most popular protective styles for long hair as they are easy to maintain, versatile, and will stimulate your hair growth. With the proper care, they even last four to six weeks. But if they are keeping for much too long time, hair will become extremely dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Therefore, you should wash them weekly to keep your scalp clean and give your hair and scalp a break.

Hair Bundles


If you want the best protective style for natural hair, the human hair bundles are a great option for you. There are also different textures, lengths, and colors you can pick up to finish this protective style. For example, 8-26 inch Brazilian body wave hair bundles, straight hair weaves, natural wave hair bundles, and so on. Even though hair bundles are affordable, you had better not go swimming with hair bundles.



As an ideal protective style, the twist can lock in moisture and avoid knots and tangles. In addition, you can keep it for days or weeks. So low-maintenance! And there are many lengths and textures for you to choose to open up more possibilities. It is all up to you.

Low Bun


It is clear that low bun is a classic protective style and never goes out of style. You can add some fun elements to the low bun for elevating the look, which can get a quick and simple transformation from informal to formal and become a wonderful style for the activities and workplace.

Headband Wigs


It is no secret that wigs offer a great protective style as experimenting with color and cut while wearing a wig is a safe and easy way for you to try different looks. For example, headband wigs are easy to wear and remove, affordable, and can style different hairstyles. Besides, they can keep you from applying heat to your hair to still achieve curly and straight looks.



Cornrows are a popular protective style among black women. If you can care for them properly and keep your scalp moisturized, cornrows can last for several weeks. Although cornrows are very easy, you can design different styles according to your mood, such as a side cornrow with a twist, cornrows braids, cornrows braided into a bun, and so on.

Faux Locs


If you want to switch up your look temporarily and are afraid to try, we sincerely advise you to try the bold and low-maintenance protective style for natural hair to show your personality.

HD Lace Wigs


While HD lace wigs are a summer protective style for natural hair as they are very breathable, soft, can usually give you the most natural look. And they’re also a great way to take a break from the heat, chemicals, and any other style that may damage your natural hair.



Crochet has been popular for a while, and you can try some inventive crochet braids or twists that are similar to regular braids and twists but more time-saving to make you look better.

Lemonade Braids


In fact, lemonade braids are famous for by Beyoncé in 2018 and still a trendy protective style that you can rock in any season and occasion until now. Lemonade braids are long braids cascading to one side of the shoulder and usually last for four weeks.

In the end, you must remember even though you have already protected your natural hair with these summer protective for natural hair, it still requires regular maintenance to keep it moisturized and promote hair growth. There are also so many other protective styles for natural hair without weaves out that you can choose from but be not listed. What are your favorite go-to summer protective styles?

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