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The Complete Guide To Butterfly Locs

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As one of the most popular protective styles, Butterfly locs are beloved by many girls with textured hair that is costly and time-consuming to style and take care of.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, easy access and maintenance hairstyles take the lead in the social media hair trend. Butterfly braids are the best examples and worth-trying styles for people to achieve this viral but ancient practice.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

What Are Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs can be considered as a variant of faux locs. Butterfly braids or butterfly locs hair are made by using crochet passion twist or wavy hair to loop into braiding hair. And the look represents a free, messy look with curly loops on hair, that is why it is called butterfly locs.

The Best Part About Butterfly Locs

Low Maintenance

Less Damage To Natural Hair

Versatile Hairstyles With Colors And Accessories


How Much Are Butterfly Locs?

The average cost of butterfly locs crochet hair (6-8 packs) is around $50 on Amazon. The price can be different according to the brand, colors, materials, length, etc. Butterfly locks usually are made of synthetic fibers, and some are human hair or mixed materials. Human hair locs usually cost more, but they last longer and are more natural.

What Hair To Use For Butterfly Locs?

Freetress Water Wave

The most common type of hair to achieve butterfly locs is the freetress water wave. The freetress water wave crochet hair usually is made of synthetic hair.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Because of the less wash routine, butterfly locs can last 1-2 months with proper maintenance and the right install methods.

Butterfly Locks Hairstyle Inspirations

One thing we love about the style is that butterfly locs are versatile. The look performs well with both long hair and short hair. Whether you have long hair, shoulder-length, or even bob-length hair, you can always find a look that suits your style.

Long Butterfly Locs Styles

Long Butterfly Locs Styles

Short Butterfly Locs Styles

Short Butterfly Locs Styles

Best Hair Color Ideas For Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locks become more alive with classic brow, blonde, and some other edgy colors such as pink and purple. And since the skunk stripe hair is on the trend, two-toned color locs are a great way to experience hair colors but without coloring the natural hair with chemicals.

Brown Butterfly Locs

Brown Butterfly Locs

From YouTube @Chev B.

Blonde Butterfly Locs

Blonde Butterfly Locs

Red Butterfly Locs

Red Butterfly Locs

From Twitter @izzydiorrr

Blue Butterfly Locs

Blue Butterfly Locs

From Instagram @hairbykenneicke

Purple Butterfly Locs

Purple Butterfly Locs

Pink Butterfly Locs

Pink Butterfly Locs

From YouTube @Jasmine Define

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