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Tiktok’s “Short Fluffy Hair” Makes You Beautiful Instantly.

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

TikTok has brought back countless deserted fashion trends like high ponytails, claw clips, scrunchies, rye tops and more. But, these days short fluffy hair is taking social media by storm again.

What is Short fluffy hair?

What is Short fluffy hair?

Short fluffy hair is any haircut that looks effortless, flowing and voluminous from ear to neck length. The style it creates can also enhance your best facial features!

Shiny, bouncy, yet soft looking, this frizz-free blowout style is meant to appear "natural". Depending on your hair type, this may be easier for some people than others. Either way, hot tools and a good product base will be your best friend when replicating this look on yourself.

For this look, the texture is key. You can choose to add volume, depending on what your natural hair type requires. Your lifestyle is also another thing to consider. This will determine how much time you plan to spend on your hair each day.

Fluffy hair vs. frizzy hair: what's the difference?

Before we dive into how to have fluffy hair, you need to take a look at fluffy hair vs. frizzy hair: what's the difference?

Essentially, fluffy hair is a style that is somewhere between a messy texture and a blowout. So while your hair is smooth, shiny and bouncy, they also have a bit of texture to achieve a balanced look.

On the other hand, frizzy hair isn't tamed. Instead, it has flyaways that leave hair tangled and in a fragile mess.
It is worth noting that fluffy hair is achieved by applying various hair care and styling techniques, while frizzy hair is usually the result of your hair type and its reaction to the humidity in the air.

Tips on how to get short fluffy hair

Creating voluminous, short hair is a bit of a different process. The steps here will vary greatly depending on your natural hair type. For some people, blow-drying their hair from underneath with a towel will create enough "volume" and body to create this style. For others, more product and scrunching is required.

Overall, the best way to get this look on short hair is to start with wet hair, or get it wet, apply volume powder or styling cream, and blow dry or scrunch upwards. Different products can also create different layers. If you like something more shiny, then use a styling cream. If you prefer a matte, beachy look, a hair volume powder or salt spray can be your best friend.

Short Fluffy Hairstyles

Short fluffy hair comes in many styles, from a short feathery pixie to a below-the-shoulder lob, all of which can be fluffed up to get the look. Regardless of face shape and hair type, there is sure to be something for you with these hairstyle ideas.

1. Big Bouncy Curls

Big Bouncy Curls

All you need are big, bouncy curls! Using rollers or curling iron, recreate the look on chin-length locks, and accentuate those blue eyes with a light blonde hair shade and dark roots. Finish with bright red lips and prepare to turn some heads.

2. Short Round Bob

Short Round Bob

To steal the show at a formal event, recreate this iconic vintage hairstyle. The key is to have a round bob haircut with as many layers as possible so that the strands fall perfectly around the face. Choose tight curls and tease the roots for added volume.

3. Dark Roots

Dark Roots

Bouncy curls are not required for all fluffy hairstyles. Loose waves can also be used. Combine them with a choppy neck-length haircut and one of 2023's biggest trends, dark roots. Midway through, add a caramel tint before transitioning to a blonde hue at the tips.

4. Lob Ice Blue Highlights

Lob Ice Blue Highlights

Choose a blunt lob cut straight across the back with minimal layers to refresh those tired locks. Finish with curls that leave the ends straight and add subtle icy blue highlights to shine through the creamy blonde base. How about getting some blue money as well?

5. Razor Cut

 Razor Cut

A razor cut is ideal for those who don't want to spend much time styling their hair but still want to participate in the short fluffy hair trend. It produces wispy layers with thin ends, resulting in a lot of movement on the head. A hand-tousle and you're off!

6. Carefree Curls

Carefree Curls

Nobody can stop you from rocking the most stunning fluffy short hairdo every day if you have a head full of curls. The strands are cut at different lengths to create a perfectly round haircut with curly bangs that graze the eyes. Finish with subtle highlights.

7. Pixie Pomp

Pixie Pomp

Pixies are sassy, sexy, and timeless all at once. Ladies who work in an office setting should consider this hairstyle, which features a long top with tapered sides and back. Create a puffy pompadour with or without a side part using a round brush and a hairdryer.

8. Pink Shag

Pink Shag

Messy is seductive! Make heads turn with a short shag defined by an angular cut with feathery layers elongating towards the front. Enhance the look with a bright pink hair color and a deep side part that covers an eye.

9. Fluffy Layers

Fluffy Layers

Do you want something more dramatic? What about a retro platinum bob with layers? The key is to tease the roots and flip out the ends for a ruffled look. Make a statement with smooth side-swept bangs in the front and winged eyeliner.

10. Side-Tousled


Sometimes sticking to a simple hairstyle is the best option. Chop the strands to chin length and dye them from the roots to the ends in a warm golden-blonde tinge. Apply curls and tousle them on one side before finishing with a spritz of hairspray. It doesn't get any easier than this!


We bet you didn't realize that voluminous short haircuts were so versatile. Now that you know, it's time to get out your blow-dryer, rollers and styling products and pay a visit to your trusted hairdresser. Remember, the right amount of care is indispensable to keep those tousled locks frizz-free and rebound-free.

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