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New Trendy Wig's Colors for Summer That Are Worth Trying in 2022

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Summer has already arrived, and it is time to experiment with fashionable hair colors. Are you tired of your present hair color and exciting to think about making some bold hair color changes? To help you stand out in the crowd, we’re showcasing some of the trendiest and most flattering summer wigs colors for 2021. From the perfect blonde color to the nifty ginger orange color, even cool and refreshing silver grey hair color, we are sure that you can get some inspiration from these new trendy hair colors.

Natural Black Color

First of all, let us start with the most common natural black color. As we all know, natural black color is closest to natural human hair color and looks very natural and classic. If you want to change your hair color and don’t know what hair color to choose, you can consider natural black hair color. After all, compared to other bold or exaggerated hair colors, the natural black hair color is safe, conservative, never go out of style and go wrong.

Of course, we also recommend you to buy some natural black color human hair wigs to achieve the same effect. For example, the HD lace body wave wigs are our hot-selling product and gain much praise and love from our customers by virtue of natural and low-key looks. What is important, it is sleek, chic, and easy to maintain so as you don’t often need to go to the salon and can save much money. So why not consider trying it to boost your beauty and charm?


Rose Blonde Color

This rose gold color has been popular with people for a while, and even become the first choice for the followers of fashion, making a bold and warm summer breath because of the rich hue and metallic shimmer. And rose blonde hair color can complement any skin tone, meaning it looks particularly stunning on you.


Blonde Color

Next, we will discuss another classic hair color- blonde. Different from the natural black hair color, blonde hair color is a bright color, and is often associated with femininity and youth, even regard as the embodiment of women’s grace and beauty. And whether you enjoy the sunbathe on the beach or take a nap on a beach chair, no matter what your skin tone is, the blonde hair color is an overwhelming choice for you. You can match this color with lighter color clothes in summer, which will give other people a natural and noble visual effect. Therefore, those people who want to be outstanding in the crowd also try the blonde balayage lace front wigs, which will make you like a beautiful princess in the fairy tale.


Burgundy Color

When it comes to burgundy, you may think of the red wines coming from Burgundy vineyards in France. In fact, the burgundy hair color is named after the kind of red wines, and also called red wine color by people. It is actually a mix between brown color and red color, especially it also has a unique purple tone. That is to say burgundy is darker than other red hair colors so it works well on pale, medium, olive, or dark skin tones.

Are you tired of regular hair colors? You can get a 99J lace part wig to show your personality, whether the hair texture is straight or body wave. And the lace part wig is more affordable for some people who don’t have too much budget as it has less lace area than the lace front wig.


Honey Blonde Color

Honey blonde hair color is a hue that mixes golden yellow with amber-brown tones, and gets its name for having a similar hue as real honey. Besides, it also can compliment almost every skin tone.

Do you want to try it? There are some high-quality TL412 body wave lace front wigs for you to opt if you want to go for a fantastic flirty hairstyle. After all, these fluffy blonde curls can show off a bold and confident feeling and give you incomparable texture and vitality.


Ginger Orange Color

From its name, we all know that ginger orange is a mixture of ginger color and orange color. If you want to look for bright and bold colors to change your look, the color is exactly what you need. Because this hair color looks bright, striking, and will give people an alluring, sparkling, and elegant feeling.

Of course, if you are worried about the actual effect, you can choose a ginger orange body wave lace part wig as a reference. I believe you will be a fanatic of the ginger orange hair color after trying it.


Silver Grey Color

Silver grey hair color has become more and more popular since many celebrities popularized the look. And grey color can make you look younger and suit people of every age, while the combination of silver color and grey color will give people bright and fresh feel, especially in hot summer. Now let us see the chart below and can't help but sigh what a beautiful hair color!


Midnight Blue Color

According to its name, we are aware midnight blue hair color is a color painted with dark blue and black hues that give off a mysterious and extra bold look. It’s very suitable for girls with a slightly rebellious personality. And if you want to stand out in the crowd, you can put on a midnight blue lace front bob wig that will take you to a chic, new level. Try it and become a night elf.


Face-Framing Highlight

Face-framing highlights is a popular coloring technique that is strategically placed color around the hairline for an instant brightening and framing effect. And the color around the hairline is usually a little brighter than your natural hue, which can cleverly bring out your most attractive features. There is no doubt that it is the best hair color for going to the beach in summer. 



Balayage is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils and can hand-paint color directly onto your hair, creating a more natural, graduated, sun-kissed color. For someone who doesn’t want to have dramatic change, it is a great choice to choose the balayage hair color, which can offer gorgeous looks and fun colors. And it is quite easy to maintain and can last for a long time. 


If you are interested in our colored wigs, you can read this video about the customer review for a reference.

Are you ready to change your hair color? Now pick up your favorite one to stand out from the crowd and give yourself a truly nice holiday to relax and enjoy the summer.

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