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Milk Tea Hair Color: The Ultimate Summer Hair Color That Swept the Social Media Platform

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Milk tea color is a popular hair color trend in recent years. It is a warm, medium brown hair color that resembles the color of milk tea. Not only is a comforting drink like milk tea an ideal way to start the day, but it is also an ideal source of ideas for summer hair color.

The only hair color you need this summer is milk tea, whether you want to update your ash blonde hair or change your dark brown hair. There's no reason why you shouldn't try milk tea hair color, which consists of brown and blonde tones that harmoniously blend ashy, cool and warm tones.

What is milk tea hair?

What is milk tea hair

When you add your preferred milk to your cup of tea, does it turn a hazy, creamy color? That is exactly how milky tea hair appears: a creamy, neutral beige shade that falls between light brown and dark blonde and is neither too warm nor too cool. Hair colorists from Singapore and Japan used the hashtag #milkyteahead to identify their works, which is where this trend's rising popularity began.

The normal color of milk tea is a blend of blonde and brown tones with warm caramel undertones. It can be done using a variety of methods, including balayage, highlighting, or all-over color. The final appearance will vary depending on a number of elements, including the initial hair color, the coloring method selected, and the hair's texture and porosity.

How to get milk tea hair color?

The foundation hair color you start with will have a huge impact on how you get this color. If you have dark hair when you go to the salon, your colorist will probably use bleach to bring out your color and establish a neutral basis. It's vital to remember that bleach can always harm your hair, but a skilled colorist will make every effort to make it appear and feel healthy in the end. Your hair colorist will mix warm and cool tones into a base of neutral beige to give you a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 1. Select the appropriate shade:

When choosing a hair color, opt for one that is paler than your natural color. You'll look lighter and creamier as a result.

Step 2. Make use of high-quality hair dye:

High-quality hair dye will assist you in achieving a more even and brilliant hair color. To help shield your hair from harm, look for colors that include conditioning chemicals.

Step 3. Think about getting demi-permanent hair color:

Semi-permanent hair dyes can give you a more natural, creamy-looking hue and are less harmful than permanent dyes.

Step 4. Use a toner

Use a toner to neutralize any yellow or brassy tones and produce a creamier, more natural-looking color if your hair is already light but not quite creamy enough.

Step 5. Consult a professional: If you're unsure that you can achieve the color you desire on your own, you might want to speak with a licensed hairstylist. They can assist you in making the proper color and styling decisions so you can get the creamy hair color you want.

How to care for milk tea hair?

How to care for milk tea hair

1. Maintaining the beauty and health of milk tea hair color requires proper hair care. Here are some recommendations for maintaining milk tea hair:

2. Whenever you change your hair color, you should make a few adjustments to your hair care routine - and milky hair is no exception! First, switching your regular shampoo and conditioner to a system specifically for color-treated hair will help protect color-treated hair, leaving it soft and shiny with long-lasting vibrant color.

3. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner since sulfates can dry out hair and cause color loss. To preserve your milk tea hair color and keep it healthy, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair.

4. Reduce the number of times you wash your hair because doing so can deprive the hair of its natural oils and cause color fading. If at all feasible, try to wash your hair no more frequently than every other day. You can use a dry shampoo to assist absorb extra oil on days when you don't wash your hair.

5. Once every week, use a hair mask: Because your colorist will likely have to use bleach to achieve the color you want, adding a monthly restorative hair treatment to your hair care routine will help strengthen and enhance damaged hair.

You can keep your milk tea hair color vibrant and healthy by using these suggestions.

Try the milk tea hair color

1. Classic milk tea hair color

Classic milk tea hair color

Show off your appreciation of milk tea through your hair color. This contains a brown color that resembles beige and is attractive to practically everyone. When worn with a bob or lob, this hair color can keep you looking young and fresh.

2. Creamy Milk Tea

Creamy Milk Tea

This hue is for you if you desire a dark milk tea hair color. This milk chocolate-looking creamy teal hair color with a tinge of dark ash brown. It matches roots of dark hair with ease and exudes sophistication and style.

3. Light Milk Tea Hair Color

Light Milk Tea Hair Color

With this edgy hair color, you may add personality to your appearance. The platinum blonde and gray undertones in this light hair color give it an edgy appearance. It can be difficult to maintain, so use a purple shampoo to keep the color from fading and give your hair regular deep conditioning treatments to avoid extreme dryness.

4. Milk Tea Highlights

Milk Tea Highlights

To find out if this hair color matches you, you might first test milk tea pick dye. You can add them as highlights to your brunette hair if you only want a little bit of this hue. Then, just twist your hair to give it a relaxed, lived-in appearance.

5. Milk Tea Latte

Milk Tea Latte

With this stunning hair color, you may seem effortlessly stylish. Consider a milk tea latte hair color if you prefer a light to medium brown shade. For a straightforward but attractive effect, use this hair color throughout your entire head of hair.

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