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Human hair wig reviews

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Everyone wants to feel confident and attractive in their own skin. A quality, flattering wig is a great way to enhance your style and confidence. Wigs are available in many types, including those made from human hair or synthetic hair; those with various cap constructions; wigs for men, women, and children; full or partial wigs; and wigs in every style and color.

People wear wigs for a variety of reasons, including hair loss, religious mandate, or aesthetic preference. Whatever your reason, choosing your wig carefully and evaluating wig retailers can help you make a great purchasing decision. With so many options available, it is important to choose the type and style that works best for you.

Unsure about getting a wig or top piece? Afraid it won't look real or feel comfortable?  Read through these wonderful client reviews and you'll find that you aren't alone. All of these clients decided to order from UNice wigs, and they've never been happier! 

UNice human hair wig reviews


heyyyyyyyy yall you gotta have this addition to your collection, this is the second time I've ordered from this company I'm telling you ladies they have the best body wave wigs down I'm never disappointed

unice hair review


The lace was the perfect color. It is really pretty and bounces right back. The hair is super soft. Feels great. Smells amazing. No shedding

unice review


Just received. I love the texture. The natural hairline. Bout to break knots and pluck and I’ll upload pictures later. Wish me luck.

customer reviews


will buy it again. I love the wig very much. it is very soft. hair length is true. it is easy to take care of this wig. I will buy it again

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Great quality hair. I'm so in love with my UNice wig, it's gorgeous no lie it's very thick for those who do not like thin hair, I can say it is truly 120% density and it can be parted anywhere and it is so soft the texture is the bomb, also great communication with the company, so happy with it.

customer review


first order. I received the hair in about 9 days however I've had it for about 3 weeks or so. The hair was extremely soft out of the package and continues to be. It's long and full just like I wanted. The capsize fits comfortably and the construction of the wig is truly remarkable. I tinted the lace to make it appear more natural and it looks really realistic. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this hair. The sellers' communication has been excellent. I'll do a follow-up review in about 2 months,

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UNice customer photos

These are true reviews from our customers. You can read the useful information to choose a suitable human hair wig for yourself. Such as wig’s material, texture, color, natural line, caps, and so on. Meanwhile, here are some beauty shots from UNice customers.You can choose the most beautiful type you want.

hair picture01 hair picture02 hair picture03 hair picture04 hair picture05 hair picture05

If you are looking for a quality hair wig that lasts and is silky soft and of great quality, go to UNice Mall.UNice Mall has the best and cheap virgin wig human hair at an affordable price.

Different types of human hair wigs in UNice

Classic Lace Wigs 

These types of wigs are made by stitching together hair strands using a hair sewing machine. It is always called double wefting: This is a regular weft. Single wefting This is relatively new. It is also called a light weft or a thin weft. 

Lace front wigs

Front lace wigs are exactly what they sound like. They have the lace only in the front of the unit. The rest has a thicker cap, the cap may have clips sewn to it to help hold the wig on the client's head. 

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace units come with different specifications. They are lace, but they have urethane strips of adhesives to stick to. You can use lace tapes directly on the lace itself without the tape shining through the unit. 

What is the difference between them?

Hand-tied Wefts: These are made by tying together the hair strands around a strong and durable weaving thread. Since this is labor-intensive they are relatively expensive.

Unlike machine-made wigs, hand-tied wigs give the wearer the appearance of all-over natural hair growth with natural movement and multidirectional styling options.

With a hand-tied wig, you can brush and move the fibers in any direction you choosejust as you would with your own hair! And because they have stretch-mesh caps that are lightweight and breathable, hand-tied wigs feel cool and comfortable all day long.

Which is the best?

1. In comparison to front lace wigs, full lace wigs are more expensive as it takes longer to make. It will take a technician 3-5 days to finish the crocheting process of the full lace wig.  However, it is the best wig for versatility. 

2. In fact, you should choose according to your own need, budget, and patience you would like to care it. Many others prefer lace frontals for its benefits, the basic function 3 closure belong it can also provide, the comparison the money of full lace wig, it can be a wise choice.

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