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How To: Finger Waves-Tutorial and Styles

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

There is no denying that the finger wave is a timeless hairdo. Finger waves first appeared in the 1920s to spice up the hipster look. Then, in the 1990s, it resurfaced as a popular black hairstyle. Not only are celebrities Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Halle Berry, and Nia Long wearing the finger wave on the red carpet, in music videos, and in movies, but prominent labels Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Jason Wu are as well. Salvatore Ferragamo's runways also use finger waves.

To be honest, finger waves are not the best hairstyle for beginners(A Beginner's Guide To Edges), but with the appropriate guides, you can achieve 100% professional-looking finger waves at home without breaking down. You will not be sorry for coming in and reading this essay.

finger waves

How to do finger waves?

What products do you need for finger waves?

How to do finger waves

If you didn't succeed in your first effort at finger waves, I'm betting you didn't - or, at the at least, you didn't use the right items, because finger waves are nearly hard to achieve without the right supplies and instruments, and you'll need the following:

● Hairspray - it's essential for creating structure and hold that lasts without frizzing or falling out.

● Mousse - the secret formula to get smooth, defined, hydrated waves.

● A rat-tail comb - helps create precise styles. A fine-toothed comb smooths the hairspray and mousse in your hair and creates the perfect "S" wave with your fingers.

● Hair dryer - helps set your style, but if you have time, air-drying your hair is fine.

● Duckbill hair clips - if you are long hair, then you do finger waves are sure to use the duckbill clips

How do you make a finger wave?

Step 1: Apply the product.

If you don't have curls, only mousse will enough, but if you have, hairspray will assist keep your hair in place, so a mix of the two will produce the greatest results. The amount of each product you use will vary depending on your hair type, but in general, the more mousse you apply, the better.

Step 2: Divide your hair.

After applying style products to clean, damp hair, finger comb and separate your hair in the desired direction (if in doubt, side part for a classic look). Then, using your fine-tooth comb, smooth the sides and straighten the section.

Step 3: Create a "C" shape.

Now comes the exciting part! Press your fingers against your head and next to your part, starting on one side (it doesn't matter which). Using your other hand, push the hair forward, creating a curve or "C" shape. Repeat as necessary to completely smooth the portion before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Finish the "S" wave.

Now, slide your fingers to the opposite side of the "C" you just made and use a comb to push the hair in the opposite way without disturbing the original form you made. Consider this approach as tracing your fingers through your hair with the comb. Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated on the other side of the pattern.

Step 5: Let the hair dry.

Depending on your hair, you may choose to wrap it around it until it sets, add a few clips to emphasize the "S" form until it dries, or leave it alone while you finish getting ready.

7 Amazing Finger Waves Hairstyle

1. Natural Hair Pixie Finger Waves

Natural Hair Pixie Finger Waves

For girls who don't have time to make a full head of finger waves, one or two eye-catching statement waves are ideal. It will not only give your haircut an entirely different look, but it will also make a casual hairstyle look formal.

2. Black Hair Finger Waves

Black Hair Finger Waves

Finger waves can look just as nice with shorter curls as they can with longer hair, especially on African-American black hair. The sculpted waves on the sides of the head contrast nicely with the big curls on top in this case. Curler the top area of the hair and set the entire style with a dryer.

3. Finger Waves Short Hair-Glossy Finger Waves

Finger Waves Short Hair-Glossy Finger Waves

We’ve always associated good hair with shine. Flaunt your pixie locks with this amazing finger wave style that is uber glossy! Use a hair gel while doing this style to flatten the finger waves against your head completely.

4. Golden Finger Waves

Golden Finger Waves

Who wouldn't want their hair to shine like the sun? Short-haired women all around the world have been celebrating the arrival of this finger wave trend.

5. Hollywood Finger Waves

Hollywood Finger Waves

Hollywood is the place where dreams come true! With these magnificent Hollywood waves, you may let your imagination run wild. I'm sure you've seen this amazing hairstyle on a number of celebrities. It's red carpet-worthy. What more could you ask for?

6. Long Retro Finger Waves

 Long Retro Finger Waves

These long finger waves entirely repurpose the old-school gel and finger technique. It's a modern long look done with a curling iron on dry hair. The bigger your iron's barrel, the bigger the waves.

Clip a segment of hair into the iron and turn it about a half turn towards the head, using a comb to pull the freely hanging ends coming out of the iron to the right. This is required to make the "S" shape of your wave. Hold for a couple of seconds.

Work on the same section directly beneath the turn you just formed. Clip the section (the barrel should be on the hair) and turn your curling iron about a half turn away from the head (the other direction), pushing the loosely hanging ends to the left. Continue shaping as many waves as you want on the same section.

7. Finger Waves with Bangs

Finger Waves with Bangs

One giant wave for your bangs is a simple and eye-catching way to flaunt finger waves. You can achieve a gorgeous retro look with just a few turns of your curling iron. Alternatively, you can roller set the section where you want the wave to be.

When your hair is set and dry, brush it and then press it with your hand against your head to see the "S" shape of the wave. Insert a clip inside the "S" to shape the finger wave. Trace the wave's arc and look for the next location where you can place a clip in the other direction. Allow the wave to set with a blow-dryer and add enough hairspray to make the wave last longer.


These amazing hairstyles are sure to inspire you to try finger waves! Each style uses traditional styling techniques with an innovative twist! So go ahead and be bold, and after you've got a sophisticated hairstyle, apply a beautiful makeup! Who could be more beautiful than you?

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