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How to Cut a Wig Shorter? 3 Different Ways Provided

Last updated Feb 21, 2024

Are you struggling with the wrong length of your wig, or are you tired of a certain wig style? If you have the above worries, try trimming your wig yourself. Whether it's changing it to a length that suits you better or refurbishing an old wig, this blog will give you thoughtful tips.

How to Cut a Wig Shorter

Videos Show How to Cut a Wig Shorter by Yourself

If you’re bothered by the inflated prices for wig fitting and trimming at salons, why not try doing it yourself? You only need simple tools such as scissors, gel, and mousse. Here are two simple and easy-to-learn tutorials on cutting wigs.

Face Framing Haircut Method

A 20-inch V part natural black wig is used in this video. Jess is going to cut this natural vibe wig short for her wedding hairstyle. Florida humidity is no joke when it comes to outdoor weddings, and natural hair is extremely susceptible. Come on, follow Jess, and learn how to cut your wig short.

◆ First, braid your hair. Because Jess plans to wear a leave-out wig, she leaves two pieces of hair in the front. Then put on the UNice v part wig.

◆ Spray each strand of wig with water, then apply some gel and mousse and wait for it to dry. This will make the curls more perfect.

◆ Apply gel to the remaining two strands of hair so that they blend perfectly with the natural V part wig.

◆ After the hair is air dried, use scissors to snip the ends of the wig to better modify your face shape.

Rubber Band Haircut Method

Here the curly V part wig is used. Ashley chose the crochet method of wearing wigs. If you are interested in this wearing method, you can click on the video to view a detailed tutorial. Then it’s time to trim and style the wig.

◆ Spray your hair with a spray bottle and use a leave-in conditioner to dampen your hair.

◆ Finger detangle first then go in with a brush, finger detangle saves you so much shedding and saves your hair.

◆ Trim the wig into shape. Divide your hair into two parts in the middle and tie them with a rubber band, then trim the length symmetrically.

◆ Finally, just trim the layers on both sides of the face.

Try More Different: How to Cut a Wig Into a Bob?

If you are not satisfied with cutting your hair short and want a bolder change, how about trying bob hair? Bob hair is a very classic hairstyle, why not add your DIY bob hair to your wig cabinet?

Step 1: Prepare Tools

Before you begin, have the following tools ready: scissors, comb, hair clips, and styling products like hairspray or mousse.

Step 2: Wash the Wig

Wash the wig with shampoo and conditioner, then blow dry. If you need a detailed washing tutorial, check out this article: How to Wash A Human Hair Wig?

Step 3: Separate the Hair Into Sections

Separate the Hair Into Sections

Use a comb to unclog the wig to keep the hair smooth and tangle-free. Then part the hair into a four-section, five-section, or seven-section.

Step 4: Cut Your Hair Short

From bottom to top, trim hair according to sections. It is best to trim the length slightly shorter than the planned length to facilitate adjustment later.

Step 5: Trim the Bob Shape

To get a classic bob shape, trim with your scissors at a downward angle. This will help you create a slight angle from back to front, with symmetry on both sides.

Once the final look is complete, the hair can be straightened and given a second trim. You can then style your bob wig to your liking or use hair dye to dye it your favorite color.


Have you learned how to cut a wig shorter with scissors? Please remember to be careful when cutting your wig short, and if this is your first time, cut your hair bit by bit. Once you've finished styling your new wig, enjoy it with confidence, now you've learned another skill!

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