UNice Leave Out Wig

What Is Leave Out Wig?

A leave out wig is a very natural and beginner-friendly wig. This type of wig allows you to blend your natural hair with the wig when using it, making the wig look more natural and seamless. Unlike full wigs that cover the entire head, leave out wigs are designed with an opening at the top of the head, usually in the shape of a U or V, that allows a portion of the wearer's natural hair to show through.

leave out wigs

There are two main types of leave out wigs sold by UNice, the difference being the shape of the opening in the wig:

U part wigs: These wigs have a U-shaped opening at the top and were the first leave out wigs to appear.

V part wigs: This is an upgrade of the u part wig with a V-shaped opening at the top. There are more options when wearing it, either leave-out or non-leave-out.

Why Do I Recommend the Leave Out Wig?

Versatility: The leave-out wig offers a wide range of styling options, including different partings (center, side, or custom parting). This versatility allows you to personalize your look.

Natural looking: Wigs can blend your natural hair with a wig to create a more seamless, natural looking hairstyle. This is especially beneficial if you want to maintain a realistic hairline and parting.

Comfortable to wear: leave out wig allows our scalp to breathe more, suitable for hot summer days or stuffy indoor occasions, even for a long time.

Easy to use: The leave out wig is easy to install for novice users, and its no-glue feature makes it a safe choice for users with sensitive or allergic skin.

Heat styling: The leave out part allows you to blend your natural hair with the wig, which can be especially useful if you want to match your natural hair texture or use a heat styling tool for a seamless blend.

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